10 Signs That You’re Being HAUNTED

10 Signs That You’re Being HAUNTED


  1. Number 2 is kinda on the nose like if you didn’t know u were being haunted after having something thrown at u by nothing then there’s no hope for u 😂

  2. The closer I get to going to college the more haunted my house seems to get, but I don't think whatever it is is really that bad. I think it's just one of those fun ghosts that enjoy watching TV.

  3. My bunny often drums with his feet for emergency at a certain corner of my apartment where me and many people always catch a peek of some woman, my dog also often goes to stare at that same corner and growl xD

  4. Bro, I've been put to bed by a ghost, or I could've been sleep walkin, but I prefer thinkin its a ghost cause I've never slept walked before, at least that I know of

  5. 10) What your gut feelings are designed to tell you is either whether or not you’re in need of food or whether you’ve eaten something you shouldn’t. Rely on them for anything else and you’re likely to believe anything at all.

    9) The fact that we live an environment swamped with electromagnetic radiation of every frequency on the spectrum, and that electronic equipment is physically prone to glitching produces the kind of effects that lead people to suspect eldritch influences; which is why they’re inserted into ghost stories. Such stories are not documentaries, but reflections of how much we tend to jump to conclusions.

    8) Really? Apart from numerous external explanations for the presence of sudden odours, a temporary imbalance in brain chemistry can produce the perception of smells such as rotting or burning, as can mental associations. And why on Earth, and indeed how, would a ghost be dragging odours along with it? Odours are produced by microscopic materials hitting sensors in the nasal cavities. Are you claiming that ghosts surround themselves with eternally-preserved clouds of the environments they used to live in? And you consider that explanation to be more likely than a materialistic one?

    7) These are phenomena more likely related to the body’s own fluctuations in internal temperature and the vicissitudes of the environment you happen to be in. An energy-draining phantom would seem the least likely explanation. If you’re in a centrally-heated room and suddenly find yourself breathing out clouds of water vapour then, yes, call for an exorcist. Otherwise, stop getting carried away by nonsense.

    6) The human proclivity for pattern recognition works on the auditory as well as the visual senses. We can’t refrain from hearing human communication in noises which don’t contain them. And, of course, we’re pretty good at hallucinating, too.

    5) Well, draughts can be undetectable but strong enough to act on a lever such as a door at the level furthest from the fulcrum point, which would be the side with the hinges. And the knock-on effect of vibrations from outside could cause a well-oiled door to swing. Even the expansion of materials due to heating could result in such movement as well as in creaking and groaning noises.

    4) Are objects disappearing? Of course they are. Not even the focus of the most disciplined Buddhist can be firmly fixed on the present moment every minute of the day. Our brains instruct us to perform tasks unconsciously – or” absent-mindedly” – all the time. The phenomenon of suddenly not seeing an object where you expect it to be, only for it to turn up there again a few minutes later is due to having an incorrect picture of the object you are looking for in your head. This causes you to literally overlook it. On other occasions, people literally search for something they’re holding in their hand and then unconsciously put that object down and continue looking elsewhere until they suddenly spot it somewhere they previously looked. If, however, you walk out of a room and return to it one minute later to find that the furniture has all disappeared, you might have cause to suspect the supernatural – otherwise, forget it.

    3) Pets acting oddly? Pets are complex organisms, and they can react to stimuli imperceptible to a human, and none of those stimuli are supernatural in origin.

    2) Are you seriously citing the well-understood phenomenon of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming as being proof of ghosts? Just as many people seek to use the same experience to prove alien abduction. They’re equally wide of the mark.

    1) Well, there’s no arguing with people who claim to have seen a ghost. There’s no arguing with people who claim to have seen all sorts of ridiculous things, not just the supernatural. It’s not just Big Foot and aliens. There’s literally no end to the phantasmagoria people are prone to with their pesky brains, especially when it’s dark and people are tired. Or highly suggestible. Or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

    Look, I know this sort of thing is fun to pretend and play with, but do you really expect sane people to take this video seriously?

  6. Okay , after this Vid I am certain my Block is Haunted….
    I mean the lobby and the stair case are always cold , even when outside its how enough to cook an egg. And I fell watched when I enter the lobby or go up the stairs…..keep in mind we dont have any air conditioners in the lobby or the stair case…..

