10 Video Game RIP-OFFS That Were BETTER Than The Original | Chaos

10 Video Game RIP-OFFS That Were BETTER Than The Original | Chaos

Video game ripoffs are everywhere, but sometimes in a rare instance. They’re actually good We are running a two hundred dollar Amazon gift card giveaway the entire month all you have to do to enter is like this video Be subscribed turn on your notifications and leave a comment why you want to win it with your Twitter handle attached I will announce the winner at the end of the month on Twitter be sure to take advantage of the giveaway guys turn on your Notifications and be subscribe so you never miss an upload and we’ve done a lot of talking on this channel about games that were absolutely A total ripoff of other games however it’s not always the case Where they’re bad sometimes we get a ripoff and it actually ends up being better than the one that came before it What’s up, guys Jimmy here welcome to chaos top tens and today? We are going to be counting down our picks for the top 10 Video game ripoffs that actually ended up better than the original. They ended up better than the game They actually ripped off I know that doesn’t make much sense But it happens from time to time and we are going to cover them Kicking off our list at number 10, and this one may shock you Guitar Hero is actually a ripoff of guitar freaks That’s right. This wildly popular game or at least used to be wildly popular rhythm game series and everybody knows the guitar hero formula you get your guitar with the colored buttons the notes come at you to the music and You play along that’s not exactly Guitar Hero’s formula guitar hero is actually a straight rip of an arcade game called guitar freaks That was released in Japan in 1999 that featured plastic guitar controllers colored buttons in Identical gameplay to the hero series as it turns out redoctane the developers of Guitar Hero were the makers of the actual guitar Controllers for guitar freaks, which is what inspired them to take the concept and make it even better And I want to know how well you were listening how many times did I say guitar during that sequence? Sticking it with the music theme rock band ripoff of Guitar Hero And we’re gonna stay on the topic of rhythm games and making them better next up We have Rock Bay which is a straight-up ripoff of Guitar Hero? Which is a straight-up ripoff of guitar freaks? after the release of gh2 the teams involved with the series split half of them started developing on Guitar Hero 3 and the other half went to EA and started their own studio called Harmonix and Yes, they started development on Rock band was it was just Guitar Hero But with more instruments as opposed to the over-the-top and cartoony style of the original Guitar Hero rock band went with a more realistic approach Which is what drew many many people into it? So while you may have your own opinion on which one is better guitar hero or rock band now You know that they’re both absolute ripoffs of guitar freaks and each other. It’s like this big just ripoff circle if you will but I want to know in the comments section, which one did it better rock band or Guitar Hero With the success of Mortal Kombat, it’s obvious that that other games would try to emulate it and at number eight we have killer Instinct and the killer instinct series has been going for a while with the first game being released all the way back in 1994 however as the series progressed it started to look more and more like mortal kombat Which makes sense because the original publisher of the series was Midway Games who was also publishing mkay at the time? But as the series went on every new installment looked a little more a little more Like MK until the 2013 release of the series reboot simply titled killer Instinct this new game was awesome, and it still played competitively But you cannot deny how much it looks like MK 9 and MK X while I understand that a lot of 2d fighters look similar just due to the nature of the genre you gotta admit that killer instinct is cutting it pretty close with nether realms and Mortal Kombat this one is obvious, but this game was still awesome Saints Row is a direct ripoff of Grand Theft Auto now Saints Row has since started to branch out and make a name for itself as a series it started off as a 100% rip of GTA and in many ways it still is one an open-world crime game where you can do whatever you want in fictional recreations of real locations does that sound familiar in recent installments Saints Row has started to be more of an over-the-top version of GTA That’s kind of their style That’s what they’re going or to be their marker But it’s still pretty obvious if there was no GTA there would not have been a Saints Row okay? Love Angry Birds or hate Angry Birds It’s pretty addicting okay and did you know that it was a ripoff it ripped off a game called crush the castle and The Angry Birds formula is nowhere near original in fact It’s one of the most blatant ripoffs that I’ve ever seen Crush, the castle was released almost a full year before Angry Birds And it was pretty much Everything that the mobile game does you have your catapult that you need to line up shots with the towers with you have the certain projectiles with special abilities and pretty much all of the special Angry Birds are ripped straight from this game’s Power-ups like the one that splits into three The one that explodes the one that’s bigger than the rest and hits harder does it all sound familiar It’s all right there, so why you didn’t hear people talk about this more often and say why is this such a blatant rip? It’s because Angry Birds was a better game, and they