【English Sub】Rebirth of Shopping Addict – Ep 07 我不是购物狂 | Comedy Romance Drama

【English Sub】Rebirth of Shopping Addict – Ep 07 我不是购物狂 | Comedy Romance Drama

Rebirth of Shopping Addict Episode 7 Hi director Ye. Where is Wang Xiao Zai? It appears that manager Wang has gone out. Your department really has a lot of free time. If you have something to tell him, I will help you pass the message. From today on, the job of monitoring the removal of goods on the third floor in the eastern area will completely be carried out by you guys. You guys are responsible for the clearance of all stocks from the brand removal. Within a week, with a sale that is not higher that 20%, all stocks have to be cleared. If you can’t achieve that, you will be dismissed immediately. OK, I will try hard. Hi Ms. Gao. How do you have free time to come here today? It’s the task assigned by my superior so I come to help. OK. People still wear cheongsam (Mandarin gown) nowadays? But this texture and fabric are not bad. If the price is reasonable, it can probably be sold. This is so expensive. Oh my god, how can it be sold with that expensive price? No wonder she wants to remove goods. And it can’t even be cleared with a sale that is higher than 20%. This task is obviously impossible to complete. This one. Director Ye. You probably have mistaken something, haven’t you? You make our proposal department to do the job of brand removal. To some extent, are you deliberately giving us a hard time? Let the one who agrees with you does that job. I didn’t agree with you anything. Is Gao Yang one of the employee in your department? She is, but does that matter? The fact that she agrees doesn’t represent my opinion as a department manager. Moreover, you also know that I didn’t agree to employ her, right? If you have opinions, go and find director Li. No, what do you mean? Your task assignment is not legitimate, so why do I have to talk to other people but not you? Not legitimate?! OK. As long as you admit that your proposal department doesn’t have capability of completing this task, I will immediately reassign this task to Ma Jia Jia. The standard is unchanged, if she can’t do it as well, she will also be dismissed immediately. Is it legitimate now? No, you really think that our proposal department can’t do it so I have to come and talk to you? I just think that there are problems with your attitude. Just talking is fine, but you frown all day and have that malicious evil looking on your face, you are not afraid of aging? What are you saying? I said that worry and sadness will age people, director Ye. You have to change your eye cream. Look at how serious your dark circles and eye bags are. Even director Li takes a better care of the skin compared to you. Women coming to a certain age have to use some skincare products that have the effects of protecting and anti-wrinkle. Moreover, you always have to maintain a happy mood to keep your youthful beauty with you forever. I am leaving, pay more attention to that! Don’t ponder over things all the time. Director Ye, don’t listen to his absurd words. Actually, it’s not that serious. Let’s continue working. What are you doing again? You have made a mess again. I am thinking of a way to do it, you see? Moreover, I have organized those cheongsam a little bit. I think that they are really pretty. You have a look at this color matching. I feel that it’s very high-end. Morandi color tone. Yes, yes, yes. You also know Morandi? Not knowing Morandi color tone, how dare I work in the fashion industry? Logically speaking, the color of this cheongsam is very soft, and even contrast colors don’t make it look ugly. That’s right. That’s right. So… I have ironed all of them. Hang them up. Probably they can be sold. But do you wear cheongsam? A cheongsam costs 1880 RMB, how can we sell it? How can you accept this “good” task? I think that our department doesn’t have anything to do all day. This can be a chance to prove our capability. Big sister! Whether it is a chance or a trap, you can’t even differentiate? Knowing that it’s a hole but you still jump into it? Just say directly to her that you can’t do it, that’s all. But in case she fires me, what can I do? Why don’t you go and talk to director Ye? What should I say to her? What can I do? Why do I have to talk to her? So things have been like this already, why don’t we make an attempt? What if we won’t succeed after making an attempt? You don’t have to worry about earning for a living, but how about me? It’s you who have a strong support. Causing troubles for others. I don’t have any strong support. Moreover, everything has a possibility. If you don’t try, then how do you know that it’s impossible? Gao Yang. Gao Yang. Xu Xin Yan, what a coincidence! Are you waiting for the bus? I I… I am with my colleague. We’re discussing where we are gonna eat tonight. OK, just in time. Where are you guys going to? Let’s go, I will take you guys there. You don’t need to. I don’t want to bother