【English Sub】 To Be With You – EP 15 我要和你在一起 | Romantic Chinese Drama

【English Sub】 To Be With You – EP 15 我要和你在一起 | Romantic Chinese Drama

What’s the smell? So fragrant. I know you would go downstairs along the smell. Bruising hairtails in pot. Dinner in a moment. Bruising hairtails! I’m so gluttonous. Meiya, Mieya. What’s for? Meiya, Meiya. What’s for? Wait for a while. I’ll bring you some stokes. Siyu, Siyu. I want that steak with vinegar of Xiaojiangnan. noodles in a simple sauce, and Shrimp dumplings. chicken burnt with oil as well. Thanks! Where are you going? You don’t want fish? Yes! I’ll pack it later. You’re good. You’re so welcome. This is my friend bringing me food. What’s your business? She said she was coming to bring us stokes. Good. Good. Glutton. Lidong, come here. What’s wrong? Uncle Lin. Are you afraid that business of shop will be affected by injury? Tudou has followed me so many years. Granted that he doesn’t get my full skills, half of that is ensured. I won’t be worried entrusting the shop to him. Well, is it because of the Lin Meiya thing? Lidong, how can Ouyang act like this? Ouyang, Uncle Lin means that will there be anything going on between Ouyang and Meiya? Xiaoya, as my child, has been obedient from childhood, she doesn’t conceal anything from me. But this time, she goes to the Ou for work, and asserted to be in what Product Research and Development Department. It turned out to be that the Product Research and Development Department is not in our city at all. She isn’t in Product Research and Development Department as well. But Ouyang’s secretary instead. I told her before to contact that Ouyang less. Chenzhe would misunderstand. But she wouldn’t listen. They were so good together before. Twenty-year bond just broke. She still works overtime every night. See. I got another phone call tonight. Work overtime again. I’m worried about her and Ouyang. I, I know that you and Ouyang are good friends. I’m not saying that Ouyang is not good. I’m just concerned about Mieya. Uncle Lin, I got what you mean. The Product Research Department of the Ou is indeed not in our city. So Meiya didn’t go but stayed. I believe the main reason is that she wanted to keep you company. So she decided to stay with Ouyang as his secretary. She didn’t tell you because she was worried about your overconcern. As far as I know, They have a plan in their hands this time period, which is important. So they’re quite stressful. Now that they say they are working overtime, they must be working. There’s absolutely nothing else. About this point, uncle, don’t worry about it. As for Ouyang, He seems not reliable at normal times, but he insists his own principles to no matter people and matters. It is indeed a pity that Xiaoya and Xiaozhe split. Of course, I can’t stop that. I just hope that Xiaoy In the future can find a down-to-earth person, and live their own lives steadfastly. Don’t need to be rich, but safe and sound. But so far, you see, I’m worried that she keeps ambiguous with Ouyang. They stay with each other every day, I’m afraid love will come in time. What if something happens between them, I can’t even imagine. Uncle Lin, To be safe and sound, and to be rich are not in contrast sometimes. Meiya is your daughter, Now that Lin meiya is now a grown-up. She’ll have her own judgment and her own choices. As her dad, I think you should fully trust her. Speaking of Ouyang, maybe your knowing of him stays on his tidbits on Internet. That’s why you find him unreliable. But as his goof friend of many years, I judge him objectively, on the issue of relationship, he is a one-girl guy. Plus, the spilt between Chenzhe and Lin Meiya, I’m for sure, is not related to Ouyang, not even Lin Meiya is to blame, but Chenzhe. So on this staff, Meiya is the victim, At such a critical moment, as you can see, you should understand her more as father, care about her and helps her more. So that she can move on from the failed relationship. So I believe let her work currently is instead a good thing. To distract her attention, and not thinking of unhappy memories, she may get better condition. Take more dish. Since I’m home, what’s your following me still for? Lidong told me that I must see you come into the door before I can leave. Then see as you want. What’s wrong? Bad appetite. Still worried about the presentation? I didn’t expect him to come up with a plan. it’s my fault i didn’t think about it roundly. But there is no harm, Specific operations are the key. Your ex-girlfriend, Lin Meiya, what’s on earth she like? Why do you suddenly ask this? Ouyang has never got into a fight with me for any woman. Lin Meiya is not simle. What kind of woman is she? I’m rally curious. Let’s not talk about this. The most important thing right now is the press conference. Once Ouyang succeeds in opening the press conference, Your dad’s got a reason to get him on the board. You’ll be more passive then. But rest assured, I won’t let him succeed. You’re such a bad girl, I was punched in the face, For