marketed it better But all they did was take Angry little birds and replace them with the power-ups from crush the castle so It’s better but it was still a ripoff Cracking into the top five and how dare I just blasphemy to say Super Mario Brothers It was a ripoff, but it was Super Mario Bros 2 ripped off Yumiko G Doki Doki Panic Wow if you’re familiar with gaming history you know the whole fiasco of Super Mario Brothers 2 after the release of the first game everyone wanted a sequel but Nintendo didn’t think that the Western audience was smart enough to handle what they had in store so there were two different versions of Super Mario Brothers 2 1 for the Japanese market and one for the Western market aside from being way easier than the Japanese version the Western version of Super Mario Brothers 2 is actually just a reskin of a different game called yume koji doki doki panick That’s not to say that isn’t a good game the western version of mario 2 is actually pretty fun It’s different, too But I have to say it’s pretty lame that while the Japanese audience got a brand new game us Westerners Got a simple reskin Thankfully the Japanese version of Mario 2 was later released to the Western audience as Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels But it always made me wonder Why sue Super Mario Brothers 2 was play way different from the original? And this is part of the reason why and number 4 we have Farmville which is a direct rip of farm town during the height of Facebook game’s popularity? Farmville was really the one leading the charge to be the most addicting and pointless game on the market Not a title well I guess it’s a title they wanted But did you know that farmville is actually a straight-up rip of a different farming simulation game? What happened here was actually pretty shady and kind of sad in? Early 2009 a small unknown development team named /ki created a Facebook game called farm town that Absolutely blew up in just a few months But then a much bigger development team called Zynga decided to completely replicate farm town and release Farmville which exploded even harder and completely erased the success of farm town seriously You can barely tell the difference between these two games They’re almost identical and it’s pretty sad to see a small development team Find some success And then just have it completely ripped out from under them because somebody copied their game and number 3 Devil May Cry is an awesome game right well Bayonetta Was a direct ripoff of it one of the most legendary hack and slash games ever is Devil May Cry which was a huge inspiration? To other developers and in the gaming industry as a whole but in 2009 we got a game called Bayonetta Which was for all intensive purposes a complete ripoff of DMC? that’s not a bad thing though as Bayonetta is one of the best hack and slash games ever made and many consider to be far superior to DMC Bayonetta was a huge success due to it basically being a sexier and more stylish version of other hack and slash games And if you haven’t tried it I absolutely recommend its ton of fun and so his Devil May Cry They’re both great in their own rights and this is the perfect example of a ripoff that wasn’t crap this one’s obvious But I have to mention it anyway ok, it’s worthy of a spot Miss pac-man was a ripoff of pac-man It was it’s funny people get mad at developers nowadays If their sequel does too much of the same thing that the first game did back in 1981 well people ate it up gobble like a pacman you get it believe it or not miss pac-man is actually just a Reskin of a ripoff called crazy Auto some college students were developing their own game That was a complete ripoff of pac-man called crazy, Otto, but Midway Games was getting impatient waiting for the pac-man sequel and well They actually bought the ripoff from the kids reskin the main character in the enemies and released it as miss pac-man 2 So miss pac-man 2 is actually a reskin of a ripoff You don’t see that every day. It just the rabbit hole gets deep and at number one we have Hog did you know that pong is actually a total ripoff it is of a game called Table tennis the most famous video game ever the game credited with kick-starting an entire industry Is predicated on a ripoff? released in 1972 table tennis was developed after six years of work by Ralph Baer who have been trying to create a TV game for over 20? years you can consider him the grandfather of Video games table tennis was fun as you had to have two paddles in the ball that you tried to balance past your opponent But later that year Atari released pong after being inspired by table tennis And I used the word inspired very loosely the rest is history as Pong was a massive success much more than table tennis could have ever been and this started the growth of the industry that we all know and love today And then I make top ten videos about so now What you know what many considered to be the world’s first real video game is also the world’s first ripoff What are your thoughts on that and there you have it my friends? Those are 10 video game ripoffs that were actually better than the original there’s a playlist below if you want to check out all the other top Tim’s that go up on the channel we put up a Brand new gaming top 10 every single night at 8 o’clock Central Standard Time You can turn on your notifications be subscribe so you never miss one and there’s a link below if you want to submit ideas For future video game top Tim’s who knows it could end up being on the channel Thank you for all the support as always guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow night for a brand new video


