10 секс фетишей l Что возбуждает твоего партнера

10 секс фетишей l Что возбуждает твоего партнера

But this is already crossing the boundaries
of a funny sexual addiction. I wonder how many orgasms they get if they
get to the toy factory? To all the temptations and orgasms, I am Katerina
Bibisheva coach and creator of the school of intimate gymnastics Vagimagiya. I have seen the vagin more than Casanova’s. More than 10 thousand girls around the world
have already passed our training – and this is my pride. They are no longer shy of their body and love
themselves, they become healthier and more harmonious. And have sex in the name of bright orgasms
(Vagin) Today we’ll talk about fetishists. But do you remember what you need to do first? Of course, give me your like. Yes, and subscribe to my channel to meet with
me more often. We know so much about sex, but there is something
unknown. For example, fetishism. What is this all about? This is an object, action or body part that
is necessary to satisfy your sexual desires. Who has not heard of passionate dreams of
female legs or panties? For you, I have collected the top 10 fetishes
that you definitely have not heard of. Air balloons. Imagine, there are people who experience sexual
pleasure in touching these rubber circles. And some may even orgasm when the ball explodes. Sexologists explain this by the fact that
at this moment a person develops adrenaline, and together with the languid expectation
of an explosion, this brings double pleasure. Forniphilia
Have you ever wanted to act like a piece of furniture? Forniphiles, for example, dream about it. And some, on the contrary, like someone to
portray furniture for them. This fetish came to us from the BDSM culture
and gained popularity in the 1970s. after the Allen Jones exhibit on people’s
furniture. So if your man ever blames you for looking
more like a log in bed, say you’re fornifil. Plushophilia
Probably the funniest and sweetest fetish. When you are drawn to the soft. Plushophiles are attracted to soft toys. I wonder how many orgasms they get if they
get to the toy factory? Formicophilia
You probably know about bestiality, but the formophiles will definitely surprise you. After all, they are excited when something
vile, such as insects, crawls on them. Mmm lie down on the anthill – and ecstasy
is ensured. Hierophilia
Those are blasphemers. Hierofilov excites when they drive religious
objects through their bodies or when they simply look at them. Pygmalionism
Do you remember the myth about Pygmalion’s love for Galatea created by him? So these people are attracted to any still
image of the human body, and they get sexual satisfaction from possessing this object and
touching it. So if your partner does not see the point
in a long foreplay and is happy with your passivity in bed, then just throw him a link
to this video. Crash fetish
This is when arousal occurs, if a person of the opposite sex kicks objects,
food, or even small animals. But this is already crossing the boundaries
of a funny sexual addiction. Kleptalagia
And you never got excited when you heard about another robbery? Then you definitely do not suffer from kleptolagion. And there are people who are excited by this
fear and adrenaline jumps from theft, and if they are also pressed against the wall
and somehow fix their hands at the same time – it only becomes more pleasant for them. Masking
How many wonderful discoveries are prepared for us by the human body. Especially hands, or rather armpits. Masking is exactly the passion that leads
to this hollow on your body. At the same time, a person experiences true
pleasure from touching this part of the body, fantasizes about it, starts up from the smell. : Well, what will lead you without any fetishes
is a warming lubricant…. She will make your sex hot and passionate. How to get it? Subscribe to my channel, like this video and
write any comment. The number of comments is unlimited. In a week I will choose the winner. And last week, that’s who won –
And this is the most dangerous type of fetish of all. When a person is excited by tragedy, accident,
or their re-enactment. Fires, collapses, hurricanes – where they
are, there are symphophiles. Mechanophilia
These comrades have a passion for steel horses. All men love cars, but mechanophiles love
them especially passionately. They are attracted to cars, motorcycles, trucks,
helicopters and even airplanes. The record holder in this fetish is American
Edward Smith, who admitted that he had sex with more than 100 cars. I wonder how he did it? And if you want to know even more spicy, go
to me on the social network and subscribe. And don’t forget to ring my bell. In the comments write about what types of
fetish do you still know? Or maybe you have one of them? I say goodbye to this,
With respect to you and your vagina, Katerina Bibisheva. QUESTION: Tell us about the oddities in sex
about which you heard.


  1. Обожаю разогревающую смазку!Спасибо интересную информацию!

  2. Мой партер ножки любит, да и у меня есть такой футфетиш.
    Он целует, лижет, кусает мои ножки… А я его ноги.

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