you. I am not bothered by that. Let’s go. Let’s go. The… Help me, please. So how is it? Did you decide where you want to go? Just stop at the road intersection in front of you. We just want to eat Lan Zhou’s… food. What did you say? He said “the Japanese food on Lan Zhou Street”. It’s that expensive, are you gonna pay (for the meal)? Of course. Shut your mouth up and eat, that’s all. Is he your new friend? It seems that you don’t know much about our Gao Yang. As the daughter of the Gao family which owns a real estate business, she always treats her friend with great generosity. When her friends celebrated their birthdays, even if Gao yang couldn’t come, her gifts would definitely arrive. It’s a pity that her family was bankrupted. The family encountered this kind of misfortune, and she also encountered this kind of friend, it seems that this Gao Yang doesn’t have a very easy life. OK, OK, darling. Stop, stop. We have arrived. Thank you. Thank you, darling. You don’t have to take us any further. I don’t want to hold you up anymore. That’s all right. Let’s gather to have fun some day. You two go in quickly. Bye bye. Ms. Gao, you have come? Please come in. OK. My dear friends, guess who I have just met. Ms. Gao, today we have the tuna belly that you love the most, do you want to order a portion of that? There is no need. I get bored with the food I usually eat. That makes sense. There are also caridean shrimps from Hokkaido which have just arrived, and the salmon roe sushi is also good. This friend of mine is a picky eater. There’s a lot of things that he can’t eat. So we need more time to discuss. No problems. Just call me if you need anything. Where did you meet Gao Yang? In the Japanese restaurant that we often visit. A person like me is kinda realistic. I know that I don’t have money so I have never been to restaurants like this. Also, I have never made friends with those hypocritical people. Big sister, water and tea are free here, can I order a cup? Let’s go. What’s wrong? My head throbs very painfully. What’s wrong, Ms. Gao? Headache, headache. Are you alright? Her stomach hurts. To my surprise, you have a great competence in acting. You really have the ability to pretend. I acted with you in the whole scene, and this is the food you buy for me? I don’t insist on paying for your meal. If you want to split the bill, we can do that. Why don’t you pretend anymore at the moment? Is what your friend said true? Your dad is really Gao Zhong Da of the Gao Group Real Estate? How can a father be fake then? How do feel when you have to catch bus after having driven a luxurious car? How do you feel when you have to eat in a small noodle shop after having eaten in costly restaurants? Is this feeling of an extremely loss similar to the feeling of free falling? What are you doing? You want to interview me? Can’t I do that? The old rich handsome man that wanted to give you a golden card previously was your father, wasn’t he? Who else could it be? Uhm… Sorr… Sorry. I am talking about the brand removal. The way I spoke previously could displease director Ye, which might make you be involved in this trouble. I am really sorry. You have just realized that? Let me tell you, you really made me involved in a fatal trouble, you know? But it’s too late now. I have fallen into the trap already, haven’t I? Let’s sleep on it. Believe me, the number of solutions is always more the number of problems. Are you thirsty? Do you want to drink coca? I want the big 1.5-liter-bottle of coke. Quickly. Also a 1.5-liter-bottle of Sprite. Do you want to drink Fanta? Also a Fanta. It’s on me. What else to you want to eat? You can choose anything. Everybody, welcome the new friend. Simple white shirt. Hello hello, my name is Blank Heavenly Book (a nickname). Hi everyone, I am not very skilled at playing. That’s OK, I will guide you. That’s what it’s called a friend in need is a friend indeed. In the future, you have us by your side. Thank you. Quickly, let’s gather. Save me, save me, save me. Save me. Playing game can certainly improve people’s mood. To my surprise, the goodwill of a stranger towards me is even more the that of my friends in real life. Do you know? I have previously bought a real wooden table like this. It was even bigger than this one. So? Why are you always like that? I hardly want to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you. Why do you always look enigmatic like that? I am like that all the time. My heart hurts all day long today. Not until today do I realize that I turn out to be the person who always cause troubles for others. What do you want to do? I encountered an extremely difficult task. I have to sell out all of the distressed inventories in a short period of time. But until now, I haven’t sold even a piece. Also because of this, I made another colleague be involved in the trouble. I really feel guilty. Lowering the price. There is no product that is impossible to be sold, it all depends on the price. It’s