25-Year-Old Accused Of Flying Into Rages When He Runs Out Of Pot Says: ‘I’m The Victim’

25-Year-Old Accused Of Flying Into Rages When He Runs Out Of Pot Says: ‘I’m The Victim’


  1. This video makes me think this is fake and these are actors. I used to believe this show featured real people and real issues, but this guy saying he gets things done, he accomplishes things, he should be looked up to, he is the victim etc.. There is not a single person on the planet who can be in this position and believe that. These people are actors for sure, and now I think the whole show is fake.

  2. I have no problem with weed. Weed is can actually do amazing things for people. But when you use it as a bandaid for your problems. You’re abusing it! It won’t fix you. It’s a temporary fix but it won’t heal him and is seriously just causing more issues. Obviously! He’s lost his mind!

  3. ryan is a hecking spoiled brat and a monster, he does have a big problem he beats up the doors, breaks tvs, throws chairs, and threatens people with knifes and he doesnt pay a single god dang bill

  4. Wait ….. this seems like he has a tick , somethings going on in his brain this is wayyyyyy more than just addicted to pot and an anger issue . Someone get him a scan before it gets worse

  5. Dudes smoking bunk causing him to act like a punk.. this dude makes us mello mokers look bad… I suggest he try some midol😎

  6. Victim? This guy is a nut. Kick him out of the house. Put him on his way. I bet this guy grew up without a father in the home.

  7. Just because this man helped his family when they were young doesn't mean he gets to act this way. Selfish and self centered and addicted to being a pot head

  8. He needs to grow up and get his own place and stop living off of mom, at the age of 19 I was on my own and by the time I hit 25 I was married with my one year old son.

  9. Actually I'm addicted to weed. It depends on your personality and tendencies rather than the actual drug. I don't behave like this

  10. He might just be battling depression or anxiety that's why he smokes to get all the thoughts clear. Probably an over thinker who knows dude probably just has anger issues

  11. If my son did this to me he is out of the house. Bye!! Wtf. You gonna learn how good you had it before ya turned into a brat. My god. But parenting that is enabling is what causes this entitlement. I won’t parent out of guilt or enabling behaviors.

  12. He’s 25? He looks more like 35 and he deserves to get his block knocked off for acting like a complete spoiled brat. Gross 😷

  13. This is why you dont spoil your kids. So glad my mom raised me way better then this. He uses fear to control them and thats so childish. Grow up!!!

  14. Ive been smoking weed for a good decade and NEVER have I acted like this; this is not marijuana addiction its a privilege issue.

  15. If he gets this mad over not having weed then weed obviously isn't for him i smoke weed and when i don't have weed i go out with my dogs

  16. Hes behaving like an addict. Weed isnt addictive, this fool has serious problems and his family cant help him with that.

  17. Sounds like thanos should of came to doctor Phil instead of chucking his daughter off a cliff And snapping away half of existence I think thanos has a balance problem.

  18. I have a temper and weed helps me deal with crazy dumbass customers on certain days. Ive found myself being dependent upon it a few times but caught myself and corrected it. Pretty sure this dude is too dependent on weed

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