10 Lesser Known Street Drugs Will Probably Kill You

10 Lesser Known Street Drugs Will Probably Kill You

Drugs don’t just get people high, they often
progress straight from a high to death. As drug deaths rise, new, more dangerous drugs
continue to emerge. This list will alter your mind by making you
more aware of just how deadly or strange some of the increasingly abused and concocted substances
are becoming. We profile a chemical rogue’s gallery of
deadly and deceptive substances prowling the streets of our modern world. For some of these substances, any dose is
an overdose. This list is dedicated to those trapped by
substance abuse and to the workers striving to help those affected. 10. Krokodil This terrifying new drug originates from a
modified base consisting primarily of Codeine, mixed with noxious chemicals. The effects are horrendous, mimicking flesh-eating
disease and bringing on gangrene, withering and ulceration causing limb loss, flesh decay
and death. Apart from real photos of users, scenes from
The Walking Dead offers the best possible “artist’s renderings” of the effects. The problem has a significant root in Russian
and Ukrainian drug-using circles, associated with many cases of serious body damage and
death stemming from its highly caustic, psychoactive and diverse toxicological characteristics. The composition of Krokodil makes it corrosive
to the body. Thus it not only can trigger mental problems,
cognitive difficulties and addiction, but it acts as a solvent and inflammatory agent
in the body. Flesh damage and circulation problems frequently
precede infection, which is just what happens with Krokodil use. The name for the drug “Krokodil” is a
reference to the reptilian look that green, dying flesh that dries out and becomes scaled
appears to be after use of this improvised drug. Media reports have exaggerated its occurrence
in the United States, but its use in Russia, Ukraine and nearby places is presenting a
bonafide health hazard. 9. Fentanyl & Related Substances Fentanyl is a drug that is more like a plague
among drug users than a sought after substance in some cases, being extremely dangerous but
used to cut more prevalent drugs, often with deadly effects. Other times, fentanyl — a pain-killing opioid
— is deliberately concentrated and abused for its narcotic properties. Huge numbers of deaths are occurring, notably
in Canada and other parts of North America, from overdoses on fentanyl, which has an extremely
low threshold for causing a deadly overdose compared to more “normal” drugs, prompting
a degree of panic. As if this were not bad enough, the related
but even more deadly Carfentanil is becoming available for misuse, many times more potent
(100 times as strong, to be exact), and often used to tranquilize an elephant in the veterinary
and wildlife management professions. The incredibly potent drug has caused a rash
of fatal overdoses in Western Canada in recent months as noted by the BC Coroner’s Service. In one case, a kilogram of Carfentanil was
intercepted at a Canadian port of entry. Canadian officials have been working with
foreign representatives to attempt to halt the movement of illegal synthetic opioids
across the border but efforts have not stopped the deaths. 8. Smiles A deadly synthetic containing Iodine, among
other things in its chemical formula, Smiles — which is an acronym for simplified molecular-input
line-entry system — is a drug that has caused a wide range of symptoms including seizures
and other neurological disturbances, as well as mental problems and death in adults and
teenagers who use the “designer drug.” The drug is used in multiple forms, including
liquids and powders. The truly horrific consequences use of this
drug can bring about stem from its initially quasi-legal status. Law-skirting drug pushers and chemists have
attempted to jump ahead of controlled substance legislation by creating so-called designer
drugs like Smiles, but the new and untested chemicals can be extremely dangerous. Smiles is now illegal, having been documented
and described, but it is still out there. Deaths can result from overdose, while mere
use can provoke extremely dangerous medical complications. In one case, a user was found hitting their
head on a hard paved surface, foaming from the mouth and dying two hours after being
found. Extremely serious hallucinations may also
cause fatal accidents as users misjudge their surrounds. 7. Flakka Triggering dopamine release, Flakka is a strange
synthetic drug that is used at the peril of anyone who tries it. The side effects can include breaks with reality
and related chaotic and destructive behavior, as well as euphoria, aggression and death. Coming off the drug carries a risk of depression
in the process. The drug known as Flakka on the street came
into existence in the south of Florida, where it has cut a swath through the lives of individuals
lured by another high. The drug is a synthetic that mimics the effects
of the Khat plant, a primarily African and West Asian drug of natural botanical origin,
but is much stronger and more unpredictable. In fact, Flakka is similar to methamphetamines
in its effect, yet even stronger. A wide variety of disturbing biological effects
may crash down on those reckless enough to use it, including crazed behavior, euphoria
and high levels of anger. The drug is highly addictive, and is capable
of causing serious damage to the human body beyond temporary or lasting mental disturbance. Tissue damage can result due to metabolic
stimulation as the body temperature rises in users. Kidney damage is one of the worst possible
effects. 6. Synthetic Marijuana The risks of real marijuana are as real as
air and water, but are still incredibly mild compared to the truly horrific dangers posed
by the fake stuff. So-called “synthetic marijuana,” often
called “Spice” or “K2,” is a true nightmare for users and medical professionals
alike. Consisting of various chemicals sprayed onto
dried plant material, the product has ended up for sale in places as diverse as gas stations
and alcohol retail outlets. While it might not seem like a “hard”
drug, the doctored garbage can have effects that are ultimately just as deadly. The effects of “synthetic marijuana” use
can include paranoia, death, blindness, heart problems, incoherence, aggression, panic attacks
