【KAITO】Drug of Gold【Fanmade PV】

【KAITO】Drug of Gold【Fanmade PV】

[Translation: pricechecktranslations] [Translation: pricechecktranslations]
“If only i didn’t run away” With a weak constitutioned body Wandering between life and death since childhood An everyday where I continued drinking a secret medicine passed down in my family I couldn’t do what they needed very well; Shunned by my family As being merely useless, my heart was gradually warped There wasn’t hope for me anywhere They were days of just keeping myself alive When I was 15 suddenly there was talk of a marriage alliance My partner was the daughter of a disgraced nobleman from a foreign country Almost ignoring such as their mutual reasons, Almost ignoring such as their mutual reasons,
Once again I understood I myself was just a means for a good pedigree A girl who was fat like a pig That was my meeting with her It seemed she, too, spent her girlhood all alone With her mother dead, her father with a sick heart, and her home fallen to ruin “Someday I want to travel around the world” She said that was her dream I thought going together wouldn’t be so bad They invited guests and held a party for the engagement It was there I came to know the darkness in her heart Greedily devouring the food that was brought out like a beggar, She murmured the words, “If i leave anything behind, i’ll be punished” The abuse she received from her late mother The engagement was broken off Repulsive food, Contract, Underdog, Farewell When time passed, gossip concerning her reached my ears “She’s become the Evil Food Eater, devourer of gross foods” I changed my face, disguised myself as a cook and was employed by her In there was a woman who had become so beautiful I didn’t recognize her A contract with a forbidden demon She wasn’t human anymore In those days I continue making strange meals, unintentionally these words came from my mouth “Before long might I take a vacation?” Disappointing her I know that I’ve always been a dog running away with his tail between his legs And again in this way I’m trying to run from her If I had been able to accept you the day of that party, Perhaps I could have also saved you This medicine I can’t yet part with, a bottle of fine gold powder I grasp it, along with my determination This secret medicine I’ve been drinking since my childhood A medicine that becomes a poison if the dosage isn’t right “Let’s eat together on this occasion” I invited of her, And put the poison into two servings of soup Going together won’t be so bad, right? Come, this is our last supper –And now I’m one of the meals lined up on the dinner table The poison didn’t work on her I was the only one who died Just before I lost consciousness she said with a sigh, “You’ve run away again, leaving me” Having become cuisine for you I’m headed to your stomach And so I’ll become your blood, I’ll become your flesh I won’t be escaping from you anymore, will I? I’ll be with you forever


  1. 『悪食娘コンチータ』の曲で

  2. 曲名の読み方調べてた
    「ドラッグ オブ ゴールド」って読むんだね

  3. ネタバレ



  4. 異分子をすぐに排除しようとする・・・なぜ、そうなったのか聞かなかったんだ・・・

  5. 悪食娘コンチータのあとこの曲聞いてて思ったけど…バニカ・コンチータはこの曲の主人公(名前知らない(´・ω・`)小説買いたいけど金欠で買えぬ)を好きだったから「今日のメニューは特別製なの」って言ったんだろうね…人肉とかは普段食べてるだろうし

  6. どうでもいいけど、小さい頃のカイトの名前カルロス…カルロス…カrロス…カイロス…

  7. 4:47「貴方はまた逃げたのよ、私を置いて」の所、今と昔のバニカが映ってる?それに泣いているような感じがする


  8. Just when I thought someone was able to stop Banica Conchita from being apeshit


  9. I remember how everyone's (unless they know the story) first time watching AkuJiki No Musume had the reaction "Holy shit! Meiko killed Kaito and ate him!!!"

    And now we're like "Holy shit! Carlos committed suicide and attempted to mercy kill Banika to save her! But he died for nothing!!"

    Edit: also at 4:45 Meiko sings, I can't believe it took me five replays to realise

  10. Carlos: I'll be with you forever
    Me:*AHEM* Carlos,ever heard of digestion? And was getting EATEN necessary? She can poop you right out

  11. 王子様、他国の貴族で年頃の娘さんに「豚の様に太った」とは…もっとやんわりとした表現をして頂けないでしょうか?

  12. 悪ノpさんのカイトは大概クズだけど、このカイトはなんだかヘタレ、全部が全部カイトのせいではないって言うのがすんごく悲しい、

  13. この曲が悪ノPの中で一番好き

  14. 失望してバニカが殺したのかと思ってたけど、コックが自分で死んで勿体ないから食べようみたいな感じか。

  15. 本当にあのパーティの日に受けいられたら、こんな悲劇になるなんってまた逃げて、でも最後の最後で彼女の血となり肉になる、か切ないな

  16. 小説読むと考え方も変わるけどカルロスを食べてるバニカ様は色んな感情が混じって笑い泣きっていう表情になってる気がする


  17. なぜ金の薬を入れたのに

  18. 人であらざるも最後は


  19. I'm already teary eyed just listening to this, then 5:07 comes showing Banica crying while eating something (probably Carlos) and I just lost it.

  20. 1:42 fuck you two Little shitters if you didn't bring that glass to the dinner like Ron said None of this would've happened go Spend enternity wandering the graveyard

  21. I… I just can't… everytime I listen to this song, I can't stop myself of cryin'…😢 the real story of Conchita, and the boy who regretted abandoning her…
    They could escape together from their lives, if only…😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  22. By this song, I started to realize that if the sinners in the series have a part where they say the word "Now" with a catchphrase of theirs, their supposed counterparts also have one, but with the word "If"

    In this song, Carlos said "If only I didn't run away."

    And after listening to some of the other songs, I have found more examples to prove my point.

    In The Portrait that Glassred Drew, Gumina said "If nothing had changed."

    Then in Servant of Evil, Allen said "If I could be reborn, at that time I'd like to play with you again."

    In 5th Pierott, Lemy/Hansel said "If only I wasn't reborn."

    In The Weathered Head of Onagaishima, Gakusha said "If only I hadn't forgotten."

    In Miniature Garden Girl, Michelle/The Clockwork Doll had said "If only I was human."

    And in the Last Revolver, even if her lover didn't really say it, Nemesis said the line "If only we could start over again."

  23. So… Conchita Always knew that Carlos was his lover but pretended that she didn't know?..
    And she was sad but also happy while eating him…
    Maybe I'm wrong but… That's what I got

  24. Okay, so here is something that I don't understand:
    Arte and Pollo (Conchita's twin servants who are voiced by Rin and Len) had to go and find Joseph (Kaito) after he ran away from their mansion in fear of Conchita's undead army (oh yeah, she had one of those), and they dragged him back to the mansion. Then they later murdered him (btw, before he fled the mansion in the first place, he had dinner with Conchita and got her pregnant). So, does this mean that he had his "final supper" with her in between running away and dying? I'm very confused about this.

  25. Conchita saw her mother get murdered by her father right in front of her, so I think you can understand her eating people, CARLOS.

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