  7. Ok in all seriousness now can anyone explain why I see drips when entering certain rooms, they are grey and sometimes I actually hear them hit the ground or feel them tap me but they never leave water. I’ve had my parents when I was young check the ceilings because I thought there was a leak, still today I have just learnt to accept that I see them. Loved ones who have got really close to me have seen them too when they are with me. My partner even felt one when we first started dating. I’ve seen a ghost before. I waved at my neighbour like normal when I got home from school and thought to myself “she must of recovered from her cancer then” before telling my mum, to then have her yell at me not to talk such nonsense. I know what I saw and see. But can anyone explain or relate it’s been driving me mad for years. 😱

  8. The first 6 things are effecting me.
    I think I’m haunted but not sure.
    I mean those chats with the talking gets annoying when I don’t give a response but eh I’ll say something and three weeks later get a response in random speech close to what I said

  9. Im about to watch this at night wish me luck😫

    Edit:nope can't do it✌
    Edit2: no I'm going to watch this🙏😌

  10. Supposedly my house is haunted and i told that ghost if she is gonna be here shes gonna pay rent. I havent seen her in 13 years

  11. I believe the ghost of my friend physically interacted with me twice in order to save my life.
    He died quite suddenly, he was 16. A couple months later I was roaming through the streets thinking about him and I was about to cross a road where there were no traffic lights when I felt dragged backwards a bit. Less than a second later a car swerved into the street I was about to cross, way over the speed limit.
    It happened again a few months later, only I was focused on what I was doing and waited for the light to turn green before crossing the road. However I felt something holding me back and yet again, someone drove by over the speed limit.

    Thank you my friend!

  12. Ok so my phonw will flicker on and off alot and my sister thinks I'm hauntrd cause I insulted a ghost in my old house.
    Ik, ik, I'm stupid.

  13. my old house was haunted back in Nashville. i used to play with ouija boards and i always felt like something was behind me and id get the chills. Also the lights in certain parts of the house would flicker and turn off whenever id go into them. Also we have videos of crows trying to break into our home and would almost destroy our windows. and from what i know crows following you isnt a good omen.

  14. Ok, so 2 years ago, I know I was being haunted. There was always black mist, something being thrown around or me even waking up with bruises and scratches. I heard scratching at my windows and doors but the worst one was being talked to. I knelt down to grab a container from under the sink, but there was a quite loud and clear, "Whisper" they actually said that… Uhh to the present, I got free gloves (idiot) but every time I touch them, I get a sensation as if something or someone is trying to tell me to put the gloves down……. My dog acts like he gets pet every time he goes into the bathroom… I totally have a normal life… O~O

  15. Lol while watching this I hear pots falling on the floor.I am home alone lololololol I’m so dead.


    Im in danger

  16. *Me growing up with 3 kid ghost and 2 adult ghost so I'm used to it *
    Why are you guys freaking out so much? It's just a spirit

  17. For some reason in the night I always need to put my bed sheets up and nothing odd happens does it mean anything

  18. My great grandma 'pranks' my grandma, Steals and hides items, and the family has reported a smell at random that is related to great grandpa.

    Both have special graves with apple trees on the property.

  19. 7:01
    Me: Puts pencil down just out of view and looks at what I'm drawing

    Me: Looks back "°°°"

    Pencil: Gone

    Me: "WHAT THE FUDGE?! I J U S T SAT YOU 2 FEET AWAY!! HOW IN-…" Realizes people have seen a close friend in our family in the house "Really [Insert Close family Friend's name]. Is this how you tourcure me for enternity?" Goes to look for another pencil

    Pencils: Are all broke
    Me: Goes to look for sharpener

    There is none

    Me: "😓 Wot? Why? When? How? HFKRJTHTKTITJGRJIGJGFH"

  20. I worked for a few years in a local community theatre. The building was originally an actual movie theatre. Building was built in 1918 I believe. We had a variety of different events. Some that would cause us to be there after 3 a.m. and usually once we got all non theatre people out there would be two of us left to clean up in the huge three floor building. Different stories floated around. I hated being on the top two floors alone at night. In the lobby downstairs during the day out of nowhere you either end up feeling exhausted and haven't done anything or feeling like someone is close by even if you were the only person there. Plenty of electrical malfunctions during events and off hours. Cellphones worked one day but not the next. Sometimes the cameras would malfunction for no reason. I never actually scene anything but heard lots of stories about a woman in old fashioned clothes coming out of the downstairs bathroom and walking up one of the two staircases. Backstage had two dressing rooms which were creepier than the basement.

