[←SP:Security Police] Hi, Sushi Ramen “Riku” here. Even if you build a sturdy wall to protect yourself, your enemy may just keep attacking until he breaks through the wall. So, today I would like to create a barrier that bounces everything back when an enemy attacks me. Unless the enemy is very foolish, when he sees there is a barrier that bounces missiles back at him, he will not attack me. OK, that gives me an idea. Hey, S.P. Get me some water. Yes, Boss! By using these rubber bands to make a barrier that looks weak, we can make the enemy think, “Oh, this barrier looks weak, so if I throw a ball as hard as I can, maybe I can break it and hit my target.” This will lure the enemy to attack without hesitation, as hard as possible. The attacking ball will bounce back at the enemy, And he will have to rethink his plan. My intention is to create a barrier that contributes to world peace, right here in this room. Alright, I’m gonna try it! Oh! [My companion interferes with my work.] [The base is completed! ] [Production time: 6 hours] [Water balloon →] [Mission complete.] [Start the experiment!] Let’s start the experiment. Well then. Before we actually install the barrier here, While it’s like this, and I’m editing a video, you can throw a water balloon with all your strength. That will demonstrate the importance of the barrier. (perverted) This step is linked to world peace. [(1) No barrier] Hey, you! Attack me with all your strength. [Water balloon →] You must not weaken your attack. [Of course, I will.] Try to attack me with your full strength. Don’t hold back against me. [Of course, I will.] Don’t hold back just because I’m your boss. [Okay, I’ll give it my best effort.] [Of course, I will.] Don’t worry about me. I’m alright. [Of course …] Well then, I’ll start. [He really didn’t spare me!] [Too much pain …] It hurts too much … [God damn. You bastard!] [Starting to make the barrier] You’ve gotta help me, too! [I will put on some rubber bands.] [It’s no good. It seems like this job will never end.] I feel lousy from all this work. This is pretty frantic work. [(2) Barrier (Weak)] Even if it doesn’t bounce it back, I want it to at least change the trajectory of the ball. It curved away, It looks like it’s flying sideways. I want you to throw a ball like that. Well then, I’ll start with a rubber band barrier at level 300. Please, go ahead. Yes, Boss! [That really hurts.] [He isn’t holding back at all while attacking me!] [Now strengthening the barrier.] [The boss is handling the Instagram feed.] [Hey, you on the side, you didn’t help with this job at all.] Yes, I am a little focused on Instagram, so don’t talk to me. [(3) Stronger Barrier] Now I’ve got it. Boss, I have been working on attaching rubber bands. Wait a moment. I’m in the zone. What are you doing? Keep quiet. Please be quiet. Oh, it’s cold. That goddamned barrier. [Now strengthening the barrier.] [(3) Advanced Barrier] Is it done? [It’s finished.] What’s [the rubber band level?] [One thousand] Whoa! You’ve been working hard to make my barrier. Shut up! That hurts! That really hurts! It’s a messy, useless barrier. [Now strengthening the barrier.] [(3) Superior Barrier] Now, the barrier is at a great level. It’s alright. The ultimate. I was hit by all the attacks before, but this barrier seems alright now. Now, it’s okay. Well, Mr. S.P. Yes, Boss! I’m not scared at all, anymore. Protected like this, I’m ready for your balloons. Is that ok? Come on at me with full power. OK, I will. Well, look at my eyes. [I can’t see them (because there are so many rubber bands)] [Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha] (Laughing) Here I go! Wow. There’s a little bit visible. Only a silhouette … Where is it? Where is this ball going to bounce? Only a silhouette … [Goal!] [Oh, that’s the way. He did it!] He got it. The Japanese team scored first, a goal through the legs. The goal keeper couldn’t do a thing about it. [It looks like it can bounce back!] I’m looking forward to seeing you fall down. Here I go! Oh, get it over this wall. It hurts. [It got all over.] What happened? Eh, Eh!!! Eh, Eh!!! What happened? Eh, Eh!!! It definitely hurts here. It was definitely painful there. It was too painful. Let’s move further apart. [You should thank me for that.] Hmmm. [The barrier was not at all effective.] [2nd day] [The Heisei era ended while I was rolling rubber bands.] Day 2. [I will try to strengthen the barrier while the S.P. is not here. This will beat him, for sure.] I will strengthen the frame. [Now much strengthening the barrier.] [DAY 3] [The World Peace Barrier] [Wheeeee wheeeeet!] [Now, try to attack me.] I will not come any closer. [I will punish him.] [Now, it’s time for the final battle. The Final Barrier] Well, he will definitely never beat that barrier. He can’t break through it any more. I’m really looking forward to this. I’m really looking forward to this. Well then, I’ll start. [Ha ha ha ha!] (Scornful laughter) Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha! S.P. Come on! Yes, Boss! [Clickity clickity click …] (Sound of hitting a keyboard) [Look up] [Look up] Idiot, idiot! [Wahaiii!] Hey you! This … What? Hey you! Hey you! Hey you! The picture is messed up. Please wait a little while. [SP got the editorial seat →] Yes, Boss! Yes, Boss! Yes, Sir. All I have to do is get this in your face. I will absolutely hit your face this time. [I made the barrier so strong it will never break. It’s complex.] It hurts, but I am not giving up. Yo! [Now, I was just plain bad.] One thing I will teach you. Who ate all the Hagen-Dazs that was in your house three days ago? The culprit is … [That Bastard, S.P.] Absolutely, it was you. I will absolutely hit your face this time. [Now I was just plain bad, again.] Damn it [Remorse] [Summary of the story before he got hit in the face] Well, show me all your strength. [Ding! Dong!] Come on at me with your full power. Don’t hold back. OK, I will. Well, hey you, hey you, hey you. [By the way, the NHK broadcasting company came to cover this funny plan, as the last act in the Heisei era. Thank you for your coverage.] [You aren’t going to be my boss anymore.] Well, wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m really going to die.


  1. 「無我夢中で輪ゴム巻きまくってたら平成終わってました。」





    ボスの目論見通り、SP はバリアを貫通させる事が出来ない。ではどうする?









  2. 9:52
    倒れて瞳を開けるシーンだったので 草

  3. すべては世界平和のためわたしは
    모든건 세계평화를 위해 세계를 부신다

  4. 概要欄見て感動して泣いて、動画見てめちゃくちゃ笑って…

    ありがとうm(_ _)m

  5. まさかもう1人が沼スタッフだったとは!!笑番組の撮影でも全然変わらないりくくんすげー!!笑笑

  6. サムネのバリアマンスパイダーマンの映画出てたあーすまんににてる

  7. Верните русские субтитры пожалуйста

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