you to leave the world behind, no, You’re such a bad girl. Ok, president Ou. Thank you. Miss Tsui, You can go up. Thank you. Please help me with the card. I’m going in. Thank you. Who are you looking for? I’m looking for Ouyang. It’s time off work. No entry is allowed. I’m Ouyang’s fiancée. My name is Vivian Li. Do you understand clearly? If you don’t hear me clearly, I can tell you again. My name is Vivian Li. I’m Ouyang’s fiancée. If you don’t let me in today, believe it or not, tomorrow I’ll let you undress and leave. I believe, However, the building is not allowed to enter off work. If you have to go in, please call Mr. Ou. We’ll let you in the time we ‘re informed. I don’t bring a phone. You don’t have phone? I’m telling you, Don’t look at me like that. I don’t need to explain to you why I don’t have a cell phone. I can lend you mine. Thank you. Are you Li Weiwei? Li dong’s sister? Yeah. Really? Of course. Fully correct. YOU know me? If you’re really that Li Weiwei I heard from, I can’t lend you my phone. What do you mean? you’re teasing me? Yes, that’s right. You listen to me, Lin Meiya is my best friend. I heard that it’s right here that You spilled food on her and humiliated her. Am I right? That’s you? What is it? What’s wrong with me? What are you doing? Do you think I’m gonna throw it on you, too? You can rest assured. I won’t. What will Ouyang have if you got the dish? You listen to me, My name is Xu Siyu. My father is Xu Hongshan. I heard that the LiGroup is planning the project of merging Lu Island, And is working with fund companies. My dad’s the biggest shareholder in your brother’s pre-cooperative fund company. With one word, he can disillusion your project. For the sake of your future, you’d better be obedient. Plus, If I ever hear of you bullying her again, I’ll let my dad pressure on your business at any time. Li Weiwei, Listen to me now, there is always someone better. It’s not about having the money to do whatever you want. It’s nothing to be rich. Bye. So what? You got money? You’re the greatest? Xu Siyu. I bit you in my mind. You bitch. Wait for me. There is one day when I punish you and Lin Meiya severely. How are you? Have you figured it out? No way. No way. I’m shortsighted from hunger. For the first time, I was told eyes can be starved to be shortsighted. I’m really nearsighted. I can’t see anything clearly. I want to eat. Ouyang, How many are these? Five, three, two? Five. You can’t keep your eyes off the computer? Your take-out is here. Siyu, great, great. I’m starving. Siyu, You’re finally here. You didn’t know, if you come later, I bet someone will be starved to be blind. All my favorites. Slow it down. You hungry ghost? I’m starving. Shit, Are you ok? It’s all right. Didn’t spill it. What happened to your wrist? Due to the starving. I’m so hungry that I can’t even catch the lunch box. Rush to eat then. Chopsticks. Siyu, Why are you so late at night? Is this a tough place to find? No. I’ve just met someone, so I’ve lost some time. Guess who I ran into? Who? Li Weiwei. Really. Worked her out easily. Good for you. She’s like a live loach. How did you settle her? I’ll tell you if you invite me to dinner. No problem. Tasty! What happened to your wrist? Did you get hurt the last time you hit Chen Zhe? Are you kidding me? Can I get hurt?? Siyu, he is right. You don’t know, Ouyang has a forte to be beaten, he can’t be killed no matter what. You just can’t stop your mouth while eating, right? Eat it yourself. Eat or not? All right, let’s just stop it. I really think you should go to the hospital. Film so that we’re relieved. It’s okay It’s probably twisted. It’ll be fine in a few days I have experience. That’s not gonna work out. The last time I got a sprained ankle. at first i thought it was all right, and then it got bigger. At the hospital, the doctor told me, If I had gone earlier, it wouldn’t have happened. Fractures requires hundred days to be cured. Your job is at stake. What if we lose the chain at the critical moment? Don’t you have to box? All right. All right. Shall we have dinner first? We’ll go to the hospital after dinner. Soft tissue contusion. Serious? Not serious. Minor. General situation. Rest for a month or two. It won’t take that long, I think. Because you hurt your wrist where activates easy. That’s why I’m suggesting that your last retainer, It’ll be better soon. Just a little bit of hurting, is it necessary to have a retainer? Yes. you two are satisfied to make me this look? The doctor said it was quick curing. Right. Just be like a patient and take good care of your body. Ouyang, Don’t worry about your work. Secretary Lin, I’ll share it for you. You two really should get together to talk cross talk. Really? I believe so, too. Siyu, You just went to the company and gave us so much food. You haven’t eaten enough? and you can still eat? Ouyang, You don’t know about girls a bit. Our stomachs are as large as sky. Am I right, Siyu? Yeah. Actually, I don’t want to go home. It’s boring to be at home alone. I want to