【English Sub】 To Be With You – EP 13 我要和你在一起 | Romantic Chinese Drama

【English Sub】 To Be With You – EP 13 我要和你在一起 | Romantic Chinese Drama

Father, Lin Meiya looks not very smart, but she is kind and positive. She knows how to be grateful and she is strong. She has a positive view of life and sense of justice. Father, you don’t know her. Even if she is a orphan, and she meets a lot of unfairness in this world. But she never complaints. She is grateful for life and she lives positively and optimistically Her life style told me every day that how should I live on and how should I am going to be. How you live on and how you will be? Tell me what is that. In any case, it is not like I was before. Hello, you food are ready. OK. Thank you. You’re welcome. Hello? Yun. We have lunch together, OK? OK. Where are you now? I am downstairs in the Ou’s Group Tower. I am so boring at home and walk here. I want to see Ou Rui. Why do you go there now? You will bring her trouble if you suddenly appear in the company. I told you I will arrange another time for a meeting with her. Why do you change my plan? Sorry. I am too impatient. Don’t worry. I did not get in. I am just hanging around here. Well. I am back home. My wallet! My wallet is stolen. Sorry. I am out. Take this for me. Thief. Get out of the way. Get out of the way. Get out of the way. Where is it? Give it to me. Here is the wallet. Brother, here you are. Let us go, brother. Get lost. Stop. Stop. You two kids. Is this your wallet? Check it out. All are here. Thank you very much. You’re welcome. Be careful next time. What’s wrong? What happen? Why do you all stare at me? I have a solution. But now it is just an idea. I am not sure if it works or not. It is still not mature. Go ahead. We combine four shows into one. Go on. Four venues waste the show area, and on the other hand, the cost is too high. We can’t control the potential cost within these shows. Now our headache is we need to finish four shows with insufficient budget. No matter how we save the cost, even we make it but it will way below our expectation as a result. It is better put all our energy on one show rather than do four 50% shows. We concentrate all we have on one show. How are the venues? We signed four venues contracts already. We paid the deposit. What if we forget about the deposit, and use the balance for the one show? That is say, we only spend exhibition decoration expense and media expense for once. About the deposit, Miss Liu, the planning department manager, is good friends with the exhibition construction companies. I think Miss Liu can have a talk with them and maybe there is still some chance to return the deposit. I agree. It works. If we do so, we just need to redesign the background plates and posters, and the display rack and manual for the show. And the theme contains all four shows. If we are more aggressive, you can combine the cosmetics part into the swimming suites and lingerie shows. I checked the history that in the former shows in our company, we always use cosmetics show to combine with the luxury custom-made costumes show. However the cosmetics is highlighted but there is still some disadvantage. First of all, the cost and time of the custom-made costumes are a big issue. Second, our cosmetic products are for normal consumers. Custom-made products will not be close to our target customers group. Therefore, I think we need to show the functionality and convenience of our cosmetic products by our models. Any more questions? OK. We go on as she proposes. Let’s do it. Meiya, you are great. You just fix this bug in the breakfast time. I will buy you all breakfasts from now on. No.No. There would be much gossip in the company if they see that. Lin Meiya, you are beyond my expectati How about this? what do you want to eat? Tell me and we go to have dinner tonight. Well, I need to make a wise decision. You need to buy me a great dinner. Whatever you want, Meiya. Your lunch. Don’t eat it. Why? It is sticky together. Forget about it. We go out for food. Don’t do that. It is nothing. We can still eat it. Don’t waste it. I think we’d better save our time and eat the noodles quickly. People need to eat so that they can work. Fine. No problem. Have you made your decision? What do you want to eat? I told you, no budget, whatever you want. One moment, I have a call. Hello, Siyu? Hello, Meiya. I have a special thing that I need your help. Are you off? Yeah, just off duty. What’s wrong? I’ll give you address later and I have an important thing in this place. I need you to take it for me. You have to be there within 20 minutes. I think it over and you are the only one I trust to keep it with you. OK. No problem. Send me the address now. I go there right away. OK. OK. Sorry. You heard that. My good friend wants me to get something for her. We can’t have dinner tonight. What is that? Why so rush? Even the dinner has to be canceled? How about this? I drive you there and we go to dinner after that. How about it? OK. Let’s go. Let’s go. I drive so fast? You told me to be there within 20 minutes. But, you need to drive safely. No problem. Then I just slow it down a little bit. This friend, is the good friend when you lived in Paris? How do you know? I am an attentive man. I read your journals. Her name is Xu Siyu. She is my best friend in Paris. She took