the expensive price that makes the products impossible to be sold. Moreover, the style is old-fashioned, but we can’t sell it with a sale that is higher than 20%. The consumption is decided by the mindset. If you are the consumer, will you buy it? I will buy it. I will definitely buy it as a gift for aunt Yan. Aunt Yan has an excellent temperament so I am sure that she will definitely be beautiful in a cheongsam. If people have the demand, the products will become valuable. For example, the products that can’t be sold in big cities are sold very well in small cities. The products that can’t be sold in the North will be highly sought after in the South. If there is a demand, you have to unearth it. If there is no demand, you have to create it. Make the impossible things become possible. Do you understand? No, I don’t. Think about it yourself. Why are you always like that? You are equivocal with your words every time. I really don’t understand. If you want to say something, can you just be straightforward? What I mean is… I just think that… Let me think about it myself? If I could think of a solution, why did I have to ask you? The products that can’t be consumed in big cities are sold very well in small cities. The products that can’t be sold in the North are highly sought after in the South. But where can cheongsam be well-sold? Nowadays, who wears cheongsam anymore? It’s not the time of old Shang Hai now. Yeah, old Shang Hai. Fortunately, Yan Li has reminded me. I come up with an idea: “Dreaming back to the old Shang Hai”. You go first, I will follow later. I am serious about it. It’s not me, it’s cheongsam. We can organize an event of dreaming back to the old Shang Hai. By doing that, we will be able to sell those cheongsam, won’t we? That makes sense. In the time of old Shang Hai, cheongsam is the national clothes! It was also a fashion icon. Right, right, right. That’s the mindset. If there is a demand, we have to unearth it. If there is no demand, we have to create it. By doing this, we can make the impossible things become possible. Those words don’t seem to come out of your mouth. It doesn’t matter who says it as long as it makes sense. If we can create the atmosphere for the event to bring back the elegant vibe of the old Shang Hai, then add the indanthrone blue, and combine with the high-heeled shoes from the 1930s… And also combine with retro necklaces and accessories. That is to present the unsurpassed glory of the old Shang Hai. If so, we have hope for selling those cheongsam, don’t we? But the problem is… If we want to organize this event, it has to be in the hall on the first floor or at the entrance of a department store. To find this kind of venue, we have to talk to… Ye Ming Lang! You go!| You go! You go. You go, you go! I am not close to her. You go! You are a woman. I came up with this idea, so you have to go. It’s a fair deal. Why do I have to do those physically demanding jobs? You go! Go quickly, go quickly! You go!| I beg you! Organizing an event is a good idea. According to the company’s regulations, if you guys hand in the report today, the venue can be arranged for you guys after 3 days. What about the term of 1 week you said earlier? It’s unchanged. Unchanged? So in a week, you have to solve the problem of the venue for us. If the problem of the venue is not solved, how can we organize the event?! If the event is not organized, how can we clear the stocks for you? Firstly, the stocks belong to the company, not me. Secondly, time and venue are your problems, not the problem of the company’s regulations. Also, what I want to say remains unchanged: “If you can’t do it, we will do it”. That’s right. If you guys really don’t have the capability, I am glad to take over. If you take over, I want to ask what do you plan to do? I… Why do I have to tell you? You look that confident, which means that you have already come up with a solution. If you have already come up with a solution, why don’t you tell us? The company spends money to employ us not for fighting in a boxing game: you have to wait until we fail and then you take over. Isn’t that a waste of the company’s resource? I haven’t come up with a complete plan. It’s not a big deal. Just tell us what you have come up with so far. We can wait, right? Anyway, for the sake of the company, two heads are better than one, right? How far have you thought about it? Gao Yang, take a notebook and write down. Quickly, quickly, quickly! Quickly! Go and look up the venue’s record, and then try to arrange a venue in this week. Your performance today is so amazing, you know? Look at the upset face of that fox Ma (a way to say that somebody is cunning with a negative attitude). I put up with her for such a long time. You heard what she said: “There’s a slot on Wednesday”. Oh my god, it’s so thrilling! Previously, if I had had even a little bit working experience, I wouldn’t have make you be involved in troubles. Don’t be concerned anymore. Considering