  1. Saints Row is not a GTA Ripoff… It is an open world game. Seriously just can't stand people who say that every open world game that has a city is a gta knockoff.

  2. 5:40 are you actually kidding me? Both games were made by nintendo, smb2 is just a reskin of doki doki, and they did it so that people in the more eastern parts of the globe would buy it since mario was popular over there but most other things failed.

  3. Non of these are ripoffs, get your facts straight, just because they are simular don't mean it's a ripoff. A ripoff is taking credit that isn't yours like bootleg games and movies.

  4. Comment Section Consists Of:

    -50%: "How is (Game 1) a ripoff of (Game 2)?"
    -35%: "Killer Instinct is not better than Mortal Kombat!"*
    -15%: "What about [this game]?"

    Thanks for reading.

  5. Uncharted is the biggest rip off of tomb raider lol
    both are still solid series still going strong though I think uncharted has ended

  6. Saints was better than gta, you could create your own character and have different dialogues for each voices and character quotes. Gta is a rise and repeat franchise just with different stories of the characters you play as through the game.

  7. Im not sure the dude here knows what a ripoff is because of most of these werent even ripoffs. Pong definetly is tho so at least number one was right.

  8. I haven't watched the whole video but im assuming that overwatch wasn't here anyways it should be coz paladins was there before overwatch:edit or at least most People think ow is better. I prefer paladins tho

  9. The bayonetta selection was surprrising. I didn'teven think of it which, should be a no brainer as I completed them both.

  10. While Speaking on this topic I have a question. What about the Dmc 4 final boss? In terms of a selection hardest boss battle?

  11. You can't call a game made by the same maker as it's predecessor a rip-off. If the "rip-off" version is made by the same developer, it's more likely their signature in the genre.

    It's like saying that windows 10 is s rip-off of Windows 7 or 8.

  12. I wouldn't really call Bayonetta a Devil May Cry ripoff. Yeah they're similar but that's because they're both created by Hideaki Kamiya and his style is…extra.

  13. There used to be a game called crush the castle. Angry birds completely ripped it off and profited massively off it.

  14. Advice : I think it would be great for the other game you're talking about that got ripped off to be in the video for a few seconds to see the difference or at least show people who don't know the game to see it briefly

  15. Pardon me…but how is Killer Instinct better than MK? I would state why, but MKF30 already makes a great point. (Plus half of the comment section is filled with this question)

  16. This video is 90% biased and 10% fact.
    *Says KI is better than MK*
    *Looks at the gameplay of KI*
    *Sees a Johnny Cage + TMNT Turtle mutant called Rash*

  17. For Me, If A rip-off is Better than the Actual Game Then i'll Just Consider the original game as the rip-off and the rip-off as the original game

  18. Killer Instinct was made by RARE … not MIDWAY. RARE was a Nintendo Company… Microsoft acquired all rights to RARE hence why Killer Instinct in on XBOX ONE. get your facts right

  19. Well, Super Mario Bros 2 added a lot of many things to the Super Mario Bros series. I'll name a few of the things added because of Super Mario Bros 2.
    2:Shy Guys
    3:The character movement and abilities (Peach can hover, Toad is the fastest, Luigi is the highest jumper, and Mario is the easiest to control)

    Just be glad Super Mario Bros 2 is a ripoff or Super Mario today will probably be a different game than it is.

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