spend more time with you and Meiya. Secondly, I’d like to try some of the roasted noodles that Maya always talked about in France. And crayfish made by his dad. Since I’ve tasted roasted noodles, when can I get to have crayfish your dad cooks? Any time. As long as your stomach is as big as the sky, I can take you home now and let my dad fry the crayfish for you. So happily decided. We’ll go to your house tonight. Perfect. You guys are treating me as decorations? Didn’t take me in your toast. And, you two are good at making me this look with my minor injury. If I go the company to meet those colleagues, how silly I will be at that time! Silly? Yes! In a moment you’ll not be. Bring your arm this way. What’s it for? Hurry up. Just calm down and relax.. Get your arm over here. Lighten up. You, What is this? Do not move. What are you drawing? Don’t draw it, will you? Here you are. What’s this? You raise it higher. Lin Meiya, here, here, How about it? Ouyang. You’re not silly-looking now, right? Lin Meiya and Xu Siyu have traveled here thus far. Fine, for my cute arm, and your travel here on my arm, let’s have a toast for us three. Here, Cheer! Ouyang, Come here. Dad, you’re still awake? What are you doing out there? Nothing. I accidentally twisted. Doesn’t matter. Look at you. What’s your messy looking? I’m really fine. I’ll be fine in two days. Ouyang, What time is it now? It’s the key period of your project. Look at you, go outside everyday fights and creates trouble. I thought you were getting better, and it turns out? you’re too incompetent to be cared for. Right, I’m incompetent. I don’t deserve your support. Let me be as incompetent as I want then. What are you saying? Say it again. Sy it again. I’m tired. I want sleep. Rest early for you. Is it inappropriate that we let your dad cook crayfish for us this late? You’re so welcome since you come here at our gate. Have a glass for our good mood. You drink still? I wouldn’t dare let you drink again. Don’t hit me. Meiya, Uncle Li, How come you’re here at our home? Your dad’s drunk, just brought him back. I’m making a wake-up soup for him. Siyu, . You sit here for a minute. I go have a look at my dad. Ok. He is snoring, seems like he won’t be woke up in a short time. Hot and sour soup is finished. Your dad is asleep. Uncle Li, What happened to my dad’s arm? While frying at sidewalk snack booth, he was accidently burnt by oil. I’ve already bandaged him. Rest assured. Is it serious? Not serious. Don’t worry. How come he got brunt by oil. He’s asleep. Talk outside. He burned his hands and drank so much wine. my dad is asleep. You won’t be able to eat crayfish you’re thinking about tonight. It doesn’t matter. We’ll eat next time. Dad is asleep. You can satiate tasting my wake-up soup. Uncle Li, thank you. Thank you for bringing my dad back and making wake-up soup for him. Even if he doesn’t have gourmet’s luck to drink. I’m a little embarrassed to say that. But it’s my fault, I didn’t prevent him to overdrink for a temporary joy.?? Next time I’ll take care. I forgot to introduce to you, Hello, I’m Xu Siyu, Meiya’s classmate and roommate in France. Best friend as well. Hello, Lidong. You’re Li Weiwei’s brother? You know my sister, Weiwei? Through Mieya. I ran into her today. Had a nice chat. Siyu, Try Uncle Li’s craft of cooking. Yay. Uncle Li, Why was my dad drinking so much today? Did he say anything to you? My dad’s been acting weird lately and seems quite concerned. I asked him he wouldn’t tell me. Nothing big. Your dad accidentally scalded him today, and I drugged him. I figured your dad might just feel like he’s getting older. Afraid that no one will take care of your shop business, and thus smashing your brand. He may feel a little blocked in the heart. Nothing else serious. But you should keep him good company after work of this time. I will. All right, you talk. I’mma go. When he wakes up, get him a glass of honey water. Got it. Siyu, Right? Bye. Bye. What are you looking at? Uncle Li is not only handsome, but also good at cooking. Of course. Siyu, Do you think the world is wonderful? You just said you wanted a drink. Without drinking alcohol, hot and sour soup comes first. All set up this time. Hello, you, who are you? Who are you looking for? What’s the matter? I’m the housemaster of Block B,1071. You’re the one who had an accident two days ago? I want to see the surveillance that night. You want to see what happened that night? Here. Can you make a blowup of this? No problem. Son, What happened to your hand, got Injured? It’s all right. Got accidentally twisted. How can it be all right? You’re in plaster. Doesn’t matter. Your son took his female secretary to the house of her ex-boyfriend in the middle of the night, and hit him. I personally picked him up at the police station. The key point is, the ex-boyfriend is the sales manager of our company. Thanks to his resonability and does not hold your son to account. Otherwise he would be in prison now/ Let me see. This is drawn by your secretary? Good-looking. Set