100 People Tell Us the Drugs They’ve Done | Keep It 100 | Cut

100 People Tell Us the Drugs They’ve Done | Keep It 100 | Cut

– (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Everything, except for heroin, except for crack, and I guess that’s not everything, right? (ukulele music) – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? Shit! – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – I’m sorry? – Drugs? – What’s considered a drug? – Prescribed? – (Interviewer) Illegal. – You want a list? – (Interviewer) If you’re comfortable. – I’m not gonna incriminate
myself on the internet. I know better than that. – I can’t tell you! – Um, I’m not talking about it. – I have done illegal things, but I haven’t done any illegal drugs. I know I’m lame. – I’m pretty boring. – I’m afraid of losing control. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? (laugh) – Uh, it’s easier to tell
you what I haven’t done. I haven’t done Ayahuasca. I’ve only done meth a
couple times accidentally. – I’ve done this really crazy one. Not many people have heard of it. It’s called Claritin. – I don’t think epidural counts. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Alcohol. – (Interviewer) Ever? – That’s it. – Alcohol only. – Alcohol. – I guess alcohol’s considered a drug. – Alcohol, which isn’t a
drug, but then marijuana. – I’ve done marijuana. Done it? I dunno, smoked it? (laugh) – Just marijuana. – Marijuana. – Just weed. – Weed. – I’ve smoked weed, like, a couple times. – I am a regular weed smoker. – I smoke weed everyday. – (Interviewer) You’re high right now? – Mmm. A little bit, a little bit. – (Interviewer) No, I can tell. – Thanks. – I’m a little stoned. – (Interviewer) Are you high right now? – Oh, yeah, always. (giggles) Yeah. (giggles) – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Edibles, just weed. – I’ve misgaged the
strength of edibles before. – I ate maybe, like,
three or four of them. Big mistake. – I completely forgot
that it was an edible. – (Interviewer) And what happened? – All the sudden, I couldn’t stop smiling and my heart started beating super fast. – The room is spinning and I’m convinced I’m gonna die. – I was throwing up all night. – I was just in my head and so that’s when I realized that this isn’t quite for me. – I mean, I was on Cloud 9. We were both laughing so much. – I forgot where I was and I
was two blocks from my house. – I was high for, like, two days. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Maybe like a mushroom. Just like, one mushroom. – Lots of mushrooms. – I’ve done mushrooms. – Shrooms is fun. – Mushrooms, I fuck with hard. – I take shrooms every
few months to, kind of, recenter and reground. – I’m a writer and that shit just have me
writing, writing, writing, but then I don’t remember where I put it. – And I put on weird clown makeup. – I was having vertigo. – I though I peed my pants. – I remember being like, what’s going on? Why’s everyone looking at me weird? And it was because urine
was trickling down my leg. – I remember having to poop really bad, but they were like no, no, no, no. It’s just acid poops. It’s fine. – (Interviewer) What’s the
trippiest experience you’ve had– – Oh, DMT. I was in the womb. I felt someone that didn’t want me there and then it turned bad into a face that started twisting in on itself. I just, like, counted
to 10 until I was back. – (Interviewer) Would you do it again? – Oh yeah. – I have taken Ecstasy. – Molly, Ecstasy. – Ecstasy and Molly. – I had a going away party. We were on Molly and we
were just dancing all night. – I threw up everywhere and then I ran outside into the snow to profess my love, naked. – My friend was washing clean dishes and we couldn’t stop laughing
and I couldn’t stop clapping. You know, it was like– (clapping hands) Yeah, yeah! – You know what Molly is? – (Person Off-Stage) No. – Good. – (Interviewer) Who were
you just talking to? – My daughter. – (Interviewer) You look
like you’ve done a lot. – I have not! – Me? I’m too young. (laughter) – I’m super clean. (snicker) – The only drug that I
tried once was cocaine. – Cocaine. – Cocaine. – Cocaine. – I try to stay away from blow. It’s too crazy for me. – I’ve done cocaine once. – Ketamine. That was a fun one. – (Interviewer) Horse tranquilizer? – Yeah! Why not? It was beautiful. – Salvia was kinda crazy. I was like, 16, in a car and the car swallowed me up, pretty much. – I smoked Altoids once. The sour ones. – (Interviewer) What’d that do for you? – It gave me a headache. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Pfft. I’ve done Molly. I’ve done cocaine. I’ve done mushrooms. I’ve done poppers. End of list I’m comfortable sharing. – I took maybe more
than you are supposed to of the Oxy you get and maybe, not at a time when I needed em. – (Interviewer) Why’d you take them? – Why does anyone take drugs? To escape emotionally. – It helps me relax. – Sometimes it makes me laugh. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Ecstasy. Adderall. – I thought I was gonna die
multiple times on Adderall so I got on my knees
and I started praying. I’m not religious. And I said, if I survive this mistake, I will dedicate my life to Jesus Christ. – (Interviewer) And have you? – No, I didn’t even do it for a second. – I did meth one time. It was like I opened a whole
different part of my brain, but the coming down off of that drug was the hardest time in my life. – Heroin. Don’t ever do that one. That one’s gross. Or Fentanyl! Don’t do that. – I’ve done blow. I’ve done Molly. I’ve done a form of meth, kind of. Mushrooms, acid,
oxy-cotton, muscle relaxers. (laugh) I accidentally smoked heroin one time. – (Interviewer) Are
you happy with how much you’ve experimented with drugs? – Yeah, I would say that I’m
happy that I experimented with psychedelics for myself, personally. The other stuff, that was kind of just dumb.