  21. my house maybe haunted. because my cats are always looking behind me when im in the kitchen. sometimes they get up and go to a corner and just sit there looking at something…or someone. there was also an incident where me and my sibling where playing hide and seek and when i was laying on the bed after being found and from my mothers book case there was like a glass door and that glass door just droped and damn near hit me if i would not have rolled out of the way of the class door.

  22. Since im a night owl i stay up late watching youtube often a lot of times i feel like im being watched unless i have the lights on, i hope its my imagination

  23. Since my son passed away.. I keep seeing my grans ghost .. she tells me shes looking after my son until it my time .. it be ok … it not my time yet

    But been told it's a coping mechanism to dealing with grief

  24. When I was a little girl, my best friend was killed in a car accident. To this day his ghost will visit me. One night I was home alone, and I heard a pitter patter of feet running down the hallway followed by his laughter. I saw him one night, he looked at me, smiled, turned around and ran straight through the wall.

  25. I was walking down the toys section of Walmart and a toy went off just as I passed it I didn't even touch it…….

  26. i have the feeling i'm being watched when i walk my friends home so i say "h-hello?" terrified and i stay quiet for the rest of the way

  27. I dont believe on these signs but i kinda agree on the smell cause i smell a candle during all souls day even tho we didnt even lit a candle or have a candle present.. creepy

  28. I am a sensitive. I can see spirits and have been able to my whole life. There was one night in Alabama where the outside temperature was about 75°F and then as we passed over a bridge that had supposedly been a bridge where white people through black people over it into the water by ball and chain during the civil rights movement that the temperature dropped 30° while we went over the bridge and I insisted that my mother drive faster to which she did and after we got on the bridge and the temperature returned to normal we looked at each other and said did you feel thatAt the same time

  29. I think I actually walked through a cold spot once. I was in Charleston with my dad and step family for vacation. My dad, step brother, and I went on a walking ghost tour at night. I was walking in the front of the group with the guide and suddenly I felt cold for a second. It was weird because it wasn't cold that night and there was no AC around where we were walking. (We were outside for most of the tour)

  30. I've had every single one of these happen to me. Does anyone else ever feel something in their side like their being poked?

  31. 2:47 I befriended a spirit named Leon by learning about him in history class. He came to me after watching a re-enactment of his execution. I remember reading about an interview when he was on a train to the prison he would be killed at he was smoking and politely chatting while looking out the trains window. Suddenly I smelled a cigarette. Nobody in my house smokes and not one person has ever smoked in my house so there is no way it couldn’t have been him.

  32. One thing that wasn't mentioned is the hearing doors slamming, or windows crashing and nothing being disturbed when you go look. I heard extremely loud crashing sounds when I was alone in a day center for special needs adults. Turns out one particular room had all types of haunting things happen in it, and it was formerly used as a funeral home. The embalming took place in that room. Also, a man was shot and killed in that room back in the 50's. I could go on all day about all of the very scary and haunting things that had happened while I worked there.

  33. My brother has a ghost roommate. One time he was watching videos on his Xbox and it suddenly turned off. He's also heard noises outside his door but not seeing a shadow of somebody moving. It's a passive ghost, he just likes playing pranks. One time we even gave him a fist bump and felt a cold temp on our fists.

  34. I'm scared 1. Now I have to worry because I feel liked I'm being watched
    2.i had like 3 phones and they all stopped working

  35. I would always wake up in the middle of the night and feel a burning sensation on my legs,arms,face,or back and I wake up the next morning and find either a cut or scratch mark and I would hear something calling my name or feel like I'm being watched.

  36. I live in a haunted house even the people that lived here before us were murdered so.And they found animal fetuses in our house in jars it was disgusting.

  37. In your count, you keep saying "are." The proper word is "IS!!!!!" Do you really not know how singular and plural words works? Is English not your primary language?

  38. My house is over 100 years old. This house I live in was my great grandmothers. My mom said it’s her and she’s happy we’re protecting the house and looking after it. My mom said she’s not dangerous. She lives upstairs in my room. My cousins said that at night the light flickers but doesn’t turn off or on. Yes I did hear it. I always hear my voice getting called in public and home. Always shouting “Kyle!” But I don’t know if they are saying wait in my language. Because in my language my name sounds similar to the word ‘wait’. If you read up to here then thank you. 🙏

  39. " if you are able to see the ghost clearly infront of you, they are either very motivated or very angry"
    Well then the old man that hides behind the tree at the cemetary must be very motivated to giving people a shock.