that you have helped me to throw my tantrum, I will tell you the truth: Both of us are actually like the pot calling the kettle black. Don’t mention about who is causing troubles for who anymore. What do you mean? Do you know what I did previously? I am the senior editor of of fashion magazines. Really? No wonder I always feel that you do have a very good taste. So why did you have to buy products that were on sale? Fashion is defined by the most fashionable items in that season. Big sister, how couldn’t I buy products that were on sale? The magazine have no reimbursement for clothing expense. Moreover, the traditional paper media has been so difficult recently. Had it not been the case, I wouldn’t have come to this department where there was nothing to do, and endured the insult and humiliation silently. So what did you do to displease director Ye? This Ye Ming Lang always picks on me. This manly woman not only has a fierce-looking face but also likes to control everything. Everything I did was wrong (to her). Probably she is envious of my remarkable talent. Otherwise, she thinks that director Li and I are on good term so she is afraid that I am gonna replace her in that position. Director Li and you are friends? Why don’t you go and tell him to handle and restrain that Ye Ming Lang. Big sister, is he able to do that?! In the most difficult time of my life, Li Ming Che let me join the Chen Ming General Merchandise. We are friends, but he is still my boss. Once I can’t separate (the two identities), we can’t even be friends. Moreover, this Ye Ming Lang may just be doing what she should do at work. That’s also right. Then why did you say that I made you be involved in troubles yesterday? And you was also so mad at me. It’s just a misunderstanding. What misunderstanding? What did you misunderstand? Look at you. You bought so many stuffs, messing up the whole office. I bought these stuffs for a reason. You have a look at our office. It’s located in the furthest corner of the department store, losing its vitality. There is no other sounds here except for ours. So I thought that buying those small interesting stuffs would bring a little bit vitality to the office. Moreover, it can also change the (decorating) style of the office. So just consider it as an embellishment of the office. Alright. Uhm… Anyway, the misunderstanding between us has been resolved. And we have also got the venue. The remaining part is doing this cheongsam show in the theme of the old Shang Hai perfectly. Director Yan, I always want to tell you something. Go ahead. I think that you definitely want to know about the situation of your little aunt, so I acted on my own to help you conduct an inquiry. For the present, the bankruptcy of the Gao Group probably doesn’t make any real impacts on you aunt. Last week, somebody saw her in France. She seemed to be in a good state. She probably traveled to relax and relieve herself. You don’t have to worry. So have you completed the list of significant products for next month? Next month.. This month has just started, hasn’t it? Go and do it quickly. OK. You are back? I am just about to look for you. I heard that aunt Yan was traveling overseas. Really? Has she contacted you? When did she contact you? Why didn’t she call me? So did you tell her about me? I accidentally heard someone else saying that. Accidentally? What an accidental coincidence! Who is someone? I only knew that aunt Yan wasn’t missing. I didn’t know about any other details. So how can I manage to contact her? My father said that she would look after me. Why didn’t her show up all this time? After all, what is happening? I am totally confused. If you are confused, you can go and ask your father. You see, how can I ask my father about this?! You didn’t see how my father was like when he was haggard. Moreover, he has to live on his own in England to finance monetary funds, which makes him exhausted enough. I basically can’t help him with anything while living here. Then how can I create more burden for him?! That’s right. Moreover, I can’t even contact him. But I don’t understand. Do you see why aunt Yan didn’t contact me? She also abandoned me to go traveling on her own. Let me analyze it for you. Your father is living overseas to finance monetary funds, right? But he thought that aunt Yan had come back to look after you. But aunt Yan didn’t do that. She went traveling on her own. Moreover, she didn’t tell anyone about it. right? That’s basically it. With 4 years of studying psychology and many years of experience gained by working in the fashion industry, a woman goes traveling without saying a word only because of one reason: they argued! You see, the pressure at work is considerable, right? The considerable pressure at work would create a gap between them. After the gap was created, she would feel angry. After she felt angry, your aunt Yan would decide to go traveling right after she thought about it. Is it logical? It is logical. But