🍺 Sour – Tasting Non Alcoholic & Gluten Free Beer Big Drop Brewing

🍺 Sour – Tasting Non Alcoholic & Gluten Free Beer Big Drop Brewing

welcome friends today we are going to
taste the big drop brewing sour beer the big drop sour so tell me all about this one so as
I mentioned in the in the first segment this that you should have seen Johnny
the Brewers face when I said good news Johnny
everyone wants a sour beer if you thought you had it difficult before try this he yeah
he what really really is difficult and the reason is difficult as I said it’s
because you can’t use the yeast it gives those sour versus ours yeah so we are
you know in much the same way with the the lactose that goes in we’re
compensating and this we’re using particular acids in there so we look at
tartaric acid just want to make my way through all of the foreign translations
of words that we have in here there’s malic acid tartaric acid citric acid
black tea okay it goes in here as well so we’re trying to replicate the flavors
that you would find so you’re building those flavors in a different manner than
yeah so it’s very light it’s very refreshing yeah there’s a slight tart
twist but as I said this is not a sour that you drink and think that you’re
sucking a lemon no but this but that but that
immediately when you taste it you you know that it’s a sour beer yeah and we
went through a few iterations it was difficult and this is where we’ve landed
and we’re really you know we’re very happy with it
that’s a nice summertime sitting on the dark summertime sing on the dark very
refreshing yeah it’s hard bit of a twist yeah happy and for people who say oh no
I don’t like sour beers this is a good beer we call it an entry level sour yeah
this is if you were trying to it personally speaking I’m not a fan of
sour beers oh no no no I went to Brussels with my wife for a weekend away
and I’ve never really even go into Belgian beer because you know so much
beer in the UK yeah and round to Belgium beer and went into the
hotel and I’m a Belgian beer I don’t know a blue shimmy can I have their yeah
blew my mind I was like what’s this and then my wife can we go out and see
Brussels oh no no no because we need to try the red level and then there’s to do
well and there’s a pub full of beer that I don’t know yeah all of that stuff yeah
I was all over that and then I said right and of course what they also do
many well it’s ours so we went to a famous beer Barford sour beers got the
beer flight and both me and my wife I couldn’t even finish them they just not
my company at all so but that’s personal taste me
whereas I’ll happily drink this yes because it is at that entry-level end of
the spectrum that is a good tasting good tasting beer well that’s a good style
yeah I like that I think that sir it’s a good summertime refreshing beer that’s
really cool tasty if it’s tasty place I’m also
really thirsty Texas toughened by seeking soon Cheers you


  1. Thanks for watching everyone! Have you tried any Non Alcoholic beers? More details about this series in the ^^^description box^^^
    Full Big Drop Brewing Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgOb3zseg1hQzNV6pP0_csFMVygFQhlwX

  2. I Miss your brewing videos, i love to see you brew and share your experience since last time you posted a brew video.

  3. With so many craft beers in cans now, I won’t buy anything in bottles anymore. Bottles have only disadvantages. Otherwise, would welcome low alcohol products.

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