26 Upcoming VR Games of 2018 | Best New Virtual Reality Games on the Oculus, Vive, and PSVR

26 Upcoming VR Games of 2018 | Best New Virtual Reality Games on the Oculus, Vive, and PSVR

Cold Iron. Be a gunslinger in a merciless western society
in this upcoming Virtual Reality game. After witnessing your father’s death, fulfill
your personal vendetta by being the best gunslinger in the Wild West. But there’s a twist, step into random portals
and face off against sorcerers with your mysterious demonic pistol. Available on the HTC, PSVR and Oculus sometime
this 2018. Adoption. A virtual reality horror game that puts your
normal nights at risk. Play as a young man strolling around the moonlit
streets. Things go supernatural as you meet this charming
little girl trying to look for her mother. Feeling a slight sense of dread, you accompany
her in her search… not knowing what lies in store. Solve puzzles and find out the real story
behind this mysterious family. It also has co-op support which lets you play
with a friend. It’s coming to the Oculus and HTC this February
6, 2018. MetaWorld. Discover endless possibilities in 20,000 square
miles of habitable simulated land. Explore procedurally generated biomes that
has something interesting to do, even when you’re alone. Go fishing, hunting, camping and more with
your friends because this actually feels like a whole new world to live in. Go trading to gain money, and experience a
brand new world in the virtual reality days. It’s coming to the Oculus and HTC this March
2018 Time Carnage. Go back in time in this rampaging Virtual
Reality game from Wales Interactive. Fight an army of robots. Zombies, monsters and even dinosaurs in this
time-bending carnage. Throughout the game, access over 25 crazy
weapons including a baseball bat, laser bows, RPG-7, a medieval crossbow and so much more. For added challenge, step into its various
modes to unlock sweet secrets. Coming to the Oculus and HTC this March 13,
2018. Evasion. A VR shooter designed to immerse players in
a fast-paced playing field in high-intensity matches. Choose from a wide variety of classes and
join with your friends (or alone) in this futuristic skirmish. The entire game engine is built in locomotion
that offers fluid movement and evasive maneuvers. It’s coming to the Oculus and HTC this Spring
2018. Tubular Rift. The name speaks for itself. It’s a racing game where you get inside
dimensional tubes using your Oculus Rift. So you can say it’s pretty… tubular? Anyway, race across the galaxy in these neverending
portals to another dimension and take the title of Rift Champion. Race against advanced AI’s and prove that
humans are always better at manual reflexes. It’s set to release sometime this August
2018. End Of The Beginning. Still currently under development, this futuristic
sci-fi shooter aims to provide a seamless cosmic trip to the unknown depths of space. It contains intense space battles, flight
combat and a combination of third and first person action. There’s also rumors stating that the game
contains secret government files about the existence of aliens. No release date yet, but it’s coming to
the PS VR sometime this 2018. Ariel. A survival horror game set in the confines
of a desolate spaceship. Play as Ferdinand Ludec, a kidnapped mathematician
trapped in this dreadful place. This features a procedurally generated open-world
inside this spaceship. Survive by scavenging the right materials
and get immersed with its brilliant sound design. If the unknown scares you, then the game’s
sound would surely bring chills to your spine. It’s coming to the PSVR sometime this 2018. Alvo. Picture Counter Strike in VR. That’s Alvo. Go all out in this tactical shooter divided
into three game modes. Search and Destroy is similar to Counter Strike
where a team of 5 players find and defuse the bomb while the other team tries to hide
it. Then there’s Free 4 All where players go
in a brutal deathmatch and finally Domination where your team capture points. Not much details were shown but it’s coming
sometime this 2018 on the HTC, Oculus and PSVR. Eclipse. This virtual reality game takes you to a mystical
world where you find an object capable of controlling magic. It’s a first person adventure with puzzles
that dazzle your eyes. You can change the gravity in certain areas
or view something in a completely different perspective. It’s still in its development state as of
now and it’s slated to release sometime next year on the PSVR. Legion Commander. A PlayStation VR exclusive. This real-time strategy game takes you to
a medieval fantasy world where you play as commander amassing his growing army. Choose among its nine leaders and 38 unique
units. Use your VR gear to maneuver around the battlefield
while you equip yourself with over 50 magical abilities to crush your enemies with. Coming sometime this 2018. Gungrave VR. A PlayStation 2 classic this cinematic action
shooting game will feature a story that goes beyond Overdose. The game is optimized for virtual reality
and that means we get to shoot with infinite bullets, break things, and wreak havoc around
its world. It incorporates a mix between first and third
person mode with its dynamic shooting. It’s a good classic coming back to life
and it’s coming sometime this 2018 as a PS VR exclusive. Dead Secret. Another horror VR on our list. Set in a rural town where anything can happen
in the dead of night. Play as an investigator trying to find the
reason why a certain professor died. Obtain clues, find bizarre objects and find
a potential killer on the loose. It’s deeply creepy as the game progresses
and you must be on your toes all the time. It’s coming sometime this 2018 as a PS VR
game. Xing: The Land Beyond. A VR game that doesn’t necessarily take
you to medieval fights and face off ghastly monsters. This zen-like adventure lets you explore the
land beyond. As a dead person, roam around this beautiful
afterlife and interact with interesting stuff. Solve puzzles, uncover a deep mystery and
control the weather with your newfound abilities. It’s coming to the PS VR sometime this 2018. The American Dream. A satirical take on the United States of America. Step into a virtual reality trip to the 1950’s
where everything is white and Picture Bioshock in a more ridiculous sense with subtle racial
discrimination, more donuts and of course, free guns. Use your guns to absolutely anything ordinary
to the downright odd. Use it to eat burgers, drive a car or build
something. It’s basically an alternate version of your
hands. No wonder it’s called the American Dream. It’s coming to the Oculus, HTC and PSVR
sometime this 2018. White Day 2: Swan Song. This follow up to the 2016 game offers the
same spine-tingling chills like before. Apparently, details are scarce since their
website is entirely Korean. What we know so far is that it completely
changes the way we see White Day and it will offer a nightmare-inducing horror experience. Stay tuned for more updates on this game as
it releases sometime this 2018 as a PlayStation VR Exclusive. Allison Road. Ah, the spiritual successor to P.T. Things are looking grim in this game’s development
but it’s certainly coming. This first-person horror lets you explore
a mysterious house inhabited by a terrifying ghost. Jumpscares are in every corner, but only when
the atmosphere kicks in. It’s coming indefinitely this 2018 on the
Oculus Rift. Moss. Get drawn into a world of magic and mystery
in this PlayStation VR exclusive. Play as a Quill, a courageous young mouse
embarking on an epic quest to save the world after a dangerous magic awakened. Travel to fantastic places and forge a unique
relationship with this adorable mouse in each passing moment. Interact with its dynamic world and admire
its wonder. It’s set to release on December 31st, 2018. Overload. A six degree of freedom from Revival Productions. It’s currently on Steam’s Early Access
and currently in development. Utilize your piloting skills throughout the
game’s various levels. Collect over 13 explosive weapons and face
against 12 terrifying robot enemies. It’s still in its development roadmap and
you can see their plans on their corresponding pages. It’s set to release sometime this 2018 on
the PSVR. World War Toons. An odd combination of a tank game and a shooter
packed into one. Change any character on the fly as you commandeer
your troops to victory in a cartoon-filled battle. Find tanks to grant yourself an edge in battle
and find power-ups scattered throughout the map. It’s a game that’s completely designed
for Virtual Reality. It takes advantage of the technology, offering
a seamless VR experience. It’s coming this February 2018 on the HTC,
PSVR and Oculus. MGSLeisure1000. A simple leisure game with a weird title. All you have to do is sit down, strap your
VR gear and enjoy over 5 leisure modes such as Bowling, Pool, Table Tennis and even dancing
around Night Clubs. It’s currently on Steam’s Early Access
if you want to try it out, and it’s aiming for a release this January 1st, 2018 on the
HTC and Oculus. CogVR. A brain teasing VR game where a robot challenges
your mind. As you’re trapped in a strange spaceship, prove to these aliens
that you’re cognitive skills are way above baseline. These questions are carefully selected to
really test your cognitive and rehabilitative clinical skills. It’s not just a game, it’s their own way
of promoting mental health awareness. It’s coming sometime this early 2018 on
the HTC Vive. Darth Vader VR. How does it feel to be one with the Force? Anakin Skywaker’s dark side goes full force
in this upcoming VR game. Control as the Emperor’s Right Hand Man
and force choke anyone you see. Use your lightsaber to sever the limbs of
Rebel Scum. Unfortunately, you don’t get to breathe
the same way as Vader, and that’s kinda disappointing. It’s coming this 2018 on the HTC Vive. Pixel Ripped 1989. This young kid is transported back to the
80’s and it’s your job to help him play a game called Pixel Ripped. Strap your VR gear and go on a quest to command
a man named Dot to recover the Pixel Stone from evil hands. It’s a game within a game and it offers
a brilliant homage to the 80’s. It’s set to release sometime this 2018 on
the HTC, Oculus and PSVR. Lantern. A relaxing game where you play as a Lantern
being blown by the wind. It shares a similar gameplay element to Ubisoft’s
Eagle Flight VR. Bring back the color of this empty town and
find out the hidden stories behind each glowing light. Bring the power of everlasting love to this
world as it releases sometime this 2018 on the PSVR. OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. From the creators of Payday, put your zombie-survival
fantasies to the test. Based on the critically-acclaimed comic from
Robert Kirkmanl, players will be left to survive in a doomed Washington DC. It’s co-op mode offers a team-based survival
experience similar to the show. Except it’s not as shitty in comparison. It’s coming this 2018 on the PSVR and Oculus.