why didn’t my father know about it either? They didn’t contact each other either, did they? Men are like that. How many of them are enlightened about this? There are some men who broke up and divorced in their life didn’t even understand what they did do to displease women. Anyway, no matter how the situation is like, knowing that aunt Yan is safe and sound I am not worried anymore. I really hope that aunt Yan can come back quickly. If so, everything can be easy to resolve. What are you doing? Are you finding when you’re gonna receive the salary? It’s my father. My father’s birthday is approaching. There are exactly 2 months left. This is what you call “approaching”? It’s still very early if there are 2 months left. This year, a lot of misfortune has happened in my family, I want my father to have a birthday that is different. I want to completely use the money that I have earned to buy a gift for him. So it means that you have to save money to buy the gift? That’s right. Now I have to put more effort into it. I definitely have to keep this job. Having a job enables me to earn the salary. Earning the the salary enables me to buy a gift for my father. Oh dear. Were there thieves or disasters in here? Why is it so messy? Don’t be afraid, we will definitely clean up this place. Stuffs like the chair designed with the fashion of old Shang Hai, I think that they may be useful. So, we have a look first to see what we can use. After that, we move all of them to the hall on the first floor. This mannequin, I will see whether it can be used after tidying up? Just assemble it first. Excuse me, please give way. Matching like this is fine. Please give way, please give way. Excuse me, excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me, please give way. Come on, come on, come on. Excuse me, please give way. Sorry. Excuse me, please give way. Thank you. I heard that you make Wang Xiao Zai’s team deal with the brands that are gonna be removed, and they can’t sell the products with a sale that is higher that 20%. Are you a little bit too hard on them? Doesn’t the opportunity arrive just in time for them to prove their ability this time? What’s wrong? You’re worried? Having the courage to try will brings people halfway there on the path to success. I am just curious about how they’re gonna complete this difficult task. Until now, how many stocks that are sold? Not even one is sold. But they borrowed a lot of things from other stalls. It’s so interesting. I am really looking forward to the result this time. Now the proposal department also does the job of logistics? Is there any bosses like you? Having such a dedicated employee, you mock instead of encouraging and rewarding? Didn’t you say that her character had problems? Look at how she is working now, it doesn’t seem like she hasn’t been worried about money for a long time. Don’t say stuffs like that anymore. Do you know Gao Zhong Da of the Gao Group Real Estate? The big entrepreneur in the real estate industry who have recently been bankrupted? She is his daughter. Gao Yang is the daughter of Gao Zhong Da? Yes. That’s what I have seen and heard directly. A very unfortunate incident has happened in her family, but she is still energetic and optimistic. It’s really hard to maintain this state of mind. You can see that previously she was born into a wealthy family. The whole dynasty collapsed, and she was isolated by everyone and forsaken by friends and relatives. She had to start over and learn how to earn a living. She also had to accept those words of rumor and slander. And eventually you misunderstood her and thought that her character had problems. Can you stop mentioning this? Actually, she is quite a nice person. Simple, kind, and also having a sense of filial duties. Today she said to me that she wanted to save money to buy a birthday gift for her father. September 8. Please, just hold it for me, just for a little while. I promise I will be back as soon as I get my money back. But company policy: I can’t hold it for you unless you pay a deposit. Oh, it turns out to be that day. At that time, she might not know anything. It seems that I misunderstood her. Everybody has worked hard, we finish at this point today. Go home early then. OK, so we’re gonna leave first. You have also worked hard. Bye bye, see you tomorrow. Bye bye, see you tomorrow. Director Li, why are you here? You guys haven’t left either, have you? I heard that you guys want to do a “Dreaming back to the old Shang Hai” event. That’s right. The task is difficult so we have to find a solution. Oh there’s a thing: Do you think that this cheongsam… Do you think that I am beautiful in this cheongsam? Honest, it’s a little bit… Wait a moment. How about like this? Or like this? Matching fashionable items with different cheongsams. By doing that, not only these cheongsam can be sold, but also the high-heeled shoes, earrings, necklaces, event the shades of lipstick in the set can catch the eyes of