and loss of consciousness. Sneaky labelling techniques include branding
the material as “incense, not for consumption” to try to avoid prosecution for selling the
dangerous product. Exposure can be made much worse by the synergistic,
or combined greater effects of multiple ingredients attacking the body together, while the random
nature of artificial, so-called synthetic marijuana makes treating medical complications
much harder for medical staff compared to a more “normal” drug overdose. Clearly, all that can be said is don’t smoke
the spice! 5. Cactus Abuse If some shady characters approached you and
asked about wanting some cactus, you might not be receiving an offer for a new houseplant. Getting you hooked on a strange, natural — but
potentially dangerous — drug might be the real goal. Not at all like an artificial drug, like many
others on this list, the chemical derivative of certain psychoactive cacti, known as mescaline,
present a drug problem common to southwestern climates. San Pedro Cactus and similar cacti are spiky
plants that could get you higher than a tree and sicker than a dog should you mess with
them. Mescaline can cause disturbing symptoms including
a loss of identity and perceptual disturbances. While cacti extracts have a history of use
by native tribal healers, shamans and the like, mescaline has become a drug of abuse
for those seeking an escape from reality. With the use of mescaline comes some very
concerning side effects. Rather than being physically addictive, mescaline
tends to trigger psychological dependence, as well as physical tolerance, causing increasingly
large doses to be required to create the same psychoactive effect. Rehab involves both controlled withdrawal
and efforts to resolve life circumstances that could provoke use and dependence. 4. Rubbing Alcohol Normal alcohol, known as ethanol, will get
you plenty drunk and comes in the ingredients of familiar drinks like beer, wine and whiskey. But for some people, too much whiskey is not
the problem. Another alcohol, never intended for human
consumption, is the drug of choice, with truly grave consequences faced by users. Medical grade and industrial grade isopropyl
alcohol products are commonplace, prized by various industries and consumer groups as
disinfectants, surface cleaners, hand sanitizers and wound care products. With a potent smell, the chemical (often known
as rubbing alcohol) is strong and will get a person “drunk” fast but with serious
medical complications. Just a small amount may unleash a horrific
host of symptoms, with blindness, brain damage and death among the awful possibilities. Abusers may huff or drink the noxious substance
that was never intended for human oral consumption. Part of the problem may stem from a lack of
knowledge about alcohol, and that there are different alcohols — some drinkable in moderation,
and others that if consumed are almost as deadly as rat poison. 3. Snake Venom Abuse Being bitten by a venomous snake and taking
an overdose of a dangerous drug are often viewed in the same light as being two deadly
fates for a person to meet. But the two problems are also almost never
related to each other. So it might come as a surprise to most people
that certain “drug addicts” are taking terrible risks by abusing snake venom as a
drug. While snake venom might seem to be the last
thing one would select as a “recreational substance,” it is a fact that snake venom
has been tapped for its properties that are comparable to opioids in some respects. While use of snake venom as a drug is rare,
it is nevertheless a substance abuse problem that has prompted some rather unusual scholarly
research. In a most bizarre case that exemplifies the
rare problem, a young man from Rajasthan, India had been using opium among other substances
and had turned to relatively small doses of cobra venom, inflicted through bites. His “drug dealers” were nomad snake charmers,
whom he recruited to assist him in getting bitten, causing bizarre “highs” and a
range of nasty physical symptoms. While he could have easily died, researchers
helped him to “get clean” from snake venom. 2. Extreme Caffeine Abuse The health benefits of a cup of coffee are
well known, and tea and Coca-Cola (which has not contained any cocaine for years and years)
offer drinkers a little caffeine as a mild stimulant. Yet caffeine functions as a powerful drug
in concentrated doses and with the availability of more and more powerful caffeine products,
the chance of an overdose looms larger. Take certain sports drinks and even more concentrated
caffeine tablets, and the opportunity to abuse caffeine presents itself readily. Even more dangerous is caffeine powder that
has been refined to purity. Caffeine lowers appetite, increases heart
rate and respiration, and serves to wake people up. But too much caffeine can cause a heart problem
known as ventricular fibrillation, which happens when the lower heart chambers vibrate instead
of completing regular contractions. With the abnormal heartbeat, cardiac arrest
follows. As of 2018, 92 deaths have been documented
as a result of caffeine overdose, where users abused caffeine products with fatal results. Caffeine overdoses are believed to have been
suicides in about a third of the overdose cases. 1. DiPT DiPT is a banned street drug that is known
for potentially causing hearing damage. DiPT (5-methoxy-N, N-diisopropyltryptamine,
often abbreviated as 5-MeO-DIPT) is a prime example of why hallucinogens can be extremely
dangerous. Considered an auditory hallucinogen, the drug
functions in a manner somewhat comparable to LSD, but is known to produce auditory hallucinations
to a greater degree compared to visual ones. Classified as a Schedule I controlled substance
by the DEA, DiPT is not accepted for medical use in the United States but for sanctioned
research projects such as tests on animals. Users have been known to snort, inject or
smoke the drug for a high that is shorter than that produced by LSD. With frequent use comes increasing potential
for long term damage. Given that the drug messes with people’s
auditory perceptions, long term damage affects similar human senses. Users have reported long term hearing difficulties
following use, while cases of King-Kopetzky syndrome have occurred. In this disorder, people struggle to separate
background noise from distinct acoustic occurrences.


