10 Most Notorious Drug Kingpins of All Time

10 Most Notorious Drug Kingpins of All Time


  1. This video is replete with misinformation. Dudus coke was worth nowhere near $30 billion. He was even in the same league as Escobar or El Chapo.

  2. People are getting shook he didn't mention bigger names. He's doing that on purpose….ya know cause people don't know everything about these people

  3. Pablo #1 ??? Are you crazy ??? How can Pablo be BIGGER than his BOSS ??? He ( Pablo Escobar) worked for ( Fabio Ochoa ) leader of the Medigean Cartel. So he doesn't make since!!####$$!!!!#!

  4. Lol he said Doodus 😂 you just signed your deathwish in Jamaica bro lol. You said his name soooooo wrong lol. It's pronounced Duh'd-us. Respect.

  5. I made it almost 3:00 but I just can't handle is guy's OVER THE TOP energy. I get it, he needs to come off as super expressive but damn, whatever happened to catering to your audience? I'm trying top watch a top ten gangster list not a top ten boyband list. Other than that, nice job editing.

  6. Frank Lucas was a scam artist you need to stop getting your info from movies. Your thinking of frank Mathews.

  7. 6.3 mil subscribers you think he could look up the proper enunication for the spanish words my guy. But all love i know you're loving your uppers my guy🖕😘

  8. I had to click to see how a fictitious character such as Chalky White ended up on the thumbnail. lol
    Edit: It's just YouTubers being YouTubers, with their clickbait, I see.

  9. Hahahahaaa. Omg! U r so hilarious. U always cheer me up and educate me at d same time.
    Y these people cannot invest the same time, energy and resources to chose to do good instead still baffles me

  10. You should consider removing your face from videos, its very irritating.

    Edit: in fact its too much, i cant watch anymore of this.

  11. Your information about the meaning of the shower posse is incorrect. The name is derived from 2 things:

    1) is the political affiliation to one of the political parties in Jamaica JLP otherwise referred to as "shower".

    2) because of the shower of bullets the posse rains on it's enemies.

  12. I love you brother. Your channel is my favorite…but, you gotta work on how to pronounce people's names. Oh, and places too. You said, Blank-O for the Godmothers last name. It's pronounced blaang-kow. Or blonk-o. Then you said Pablo was the head of the medallion cartel. Haha. It's the Medellin cartel. Pronounced, Me-de-llin. Or meh-da-yeen…..i have noticed this in a few of your videos. If you need a good "proof reader" hit me up. Again, I love your videos. I'm just trying to help.

  13. There's only one problem with your video…..you forgot the biggest drug dealer in the US, Big Pharma Companies….they have addicted more people then all the illegal drug dealer in the the US and the world. 😎

  14. Good video but i wish u mentioned felix miguel cuz he was the jefe de jefes meaning boss of bosses,without him,el chapo wouldnt be where he is today

  15. I'm Colombian and I have a love for chemistry. The 2nd person used to hide herself by dressing as a grandma. Tricked me!

  16. And Netflix are promoting drug cartels. What a bunch of dumbasses, can they think of other shows or are they bitches to somebody who is forcing them to air their cartel shows.

  17. No way el chapo was higher than carillo yeah chapo started a war but he was only worth 1 billion and carillo was worth 25 billion

  18. What about Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo? That guy was a baller same thing with his associates Rafael Caro Quintero and Ernesto Fonseca Carillo (Amado Carillo's Uncle) come on Matt you gotta make an update video and add these dudes. These guys made El Chapo but you don't put them on. I'm a huge fan btwwww💯💯💯

  19. One more thing all these guys careers are over but Rafael Caro Quintero is actual wanted, the CIA are offering $25 mill for his capture.. Come on Matt

  20. I enjoyed the vid. & his enthusiasm. But no Frank Matthews, he still has yet to be captured. No, Guy Fisher he owned the Apollo in Harlem ny. No mention of Attwood who was formerly a stock broker & came in the drug game with a few million. Where's Big Meech at? No Carlos Leder, wasn't he cartel. No Boston George. Big Tuna may have been bigger than Boston George in the marijuana business tho. So I can see that. You definitely got the Chris Coke right, he's usually forgotten. But, Ms. Grizelda is top 3 all time, any era.

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