$1Million Transformation Saved Me From Addiction | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

$1Million Transformation Saved Me From Addiction | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

KLARA LIMA: I got into like, drug addiction heavy, was doing like, crazy from one to five grams a day. I was smoking two packages of cigarettes a day. I was drinking booze. Completely gave up on my life. What’s up guys? I’m Klara Lima and I’m here to entertain you. KLARA LIMA: I’m from Czech Republic, Prague and I’m 28 years old. I like to be different. I wanted to look like, the way I look right now. KLARA LIMA: I have done like, seven surgeries, three times I did Brazilian butt-lifts and I did four times breast implants. And I think I spent like, in total for like the whole image, probably a million dollars. Something like this because by age you have to keep up your hair. It’s not just surgeries, it’s everything. I afford all these plastic surgeries from, I sold my company that I inherited after my parents when I was younger. So I’m living from my parent’s money. It’s kind of like, sensitive subject but I know people, they will always bring it up so, yeah I lost my parents. KLARA LIMA: My parents, they were very successful people that accomplished so many things in life. A private plane crashed in Ukraine and it was our parents and all of the people died so, I mean, things happens everyday. KLARA LIMA: I was just like, unlucky in this point. It’s very dangerous to give a lot of money to a young person without any guidance and control. I’m blessed that I’m here till now. When you’re 17, I did all kind of stupid things I could because I was really alone in that world. KLARA LIMA: Anorexia and bulimia, it can happen like, when some big change happens in your life and bulimia is actually the worst. I thought the best idea will be, do cocaine for me not to be hungry so I got into like, drug addiction heavy. So I spent lot of like, months in rehabs. It was a horrible experience. I hated that. I didn’t want to stop. I guess addiction is a trait of mind that you cannot get rid of, you just have to find the healthy one. I like to transform. I like to be better. First plastic surgery I had when I was 21 I believe. I had my breasts done. I’m happy with my size right now and honestly I don’t want to look like a porn star anymore so I want to look like a musician. Still sexy, still edgy but I don’t want to go bigger with my breast size and butt. KLARA LIMA: I used to sell my sex tapes like; I stop it in six months because I respect myself as a female. I would not do something that I don’t think is right. For me it was more being like, a webcam model. I did it because I wanted to try that and I have something to sell. It was successful but the issue was people would be sending me, people they would become, stalking me, obsessed with me so I stopped doing that and I said like, “Cool, I tried that, you know, it’s part of my life.” Right, I have to be confident because people are staring at me all the time and I’m being judged all the time so I have to know who I am and try not to listen to the hateful comments. I believe that’s the power, if you really know who you are then nobody can put you down. Life can change in one day so keep going for your dreams and goals because I’m doing that and it works.


  1. See atleast this lady is more on the confidence side then on the “how u looks” side and she actually appreciates herself the way she is

  2. Very Elegant. A soft pleasant voice that coveys great depth and power because of the heavyness of the words. I started to really fall apart at your age. Your strength comes from a source that any who may have mocked you have no awareness of or access to. Blessed. Thank You. You have a friend jin me. Peace.

  3. At last, a story I actually felt for, the absent of a parent is S path of destruction, my cousin lost her mum at a young age and she lost herself confidence and dated men who only abused her sexual and physically:( l feel for you dear

  4. 🤣🤣🤣 i used to sell my sex tape's… im gonna stop it in six months because i respect myself.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I know that she has been thru alot but she didnt need the surgeries what she needs and needed was a psychiatrist and most importantly God!!!!

  6. This is the first time I watched a video about someone with plastic surgery that DIDN'T make me question the person's sanity. She appears to have a good head on her shoulders – she's articulate and intelligent. She's reflective and very courageous to talk about her past the way she did. Good for her! I wish her a long and happy life!

  7. Thank you for being an honest person. I feel like your looks dont define who you really are inside. Your heart is very strong. Your very inspirational.

  8. I wish we'd stop giving people like this a platform and allowing younger, more impressionable people think that this is okay and that they'll get attention for it.

  9. She lied about her age. At first she said she was 20 then later in the video she said she had her first surgery when she was 21, I mean it's pretty obvious she's not 20.

  10. Do they really think that they are beautiful? You don't look beautiful girl!!! They are just destroying their face

  11. It broke my heart when I heard that she lost her parents. I think it was hard for her to cope with her parents' death no matter how much money they left to her. So, she was in drugs and had trouble with her image. I just hope she gets help from a professional to work on her emotions. Also, she can become someone amazing and her parents would be proud of her.

  12. My father passed away and this video had me tearing up bad. She is so strong and I'm glad her parents had all that money because considering the road she was headed down she may have never gotten out of it. Very inspiring, I just want to enroll into college and make my dreams come true considering the type of determination she had when she lost both her parents.

  13. Your beautiful either way. You just need to LOVE yourself for you.
    Everyone has addictions, either it's coffee, cola, cigs or drugs. Dont put yourself down for your past. Look to the future.
    In my opinion. You were gorgeous from the start, your gorgeous now. Just be HAPPY with being YOU. there's not but 1 of you so don't try to compare yourself to these people who can't love themselves. Your a beautiful soul inside & out. Remember that.

  14. I am so sad for you, because I see that you are still lonely. I pray that your wounds will heal, and you will feel the love of God.

  15. May GOD🙌 continue blessing you sis,
    The captions had me thinking one way?,but as u spoke ….
    My mind switched up immediately…
    U are so strong👏👏

  16. I’m glad that she got over drug addiction! though she still seems to have a bit of an addiction to plastic surgery, though it does seem she is getting over that too 🙂

  17. My heart goes out to this girl. She endured such a tragedy early on in life and you can see how it heavily affected her. I’m glad she’s found peace within herself and is now who she wants to be. I think she’s gorgeous and as long as she’s happy no one has any right to judge her. 💕

  18. I just wanted to hug her so tight and let her know that she is beautiful, kind, brave, strong and most importantly loved. I think she should hear that, mostly because it’s true.

  19. I feel so sad for her. She has been through so much in her life and appears to be doing well for herself. I actually think she is beautiful! I hope she doesn't keep going with the facial surgeries because she is perfect right where she is ❤

  20. youve bee through so much bt what happened is u exchangd one addiction for the other ,im glad youre growing though..its inspirational

  21. She looks like our favorite female rappers but. I will say she’s been through it and I’ve been through a death of a parents it’s hard. Especially the younger you are

  22. I really thought this would be a typical narcissistic kind of plastic surgery addict, but no. She experienced a lot of things, survived eating disorders, lost her parents, living alone, survived drug addiction, etc. She is a strong woman and she has the right to do anything to her body. God Bless

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