it up here. Mom! Now you’re aware of educating your son? You two make me heavy-hearted. One drinks all day long, another fights for his secretary. Good for you two. Good, good. Have you ever been in charge of him in his life? Have you changed him a diaper once? Have you held a parents’ meeting for him from his kindergarten to college? Where were you when he was ill? I worked so hard to raise my two children, and you said I leave them alone. Mom, dad. I’m done eating. Going upstairs. Sit down. The project in your hand, I’ll tell Ourui to leave it to someone else. You don’t have to be in charge of that. Dad, I already told you. This minor injury doesn’t affect my work at all. Why do you have to make it so bad? Now you know it’s serious? You thought it was playing house? How come I was playing house? Do you know how much I’ve paid into this news conference? I worked overtime everyday to accomplish this work. Work overtime? This is it? How do you make me believe you can do this right? Son, Your sister gave you the most difficult project. She’s just watching your jokes, you know it? To make you have no place in the group and you can’t compete with her for the position of president, you know it? My sister spent so many years for this company, This seat is supposed to be hers. Is it fair for her to do so? You didn’t even look at my plan and you thought I couldn’t make it, Are you fair to me? Nothing in the world is fair. You’re my son, the sole heir to the Ou group. This, you must bear in mind. I’ll go to the company and hold a top meeting. I’ll inform everyone that you are no longer in charge of the project. Plus, You are not allowed to attend this meeting. have all the information prepared you asked me to prepare for the press conference. Take all the files and follow me to the conference room. Wait a moment. what’s the matter? Isn’t there no meeting today? My dad called all the top executives in the company and was having an emergency meeting. What happened? He wanted to replace me and put someone else in charge of the event. Why? Haven’t our plans been approved? What’s the point? He still thought I couldn’t do it, and couldn’t do it well. Lin Meiya. You believe me or not? I do. you believe we can do well in this event, right? We are sure to get this event done. Bring all the files, Let’s get it back. About the company’s activities of new product launch in the second half of the year, I have news to announce. Ouyang will no longer be involved in any of this project. It’s up to someone else. Chairman, Ouyang was agreed by all the top executives to take in charge of this project. And now you suddenly say you want him replaced. But the project is halfway through. It takes a cycle for anyone to take over. Who’s responsible for the impact? Ouyang’s arm injury needs rest. An arm injury doesn’t affect the project. We cannot accept the reason. I’m chairman of the group. I have final decision-making power over the affairs of the company. The decision is settled. Hopefully President Ou will appoint a new project leader as soon as possible. No need for new project manager. I’m not gonna take this case handed over. Bullshit. Now the project has nothing to do with you. Get out. As you see, there’s nothing wrong with my hands. I don’t need to recuperate from such a minor injury. The president was right, Now changing the project leader will affect progress. Besides, I just have a wrist injury that won’t affect the project at all. And we’ve done a lot of preparatory work in early days. So, I’m confident that I can get this launch ready. The launch is the company’s most important event in the second half of the year. You’ve never had any experience before, with your injury as well, If your injuries affect the operation of the project, dan you take this responsibility? Of course I can. I’m in charge. I’m responsible for my own projects. And I’m here to assure you, If the project doesn’t show the perfect result in the end, Me, Ouyang, will leave the group immediately and will not step into the group. Meting is over. You’re out of your mind? You don’t have to say something serious like this even though you want the project back! Do you have any idea how serious this is? Can you take this responsibility? I can. Fighting. Dad, come here. You should know, what I talked to you this morning, is just to inform you of my decision, You can’t bargain with me. Are you trying to prove something to challenge me in front of so many people? It can just prove how stupid and childish you are. I spent so much effort to take you into the company and to make you the vice president, I even want you in the board of directors to finally succeed my position. But what you said just now disappointed me a lot.


  1. Her best friend is no good either she is pretending good to Mei ya just to get closer to ouyang , you can know when ouyang put on the chain she is so happy cunningly that you can smell her feeling to ouyang but Mei ya never get it

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