me in when I was in my most difficult time in Paris. And when I have trouble, she is always the first one standing out to protect me. I can tell you that the bread I baked at the very begging tasted really bad. But she tasted it every time seriously. And she encouraged me to bake better then. And, yeah. The case, that one the same as yours that I took it mistakenly, was a gift from her. She said she did not like it. But I know she sent it to me as gift because she saw my luggage bag is too broken. But she said it that way to protect my self-esteem. Anyway, I can’t tell you in a day. Siyu is the best one in the world. Welcome. Siyu, why do you come back? I heard you crying so sad in the phone. I have to see you here. Meiya. I miss you so much. Me too. Ms. Mei, Please check what she is doing. What are you doing? You did not wash even a dish in a whole afternoon? Who are you? How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know who I am? Of course I know. Listen carefully. I am the supervisor of this restaurant. Everyone, including your brother, calls me Ms Mei. So what? Do you believe I can get you fired tomorrow? Give me my phone. Miss Li, I don’t care about it. Even I am fired right now, you have to wash all these dishes. Otherwise you can’t go home. What do you want? Well, what I mean here is, frankly speaking, your brother authorized me to address you that, everyone, including you, should follow the rules here. No one is exceptional. If you don’t wash all these, I will stay here to watch you. If you want to do it till tomorrow morning, I will stay here too. Hey, what’s wrong with you? You just washed it like that? I am talking to you. Just do it. Do it. Your paid is two thousand per month. One bowl costs 5. Now you have to pay 10. So you have 1,990 RMB left this month. I take the note of it. Just do it. Keep doing it. Liu, clean the floor. OK. Hello? Mr. Li, you want to ask something for me? Not really? That is not appropriate. Since last time, we haven’t contact for a long time, so I think I need to call you to say a hello. I was too emotional that day. I am sorry. I will choose a day to go to your home to apologize for it. You don’t need to say sorry to me, nor go to my home to apologize. I believe our family could understand us. But someone I want to buy you a seafood banquet, and that is my pleasure. Thank you. Oh, now I moved out from home. If you have time someday, welcome to the warm house. You moved? Where? It is temporary decision. I rent an apartment in Fanghua international community. The community in Fanghua Road? Yes. I want to go to Fanghua International Building B.B Building B. Building B.B B Here is not.B Don’t stop me. Don’t stop me. OK. How about today? I have time today. I know a great Japanese cuisine restaurant. I will go there myself to buy some food to your place. And let’s have dinner together, OK? OK. I send you the address. See you later. Today, I am very happy. My best friend, comes to see me from France. Let’s toast for our friendship. Buttom Up. Hold on. I don’t want to see you get drunk again. As your boss, I order you to change the wine into orange juice. Hear me? You saw her got drunk? It is horrible. It is shameful. Don’t mention it. OK. I change it. I take this orange juice as wine. I drink first. Cheers. Buttom Up. Please be seated. Siyu, I need to do a formal introduction. No need. I know him. He is Ou Yang, the VP in Ou’s group. Hello. I am Xu Siyu. I am Meiya’s classmate in France, and her best friend. I heard about you long time ago. Meiya, by this trip, besides you, I need to talk to Chen Zhen. You are in my home? Yes. I wanted to surprise you. But well I can’t stand that. Please get back quickly. Hello? Hello, Li. Sorry. I think today I need to cancel the appointment. I am very tired today. So I need to take a rest early. Let’s make an appointment in another day. Well. Woman’s heart is deeper than the ocean. You are caprice. But you still need to take some food, right? It doesn’t matter. I just get some fast food. OK. He is too bad. He was doing nothing when you were bullied by Li Weiwei? And he just went away. Such kind of man is selfish and nasty. When he wanted to dump you, he tried his best to use the meanest words that he can find out. And he ran to ask you to quit the job for him. You disagreed. And he just let Li Weiwei bully while he just stood there and watched without saying anthing. I… That’s fine, Siyu. It became history. Don’t be angry. You are too kind and easy to be hurt by bad guys. He is very obscene. An obscene guy. Don’t just drink by yourself. You are in your women’s talk. I can’t step in. I can just drink only. Well, you give some advice. You are a man. You know man very much. Tell me whether he is an obscene guy or not. Yes, he is. Very obscene. Cheers. Why do you two drink and let me alone? That is brutal. You are the only one need to be sober. You had been drunk for twenty years. If I knew Chen Zhen is such kind of person, I would not let you come back. I hope I stay in France too. Everything changes after I came back. Li Dong has come. Now we are on the way back to my home. Li Dong has come. Now we are on the way back to my home. You have no improvement for your backing car. It takes one minute and thirty seconds. Why are you here? I was almost here when I called you. I think it is not