  1. It's not boring or lame to not do drugs! I wish the climate was accepting enough so these people didn't feel the need to put themselves down for a choice they've made.

  2. I'm from a little country named Croatia and I have never been to America, but if this is how your socity looks like, I'm glad that I have not… why the hell is this so normal to you? I mean, do you people just go outside and do drugs like hey good morning I want to ruin my life a little bit more so yeah I'll take thesee… you're all in a big problem dude that's not normal… and then people from all around the world ask themselves why are our future generations so messed up, well how they won't be?? They're born in this disgusting world not knowing for better… I feel so proud and thankful to Lord that I was born in a normal family surrounded by good and strong socity… but I also feel really sorry for all of you who live thinking this is something usual and normal, I hope one day you will understand what have you been doing 🙃

  3. I’ve done mushrooms in 2nd grade
    Weed in 4th grade
    Smarties in 6th
    6th going into 7th grade summer I have vaped…idk if that counts but yeah.
    And this year(7th grade)I snorted tajin today. Lol

    I’ve made a fool of myself these middle school years. Elementary I’ve been oop-

  4. “i’m a writer and that shit had me just writing and writing and writing but then i don’t remember where i put it

  5. I used to cook "crank", from "lemon drop" to "peanut butter" to "rosebud" crank, with rosebud being the best, and when P2P was outlawed in Calif, I started cookin meth employing multiple "cold cook" methods….exhaling clouds thicker than San Francisco Bay fog…..

  6. The lack of the mention of 'beta-blockers'….musicians use them to prevent the heart from beating to fast/pounding even while still being nervous to perform; number #5 on https://www.cracked.com/article_19411_5-bizarre-dark-sides-to-modern-orchestras.html

  7. Anyone who abuses adderal is automatically a waste of oxygen. I need to carry it but can't because of people abusing it. :/

  8. This video should have been: I've only done…. SOOO MUCH COCAINE… snorts suspicious stuff off strangers crack

  9. when they were all saying weed one after another i thought they were gonna cut in an ashy dude sayin "CRACK!"

    lol maybe i been watching too much chappelle's show…

  10. 4:01 Why are people who dress like that allowed to leave their house. How the fuck can you walk past a mirror, see yourself and think “yeah, this is an acceptable outfit to wear in public”. Looks like he’s on fucking day release, inspector gadget

  11. gd they are so sage, ive done, molly, ecstazy, weed(eatable , wax, shatter,hash), cocaine, ketamine, bunch of synthetik drug(2cb,2ce,4acodmt and dmt,) mushroom, lsd,

    ive never used hardcore stupid stuff like heroin(and other opiod) meth or crack but i tried everything else, and i will never regret those moment as far as i know ive done well in school , my in good health and stil have money and family lol

  12. I think crack is bad or uppers. This neighbor I aint supposed to give him rides, I cant because this other neighbor I know says who do you trust more, me or him so if I give this guy who does drugs a ride, he is going to be mad. I think he is right to stay away from, because he is working for free because he says his computers talk to him, saying hey turn us on and he has to go to court because he brought a sword out, and some how a guy gut cut with it.

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