11 Most DIFFICULT Video Game Bosses Ever!

11 Most DIFFICULT Video Game Bosses Ever!

Ah, video games, they’re great, they keep
us entertained and help distract us from the stresses of normal boring everyday life. But sometimes games can actually make you
stressed. ESPECIALLY bosses from them. So, You’re watching gamerbrain and in today’s
list lets take a look at 11 of the most difficult video games bosses. #11.) The Ender Dragon:
I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of Minecraft, possibly one of the most addicting games of
all time and is now the second best selling game ever, but frustrating boss fights is
something you never hear about the block breaking game. Well in the dimension known as the end you
are tasked with defeating JEAN- I mean the Ender Dragon. You will have to take out several healing
crystals before doing damage to her. Fun fact, Notch actually calls the Ender Dragon
Jean. No one knows why. Grab some diamond armour and swords because
you’re gonna need it. #10.) GLaDOS:
Fighting big bad Ms.Aperture herself is by far a boss fight to remember. The player is faced with a time limit and
must defeat GLaDOS before she can release the toxic neurotoxins into the room. To deafeat her you must redirect several rockets
back at her to damage her enough for cores to drop, once they drop you must burn them
in the incinerator until she eventually breaks down and explodes. #9.) Shandor: Okay, now Ghostbusters on DS was a very addicting
game that I used to play a lot when I was younger, but I always remember the dreaded
last boss Shandor. The mission you have to do to get to the final
boss is tedious to say the least, everything from near impossible puzzles and much more
a kid could NOT understand. After all this the final boss throws huge
rocks at the Ghostbusters in which you must dodge and fire at him at the same time. The worst part about this boss battle is,
once you defeat him. The game doesn’t save. You have to do it all again… Have fun! #8.) Dr.Robotnik AKA Eggman:
Now the original games is one of the most difficult games I’ve ever played. What’s even worse is the first boss battle. Dr.Robotnik AKA Dr.Eggman shows up in a floating…
toilet? I don’t know, anyway he floats in some kind
of device where he has a wrecking ball and attempts to hit sonic. The player must carefully and clevery avoid
this ball while jumping on Eggman 8 times before he finally explodes. Remember! If you get hit and loose all your rings, the
next hit will kill you! #7.) Cynthia:
Pokemon Generation 4 is a series of Pokemon games that Nintendo fans will always have
in their hearts. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have an extremely
difficult boss fight though, and that is none other than the Pokemon Champion herself Cynthia. She has a pokemon team that will chew you
up and spite you out! With a level 58 Spiritomb, a level 58 Roserade,
a level 60 Togekiss, a level 60 Lucario, a level 58 Milotic *shivers*, and the most difficult
pokemon I’ve ever faced, a level 62 Garchomp. Be sure to bring plenty of revives and potions
for this amazingly hard battle! #6.) Sinistar:
Now this one actually scares me a little. Sinistar is what appears to be a… giant…
space skull? He launches several mini attacks at you from
the background, and then when you hear “Run” you better run as this boss will be coming
at you with everything he’s got! Be sure not be to caught by him though! Because if you are you will die instantly. Try not to smash you’re controller! #5.) Sans:
Who doesn’t love Undertale? Great style, interesting idea, and confusing
plot, Love it! Anyway, at the end of the genocide playthrough
you will be faced with the relaxed skeleton himself, Sans. He utilises extremely difficult attack coupled
along with patterns, and not able to be hit by you much until the end. You are sure to fail several times before
beating him as his patterns take quite a while to master! #4.) Yellow Devil:
All y’all fans of Megaman, gun’ love this one. The Yellow Devil is a huge robot that you
fight in Megaman, he has a very complicated battle strategy that is breaking up into little
pieces and launching them at you to the other side of the room where he reconstructs. Every single time you hit him he will begin
breaking up and flying at you. You’ll need a fast reaction time, quick
wits, and patience for this baddy. #3.) Megatron:
Now Transformers Armada was a game released in 2004 on the PS2, and with all old games,
the boss fights were unbelievably hard. In this fight you play as Optimus taking on
his arch nemesis Megatron. You are in a huge active volcano on a metal
platform and do enough damage to Megatron to kill him which is extremely difficult due
to how much health he has and if he catches up to you he will slam you into the ground
several times before leaping into the sky and throwing you into the ground and sometimes
off the platform into the lava. This boss fight is not to be underestimated
and when I was younger, I actually had to use cheats to beat him! #2.) KARSTAG!!!:
Where… to… begin… if you have watched previous GamerBrain videos, a script or two
written by me has mentioned Karstaag before, now some say I have an unhealthy obsession
with this huge undead ghost troll demon thing, but I just have a lot of respect for the guy… I swear. Anyway! Karstag is a huuuugggeee ghost troll boss
in Skyrim located in the abandoned icey ruins of castle Karstag. Once you acquire his skull you must place
it on the huge icey throne. Then Karstag shall form and the beginning
of the end of your life will begin. I really advise you bring potions and patience
as if you’re below level 80, you ain’t beating this guy. #1.) The Nameless King:
Now, Dark Souls, possibly one of THE MOST frustrating games ever to be invented, and
if you were genuinely surprised that it’s on this list then I will mail you a box of
shreddies, anyway! The Nameless king is a huge armoured foe riding
on a massive dragon that deals tons of damage and can breath fire at you! To actually damage The Nameless King you must
first kill the dragon, which is no cake walk. Have fun!


  1. Sure, these are definitely the hardest bosses ever. In the same way that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the best TV show ever.

  2. Sonic marble zone boss??? Not even top 30 hardest sonic bosses lol. Ever hear of death egg??? Cynthia from Pokemon????? The yellow devil is a breeze if you put in 10 minutes of effort in or just suck at megaman games. I really hope Dylan and Tyler didn't approve of this.

  3. Am I the only one that does not think Dark Souls is that hard? I thought point and click games that required thought were always the hardest just try Grim Fandango without a walkthrough… talk about frustrating. And mega man has harder points than dark souls as well, and no castlevania? smh

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