good to waste the food and the wine. It is pity that I eat and drink alone. These food I well prepared is way better than those fast food. That is very kind of you. Let’s go. The room is good. I think so. Why is the light are on? Maybe I forgot in the morning. Where is the slippers? You don’t have to use. I have no male slippers here. Well, it seems there are some delicious foods. Maybe my maid just left after she cooked. I am in the restroom in your dorm. You said you would order fast food? I thought you Miss Ou just eats fast noodles everyday. Not bad. The wine is prepared well too. You seems you drinks wine everyday after work. Maybe my maid just opened it. I was tired and lost sleep recently. It helps. Welcome to my home. Thank you for your dinner. Next time it is my turn. My pleasure. But I am curious why you move out from your family alone and live here? If you want, you can go to my hotels and I can arrange a room for you. You can live there as long as you wish. And my place is more comfortable and it is safer. It is better to be in a safe place for you to live alone. Thanks. I chose here just because it is close to the company. I am not quite strict with my home life. Water? OK. Thank you. Don’t waste the wine. Keep this bottle of sake. You put it in the refrigerator and the mouthfeel will be better. OK. Save it for next time to drink with you. Next time we call Ou Yang to join together. Forget about it. Don’t tell him that I live here. I don’t want them to know that. OK. It is your secret. So he is now be with a rich woman? It might be possible. Give me your phone. What do you want to do? I want to talk to this guy. No. No. Siyu, I know you are for me. But don’t call him. I don’t want to have any relationship with this guy. Now it is not your problem. I need to talk to him by myself. I want to ask him what is more important than the 20-year love. And also I need to know if he is of conscience or not. Give me the phone. No. Give it to me. No. Give it to me now! Siyu, don’t do that. Give it to me. No. No. Give it to me. Siyu, don’t do that. Come on. Help me. You laugh? Siyu, don’t call Chen Zhen. I broke up with him. And I am not trying to go deeper on it. Meiya, You are still on his side? I know, you still like him in your heart. And you tried to save him the last dignity. Or you probably wants to keep the hope of it. Yes. I admit it is not easy to forget this 20-year love. Meiya, Ou Yang. Ou Yang. Come here. Ou Yang. Well, today is a good day. Meiya solved a big problem for my work. I should have bought her a dinner. But now it seems better to solve your love problem thoroughly with your best friend Siyu right here with just one phone call. You may take it as an award. You two are crazier than me when you get drunk. I remember we never had dinner together except that dinner which was forced to join by our parents two years ago. We are always going out together and booking a time to go home together. It appeared that we were dating, however, we were just doing our business of our own. Well, what are you talking about? You contacted me all of a sudden, and bought me food. Are you awakening to chasing me after two years? Ou Rui, you are perfect in my heart, you know, always. I admire you, really. Just because you are too cool sometimes. It is not the point. The point is a man like you with the same attitude to every woman. I can see your emotions, and I can’t guess who you like, and you are accepting or refusing someone. Compared with you, my problem is not crucial. I finally know what don’t you stay with me. Don’t say that. Do you want to stay with me? Well, let’s toast for the no feel between you and me. I have another phone. It has a lot of promotional calls. Ignore it. Some more? The wine is good. One more please. He doesn’t answer it? Keep calling. OK. Chen Zhe? I am Xu Siyu. I want to talk to you. Excuse me? The phone dropped from upstairs? Hi Sir, which community do you work for? OK. I see. You just keep the phone. I will contact the owner to get it back. OK. Thanks. This guy threw his phone out of his window. He is insane. I have to find and talk to him today. Meiya, do you know the address? I don’t know. 1701, Building B, Fanghua International.B Ou Yang, are you serious? Leave me alone. You two… Let’s go. You two are serious? I want to eat the lobster. Not Bad. The wine is prepared well too. You seems you drinks wine everyday after work. Why are you so afraid of being seen? I told you, it is not the right time. Why did not you just go? Time is too short. Chen Zhe, you know I really hope when I open the door, you stand there as a man not hide like a coward. We have agreed on this about it, right? Now it is not a right time to go public. And do you think I like to hide? My phone was dropped out of the window. I was there in the toilet like a dog. Do I have my dignity? What should I be? Now it is all gone. It is two year anniversary. We have been together for two years. It is not easy. I spent a lot of effort and I prepared this dinner. Li Dong messed it up just by some minutes. What can I say? I want to know why he knows where you live. You don’t like each other, right? And what? You two want to be back as lovers? Chen Zhe, what are you taking about? Fine. That is enough. Let’s calm down. I go now.


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