  1. I'm going to do a little personal research into your claim about mescaline having addictive properties? Perhaps I misunderstood? First time I've felt the need to call you out!!!

  2. Blame the fcking pharmaceutical companies, if the drug doesnt exsist, guess wht??? Drug dealers cant sell them. The addicts cant take it. problem solved for the Fentanyl epidemic. Blame the fcking government for letting this sht still be made. The USA GOVERNMENT is and has always been for sale. Highest bidder tht makes the least amount of noise always wins.

  3. I’m a Russian healthcare professional and I can reliably tell you that krokodil is not a thing anymore. Codeine drugs became strictly Rx-only, so guys went short on supply. Furthermore, you don’t need to cook when you can buy cheap Chinese fentanyl and call it a da… death.

  4. Mescaline shouldn't be on this list it's not that addictive or dangerous
    And isopropyl is turned into formaldehyde by the liver it will get you drunk just before it kills you, denaturalised alcohol (ethanol with added bergamot) will get you drunk but will also make you vomit and methanol will get you drunk just before it blinds and eventually kills you

  5. i've tried most of these, and quite a few more that weren't mentioned. 2c-e was probably one of the more terrifying experiences, but i did it quite a few times when i was younger…

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  7. SMILES is not a drug, you should really fire whoever wrote this one because confusing a software input system for a drug is just a hilarious, albeit egregious, mistake. Also mescaline is not dangerous or abusable as it is a psychedelic.

