18 Best New Android Games of September 2018 | Playscore

18 Best New Android Games of September 2018 | Playscore

Soccer Kick Take your soccer balls for a ride in this
over the top arcade game. With your thighs of steel, hit that soccer ball sweetspot and
send them reeling past the world’s great wonders. A different kind of kicking game, it has received
some backlash because of its persistent crashes. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 6.41 Dragalia Lost A Nintendo RPG released for the mobile, Dragalia
is a swipe based action RPG that revolves around the bonds between humans and dragons
in a fantasy land. Fully voiced and beautifully animated, it’s definitely got that Nintendo
magic touch. Backed by a captivating musical score, including some from artist DAOKO, it
has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.01 Life is Strange: Before Storm The adventures of Max’s estranged friend before
her return reaches mobile shores and it looks good. A prequel crafted by DeckNine and translated
for the mobile by Square Enix, relive Chloe’s troubled life in signature quicktime form
and prepare for the emotional rollercoaster that will follow. It has a Provisional PlayScore
of 7.43 Bouncemasters! Playing along with two polar pals, head for
the arctic region and aim for the equator as you launch a penguin through the skies
using your handy bat. Showing you an everchanging landscape of deserts and mythical mushroom
kingdoms, it’s an arcade joyride that will keep you coming back for more. It has a Provisional
PlayScore of 7.8 Doctor Who Infinity Whovians rejoice because a puzzle-solving
adventure awaits you in this title from Tiny Rebel Games. Merging the simplicity of match
three puzzles and their intricately drawn visuals, it’s something that long time fans
and newbies to enjoy. Travel round space and time, go face to face with daleks, and so
much more, with a Provisional PlayScore of 7.92 Bike Unchained 2 Red Bull gets you to the heights of the two
wheel action in this sequel to their mobile mountain bike game. Get a taste of life off
road as you move through their dizzying hills and slopes. Dive into their multiplayer modes
and prove your dominance against two other bikers in real-time. It has a PlayScore of
8.0 Big Big Baller™ Another play on the popular .io games. This
time, you’ll play the role of a giant rolling ball. Gather momentum as you crash into the
cars, people, and buildings of the delightfully destructive downtown area. Get as big as you
can to destroy other players or get devoured yourself. A fun casual title, it has a Provisional
PlayScore of 8.2 Paper.io 2 The paper.io game invades the mobile a second
time, and it’s looking better than ever. Craft your own space in a world of crafters and
invaders as you aim for the top of the leaderboards. Slow to start but easily addicting, the road
to being the best is paved by failure after failure. It has a Provisional PlayScore of
8.6 Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse Based on a popular Nickelodeon cartoon, Loud
House follows the Loud residence’s only boy and his best friend Clyde. Help them build
the tallest treehouse of all and create personalized rooms for each of Lincoln’s sisters and friends.
Like a less irradiated fallout shelter, it’s treehouse fun for the whole neighborhood with
a Provisional PlayScore of 8.6 Arker: The legend of Ohm Arker Labs strategy will let you explore the
scifi world of Ohm along with your own band of heroes. Choose from a variety of classes
such as Berserkers, Alchemists, and Izarians. Using their individual skills and your own
innate knack for strategy, navigate through its world obsessed with the precious Arker.
It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.93 Tic Tac Quest Giving direction to the classic tic tac toe
game, master the art of x’s and o’s as you conquer dungeons and foes in this epic quest.
A little spartan in construction, it’s still a veritable time waster. Fall in love with
their quirky looking characters and tic tac toe the line of RPG victory. It has a Provisional
PlayScore of 9.08 Monster Hunter Stories A pocketsized version of Monster Hunter’s
kid-friendly edition. Less a game about taming colossal beasts, Stories takes you on a ride
around a beautiful fantasy world for making friends and taking care of the environment.Form
your own team of adorable beasts and use their skills in turn-based battles. It has a Provisional
PlayScore of 9.15 Layton: Curious Village in HD Another iconic 3D title finds its way to mobile
shores. Getting his own series on the Android, Professor Layton serves you up with more of
his signature mind-bending puzzles. Remastered into the HD, help the gentlemanly detective
uncover truths in this animated mystery. With never before seen cutscenes, it has a Provisional
PlayScore of 9.18 Streets of Rage 2 Classic SEGA’s sidescrolling brawler. Relive your
favorite fights with Axel, Blaze, and Max Thunder, along with the resident anarchist,
Skate. To save your friend from dastardly Mr. X, plow through the city’s vermin with
your bare hands, and pummel them with devastating attacks. Are you ready to rumble? It has a
Provisional PlayScore of 9.34 Onitama: The Board Game Channel your inner zen as you dive into the
world of ancient Japanese in this fast-paced strategy boardgame. A bit like chess, two
warriors face off in the battlefield and use concentration and luck to win the war. Anticipate
your enemy’s moves or seek the help of Animal Spirits for the path to true wisdom. It has
a Provisional PlayScore of 9.36 Armello Dive into League of Geek’s fantasy world and
meet its cast of anthropomorphic animals. Play with up to three other players and watch
the boardgame come to life. It’s a lovingly crafted RPG packed with moving soundtracks,
compelling turn-based battles, and a dynamic sandbox world to discover. It has a Provisional
PlayScore of 9.37 Sailor Cats Like a bundle of all things cute, Platonic
Games is taking us for the ride in this super fun adventure filled with cartoon cats and
everything nice. Play as a lonely cat fisher as it carves its destiny to become the cutest
pirate in the seven seas. Hundreds of ships and treasures at your fingertips, it has a
Provisional PlayScore of 9.58 And the best Android PlayScored Game of September
2018 is Cube Escape: Paradox The tenth in the long running Cube Escape
series, they go along a transdimensional path as you follow the story of a detective trapped
between two worlds. Escape from this mind-bending fiasco, and keep yourself in touch with reality.
Another stunning entry from the developers, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.6


  1. Just seeing you guys makes me smile! I love your channel so much. You have all helped me find games I didn't know existed on mobile. Xx

  2. Monster Hunter series with international language ?
    Why not,I'll buy

    I hope Pokemon in 3DS is also ported to Android / iOS :'V

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