√ Minecraft: OPPOSITE TNT w/ ONE COMMAND! [Places Blocks]

√ Minecraft: OPPOSITE TNT w/ ONE COMMAND! [Places Blocks]

Hello everyone, squirtdude here. So today,
I have teamed up with Eease to create inverted TNT. Now, inverted TNT does pretty much what
is says, instead of destroying blocks it places them but it still maintains the TNT’s random
patterns. Before we look at the creative uses for this concept let’s take a quick look at
how this system works. Right before the tnt explodes it fills a cube
of glass around the tnt and it also summons an armor stand. That armor stand is just a
marker, a waypoint. Afterwards the tnt explodes and blows a hole into the glass then an execute
command fills all around the glass all the air created by the tnt with stone or whatever
block you want. And right afterwards it is going to remove all the glass, so you don’t
have glass sitting around in your world Despite is rather simple setup this concept
has the potential to create very complex terrain in the matter of minutes. In addition, the
block used for the building can be changed to make different size explosions. In a sense,
the result creates very basic brushes similar to VoxelSniper or worldedit. Just by outlining
a simple shape you can create a very random and organic looking environment without the
need for third party tools like MCedit. This is EXTREMELY useful for map makers and builders
alike. I will provide the commands in the description and I encourage you to try it out for yourself, it
is strangely addicting. Well that is about it for today guys. If you
enjoyed the concept then please leave a like, it is always appreciated. As always the commands
will be in the description if you want to try this out for yourself and also be sure
to check out Eease’s youtube channel. For now though, thanks for watching and I will
see you next time!


  1. I really like this. It's good for someone who is terrible at building terrain to build cool stuff and just see how thing turn out. Great job!

  2. This is Amazing! man… I should get back into minecraft… Could you make it so it sucks blocks in, then launches them out, or pretends to do that, with the launching?

  3. "extremely useful for mapmakers and builders alike" As is world edit and voxel sniper :p

    I admire it as a concept though, it is certainly cool looking and unique, and it would be very fun to mess with 😀

  4. Heh, in my mind I thought Inverted TNT would implode instead of explode somehow. But nonetheless good video. I'm not sure exactly when you are allowed to do this in survival/challenge maps, but would you suffocate from the glass even when you are a great deal away from the blast?

  5. Thats brilliant! I'm loving how you guys are finding ways to replace 3rd party mods/programs with command block functions 🙂

  6. What if you replaced the glass with invisible mobs? It would also be better as you could tweak the amount of health they were summoned with, therefore fine tuning the explosion 🙂

  7. WOW man.. you two have gone to the next level… It would be really cool if you rectreated VoxelSniper/Worldedit… I'm pretty sure you can do that 🙂 

  8. awwwwww!!
    I know minecraft made by swedish people but… why you have to be like an IKEA?
    just give an world download -_-  3lazy5that

  9. I actually made something similar to this. Instead of it building blocks when it blows up, it destroys the same area around the TNT. But after that, it slowly repairs the terrain to how it originally was. The way this works: One tick before the TNT explodes, it summons a wither skull. This wither skull kills the TNT, clones the area around it into a space 50 blocks above, then summons a wither skull 50 blocks above. This wither skull summons 3 more wither skulls. The first one, way down below, kills itself and summons TNT that just destroys the area. Then above, the first wither skull teleports all the other wither skulls it summoned to itself, then uses /spreadplayers on it in a 7-block radius. Then those wither skulls clone the block back down and destroy the one directly below them. This process is repeated, teleporting, spreadplayers-ing, and cloning. After exactly 3 minutes, it cleans everything up and kills the wither skull. Downsides: It cannot repair redstone, it cannot repair two explosions that accorred right beside one another. Upsides: It can repair multiple explosions at once, just not too close to one another.

  10. Awesome, but I cannot make it work.
    I've tried changing the order, making sure no typo errors, etc. I can't figure it out.
    I looked on the reddit thread but I did not found solution.

    Any help?

    PS: what happens to me is glass appears and breaks, but the hole is not filled and the glass not removed. When changing the order I get stone instead of glass, but happens the same.

  11. I am glad that you are putting the Bible verses in the end of the videos. It really encourages me that someone out there isn't afraid to put something about the Bible up, even when they have thousands or people following them.

  12. Do you think you could create a system to allow multiple entities follow you? It'd be really useful for a map I've been working on lately! Thanks! And cool video btw!

  13. Absolutely amazing! I tried it, and it worked, but there seems to be a bug. Whenever i do it, it just creates a completely equal square of stone. Not in random patterns like yours, and the armor stands are not disappearing. Please respond with solution. Is absolutely amazing.

  14. It don't work by me.
    Its creating glass and than there is only the hole in the glass.
    It don't fill up the hole!
    Es funktioniert nicht bei mir!
    Das mit dem glass fill funktioniert aber dann füllt es das loch nicht und macht das glas nicht weg!
    Pls leave a Comment
    bitte lasst ein Kommentar da!
    @Sqrtdude @Dragnoz @xisumavoid 

  15. Sorry, complete command noob here. I'm trying to learn more advanced techniques, especially since 1.8 came out. So what precisely did you do to make these commands work? I assume that, in those two rows of command blocks, the two far left (top and bottom) are the clock. If that's so, what are the two blocks up in the corner of the coal block square? Also, how exactly did you link the command block activation to the primed tnt? Sorry, nooby things, I know, but it could really help.


  16. Wow I forgot about this channel
    Then I came back you talk in your vids and your well still amazing!!!
    New (well old sub new channel) sub

  17. The commands in the description do not work. It spawns an ArmorStand, makes the glass, but it will not fill with stone!

  18. Can sb pleas make a schematic, it wount works 4 me, but i dount know why, there only armorstandts floatin in the air surround by exploded glascubes…

  19. At the end of the video this text flashes :
    Romans 8:18
    "For I consider that any sufferings of
    this present time is not worth comparing
    with the glory that is to be revealed to us."

  20. i got problem with the commands, i tried to do the re-create this on my world but it doesn't work, tnt just explode like if i haven't done anything, i tried many time but I don't see where I failed. Could you help me (is there a special thing i 've forgoten ? ) ?  ^^ . (I've added the objective on the scoreboard) 🙂

  21. For some reason, when I do it, it places the glass, but it doesn't fill in the air or replace the glass again. Help, someone? I really want to be able to do this 🙁

  22. What if, you set the commands to replace the air with TNT and then create a chain reaction with more and more TNT generating and exploding???

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