  8. I love this channel, but really guys? Nancy Reagan fund this one? From needing bigger and bigger doses of mescaline (only in the refractory period, which prevents abuse) to off handed comments about weed, to how the script was written in general, just…ugh. All substances need to be legalized so people know what they're purchasing. That will save the fentanyl overdoses for one, and make krokodil largely obsolete. Seriously. I can't believe I listened to that whole thing, like a weird smell under my fingernail I couldn't stop sniffing. Gross guys.

  9. Ummm….3:14 caught me a bit off guard.
    Let me get two thing out of the way right off the bat: Drugs like Smiles are no laughing matter and I do no suggest the stuff is harmless at all. I am also sure that the picture was chosen with the best of intentions.

    But: „Narconon“ is a supposed drug rehab program that is very closely associated with Scientology.
    So I would not advise using a screenshot from their website as something resembling a source.

  10. Using cobra venom to get high is SUPER crazy…cobra venom is classified as a "necrotizing venom", meaning it kills flesh around it (can even bypass tourniquets as one waits for antivenom due to this as doesn't specifically need bloodflow to travel)…

    …the footage of the dude getting bit on the tongue is TRULY insane~

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  12. Mescaline is NOT a drug of abuse, nor is any psychedelic an escape from reality. The tolerance is very fast so it actually makes it near impossible to abuse psychedelics. Usually you guys are pretty on the ball but it seems you can't talk about drugs without demonizing them. Many of these substances are very harmful but you were completely wrong about mescaline. The same could be said about the stuff you kept calling "smiles" and never bothered to mention the actual chemical. "Smiles" is 2c-i, a psychedelic with a low dose range of 10-30mg. Since it was available online in pure form and the law prevents the distribution of pre-weighed doses, some people have ended up treating it like other powdered drugs and doing a normal size line or whatever they usually do, resulting in a major overdose and the symptoms you mentioned. It has been around since the 60s or 70s and was invented by Alexander Shulgin who tested it himself and took it with friends of his and found it to be safe and a pleasant and positive psychedelic when taken in this dose range.

  13. The war on drugs is killing more people than drugs ever would. And it will never stop. There is too much money in it. Police, judges, attorneys, courts, jails, prisons, probation officers, politicians being lobbied by pharmaceutical companies, big pharma, and so many mores. The whole system is propped up on the backs of everyday Americans who should have free reign over their own body and consciousness yet are hunted down, locked up, and forgotten about. Heroin addicts don't die from heroin. They die from the war on drugs making sure that they never know exactly what they are getting when they open the bag. All of the above mentioned people are making money on the deaths of middle and lower class America. And you retards stand by and do nothing but applaud them for making a difference, when indeed they are creating the problem. A bunch of unenlightened half-wits these Americans are. Patting themselves on the back for the accomplishments of their ancestors, meanwhile never accomplishing anything worthwhile themselves.

  14. Huh! These are nothing compared to ht-aed, one small dose and you are literally a dead person, why mess around? Ht-aed gets the job done in about 2 seconds and no second dose necessary. No gradually falling apart or family and friend interventions, no downward spiral, snort a bit of this and it will all be over before you get to the end of the line.
    For a minimal mess drug experience with no regrets by the user ht-aed is unbeatable, you won't even have the munchies or have to make the tea. With ht-aed there is never a long term abuse problem.
    Warning: Ht-aed may effect your health and ability to have children.

  15. Mescal is the plant active content and eating the plant as such is sickening. mescaline is a bio identical synthetic version which noticabilt reduces the nauseous of the plant. As far as psychology goes as in more is needed etc – so is milk, sugar and grains for many to start with. I do not endores using this substance but if someone will accuracy is key. Thanks for watching

  16. Smoked spice before a class; while waiting for the bus to take me to campus, I freaked out and walked right back home. Never touched it again.

  17. krokodil isn't codeine it's desomorphine,the body damage comes from the fact it isn't purified,you're modifying the drug just like you turn psuedophed into methamphetamine

  18. My brother-in-law died of an overdose of crack laced with Fentanyl and carfentanil in November of 2018. The coroner said that the carfentanil killed him in less than 2 seconds. One grain of carfentanil is enough to kill a person almost instantly.