consumers. The accessories are also successful, good idea. That’s right. That’s not everything. The most important thing is that we can invite mothers and daughters, granddaughters and grandmothers to take photos of mother-daughter, granddaughter-grandmother with the style of old Shang Hai. Does that break a fresh ground? So that’s why it’s called “Dreaming back to the old Shang Hai”? It sounds very interesting. Hi, Xiao Qian. I am currently busy. Nothing, nothing. We have to do an event tomorrow so we need some models. The models came today to rehearse. But we haven’t paid. Tomorrow, they will only come after receiving the pay. Don’t worry, the bill for requesting that amount of money has already been put on your table by me. You just need to sign it. Please pay it on time. Tomorrow’s event is very important. The models cannot be late. Please, please, please. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Along with the development of this society, there is more and more beautiful clothes. Nowadays, there aren’t many people wearing cheongsam. Actually, on important holidays, people in some countries still wear the clothes that represents their country. So why are our clothes forgotten? It’s because people have forgotten its beauty. Actually, cheongsam is the clothes that can best present the curves of women. Women who wear cheongsam are incredibly beautiful and elegant in their own ways. Moreover, the beautiful thing has its own live. It has the power to strike a chord, so it shouldn’t be forgotten. As long as we put our mind into unearthing, I believe that those cheongsam can definitely catch the eyes of consumers. To my surprise, you are quite talented in this area. Thank you. Director Li, you haven’t gotten off work? The employees are working really hard, I am the boss, how can I get off work early? So can I just borrow your good-looking appearance? I haven’t use this camera for a long time. My hands are not familiar with it anymore. Me? You two together! OK. Let’s go to that side to take photos. I can also have a look at the background to see if it’s suitable for taking photos. Quickly, quickly, quickly. Come come come, the sofa on that side. Let’s go. Come on, be prepared. Director Li, look at the lens. Yes, yes, yes. That’s the feeling. But if the lightning can be softer, it will be good. Can’t be anymore softer. If it’s softer, it won’t be suitable. Alright, alright. It’s quite late already now. You guys have been tired working all day. Why don’t I invite you guys out for a night meal to thank you guys? OK. I know that there’s a food shop that sells crayfishes over there. It’s really delicious. It is OK? OK, OK, so OK. You are not going on diet anymore? Didn’t you say yesterday that because of cheongsam, you would sacrifice all the good food? Why do you surrender yourself to the good food today? I didn’t have lunch today. But without a full stomach, how can I have the energy to go on a diet? From now on, if you want to say that you’re fat, go and say it to director Li. Lacking sunlight in life is like lacking friends in life. I really hope that Gao Yang can become the sunlight in my life. Did you hear that? He says that to every girl. This time I am sincere, OK? Let’s go. No, it’s too late now, our house has a curfew. I have to go back. If I go back late, my annoying landlord will set new rules for me again. I can’t have the meal with you guys. You guys eat well then. I have to go. Bye bye, bye bye. Waitress! Hi. Cooling with ice, five-spice… Then also the numbly spicy… Get me one of each. OK. Help me choose the ones that are bigger. OK. Then get me 2 bottles of beer.. OK, please wait a moment. Thank you. Crayfishes and beer… It turns out that you also like this taste? We both got of work, so can you stop calling me director Li all the time? I can’t. I understand the rules. Just in case one day you are not happy and fire me, then what should I do? Is that right? I have known me for 5, 6 years. Am I that kind of person? Of course you’re not. Let me tell you, you and Gao Yang later on has subverted my understanding of rich kids. Why? Gao Yang also likes to eat crayfishes? She likes ever thing that is edible. She laugh happily everyday. I can’t tell from her look that there was a misfortune happening in her family. Just now, I have heard she saying that she has an annoying landlord. Is she living in a rented room now? Probably. Otherwise, what should she do? Her house was sealed up for investigation. She can only stay at the house of someone else. So probably her landlord is an old person who needs to go to bed early. That’s why the curfew is imposed. This is understandable. Come on, start eating. How is it? Good, good.


  1. I just stared to watch this drama and so far is ok. I am hoping the story line picks up. It would be greatly appreciated if they can translate new episodes. Thank you uploading and allowing us here in the USA to enjoy your dramas

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