  40. I always experience #10 when I’m in the shower. Whatever is watching me may not be hostile but it damn sure is a pervert!

  41. I’ve experienced most of these. I’m starting to question whether it’s me who haunted or where I live. Then again it seems wherever I live, something always happens. Just recently is when it’s starting to happen more and more. I’ve first seen a ghost when I was around 6 years old. It’s safe to say most of my family has a history of unexplainable things happening to them; particularly my sister and mother. Just a couple months ago, I’ve seen a shadow walk in the dark in my peripherals when I was playing a game. The bathroom light randomly turned on. My little brothers door shuts on its own. Just yesterday, I was on FaceTime with my girl and she heard what I heard and it was 3 knocks. First it sounded like it was coming from my little sisters room and then it happened in the kitchen. But then my little brother woke up and starting hitting the door 3 times with his water gun. Even if it was him the third time, what was it the first two times? Also about half an hour ago I was walking into the kitchen and the loaf of bread above me randomly fell down right behind me. I’m not particularly scared, I’m more curious and interested in what’s going on, but I would like to know if it’s me who’s haunted or the places we live in.

  42. I have had multiple instances of physical manifestations since I moved in with my current wife, ranging from light contact on my arm to being held down in bed and unable to breathe, sometimes feeling like something is smothering me, and before the jokes start, no it isn't my wife, because we sleep in separate rooms due to incompatible sleep needs.

  43. If ghosts bring cold spots I’m going to need a friendly one to visit me bc it’s freakin’ hot in my room. I don’t need to see you ghost just go sit in front of the computer or something..

  44. One time me and my mother were sitting on the couch at home when a radio on are entertainment center turned on to a station playing a song called "spirit in the sky". It was pretty freaky but we brushed it off.
    The thing is I do feel like I'm being watched when I'm sitting on my couch a lot.
    I sometimes smell the smell of cologne in my room and I don't usually wear cologne.
    In fact I don't currently own cologne.

  45. I always get the feeling of being watched and I wake up randomly at around 3 AM. Recently I’ve been hearings thuds, and devices have been going crazy. My TV was turning on and off extremely fast and I literally had to unplug it. My sister has a new fan with a light that could be dimmed or brightened. The light was going really dim and really fast over and over again. We got so scared we literally ran out. I’ve also seen shadows and heard footsteps. I’ve also heard whispers. My personal belongings always go missing too. My room is also always extremely cold compared to every other room in the house. I think it’s not evil tho because we’ve been in the house for almost 3 years now and we haven’t been harmed or anything.

  46. #1: When he talked about a ghost "sitting in an old chair & knitting", my skin crawled, because that's exactly what I was doing at the time!!!

  47. Y’all can say I’m lying or wtvr but I actually communicate with the spirits in my home through the lights flickering. And when I feel or hear something in my room with me, I talk to them or make conversation. And we’re actually pretty good friends.

  48. Me: falls while going upstairs and winds up rolling up a few of them… Ghost: "A, I didn't cause that. B, what the f*ck are you doing falling UP the stairs!?"

  49. Man, this stuff has happened all of my life. It doesn't even bother me anymore but the electronics is still really irritating more than scary.
    Cold spots, frisson, corneroftheeye stuffs, my name being called. All the time.

  50. no ice for Spirits the main reason why they open and close things is because they're trying to get your attention but at the same time there's different levels it's sort of like a ghost School they need to turn around and build up the energy to do things as two opening doors the main reason why they keep opening doors and try to go through them is because of doors sort of like a threshold they need they constantly open doors hoping that they can get to the afterlife to the other side and sometimes they cannot other times they just open a slam things cuz they just want to be irritating they don't always do it cuz they're trying to do something that they don't know they're dead or not that's not always the reason why

  51. I keep feeling like Im being watched. The feeling was strong yesterday and then my cat caught a mouse. I guess i sense mice now. There is a huge nest in this apartment

  52. I remember one time while I was trying to sleep I heard someone whisper straight into my ear when I was in my room alone, and I constantly feel like I'm being watched 👀

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