  19. I actually know several people that are severely addicted to spice/k2. They get severely sick if they go a day without it. Honestly back when you could buy it at drug stores I used it a few times I stopped the day I actually had seizure from it and fell down a flight of stairs. Went back to marijuana after that. Marijuana has never caused me a single problem. I didn't realize k2 could lead to addiction until I watched my friends in action. They continued smoking it while I was puffing on a joint. When the ban went into effect in CT I watched them go insane. I knew it was bad the moment I had a seizure because of it.

  20. The thing with krodil is that if it's made wrong and injected into the muscles then it will eat the flesh and rot away but apparently if it's made right and injected into the blood only you will be fine according to a person who makes it and junkies that aren't rotting away

  21. I can’t believe mescaline is listed here among these other horrors.

    Without mescaline, would we have treasures such as Alice in wonderland? Would Aldous Huxley have created what he did?

  22. Auditory hallucinogenic?? I'd rather shave my legs with a cheese grater. Great (if horrifying) episode. Thanks Simon. 👏

  23. You know you might have a problem when you recognize a screenshot of the erowid website in a video about drugs. I'm surprised he diddn't mention scopalamine (a purified extract of datura).

  24. When is everybody going to wake up to the fact that prohibition itself is the root cause of today's modern drug problems. if they'd have just left the original recreational drugs alone they would have been relatively safe through people being able to source regulated substances through responsible legal suppliers, ensuring that you could be sure exactly what you were putting into your body and knowing the exact purity allowing you to dosage safely. But thanks to the control freaks having to do their usual meddling with their alternative agendas we've gotten decades of media misinformation vastly exaggerating the effects and dangers of the traditional recreational drugs and now we've also got this sudden explosion of hideously dangerous usage of strange substances in an attempt to avert the prohibition of the traditional drugs in the first place. Leading us to people now using the sort of substances mentioned in this video.

    And don't even get me started on how prohibition has directly caused organised crime and mob violence leading to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths. Or of the crimes committed by the addicts on the rest of society because prohibition has pushed the price of their drug way beyond any reasonably affordable price(and unnecessarily at that). At the very least you will now be paying higher insurance rates then you should be, even if you have not been directly victimized by these petty crimes.

  25. boo. dont criticize what you have no understanding of. you just insulted all the natives of north and south america. do some research before you open your hole. anything is dangerous in the wrong dose. or when contaminated. choose harm reduction instead of fear-mongering simon. drugs are not bad mmmkay.

  26. Aren't they a wonderful mouthpiece for the right-wing republicans who want to kill democracy in America? Let's tell people what a big beautiful piece of chocolate cake the world will be when trump destroys the planet for a big ego wall. Why do these guys sound so much like the third reich . Any time I see an ad for the epoch times I will comment on how they sound like a bunch of conspiracy idiots that will guide you how to find the final solution. bastardos.

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  28. If krokodil were properly made it would only be as terrible as fentanyl and heroin. Desomorphine used to be a pharmaceutically produced product.

  29. Mescaline? Seriously – I strongly doubt there are any negative affected people out there. It's absolutely non addictive and at used doses absolutely non toxic.

  30. Seriously synthetic marijuana is NOT worth it. The panic attack alone is enough to keep away. I was 90 seconds from calling an ambulance on myself. Plus the neurological sensations are extra unnerving. Just smoke the real thing. Seriously. Plus you can actually die from it. So…

  31. You said fentanyl is not a sought after substance and it is just used to adulterate other drugs. This just isn't true. I live in Canada and used to be a opioid user myself.. let me tell me you… everybody on the street wants fentanyl. Nobody wants heroin… its just not strong enough. Not enough bang for your buck. People know they are buying fentanyl. Its what they want. Its all that will get them high due to their physical dependence.

  32. Legalise drugs pay tax on them do not buy from street dealers go out of business prisons would empty violence go down.The anti drug brigade are responsible for half the problems.Stop treating addicts as criminals

  33. When drunks resort to drinking rubbing alcohol and junkies resort to injecting drano I say let the problem fix itself…addiction is a choice and natural selection is a beautiful thing.

  34. Krokodil is no joke. Just Google it, you’ll find that many Russians are addicted to it. The reason why it eats away at your body, it’s made with gasoline. That’s what they inject into themselves. Codine & gasoline.

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