  1. wow. Its like they are not even trying. They have this great platform to give us some great new experience, but still they only throw out the same shit-games they have made the last 15 years. Come up with something new. I was about to get a vr headset, but as of now its not worth it.

  2. A lot of these look like simple gimick concepts… I think Ill wait for gen 2 or 3 before I consider buying any headset systems.

  3. "Unfortunately details are scarce because their website is entirely in Korean."

    Gee, if only there were some way to find out what it says.

  4. Where are you getting your Alison Road information re a 2018 release? The website, twitter and Facebook pages haven't been updated in well over a year and the game looked dead

  5. Why does anything that looks decent only on ps vr!? I have an oculus and the content is just so bad and simply feels like a complete waist of money buying an oculus. Everything just feels like a tech demo. The games are just trash unfortunately.

  6. Okay for real though? There's already not many people investing in VR due to its price. NOW we as consumers must deal with game maker companies partnering with other VR companies in order to make the games EXCLUSIVE to one headset or the other. When can they just open their eyes and make every game available for all? At that point, it would come down to price matching one another which would ultimately get more people involved in the best headset for them. Right now, it's a load of bullshit to have to switch between headsets in order to play certain games. I'm a PC gamer and I like VR. Why the fuck do I have to go out and buy a PS4 with their VR headset in order to play half the titles out there? At this point, it's just a battle of VR headset companies of who can contract the best games for their people.

  7. I hate to be that guy who says somethings dead but really if this is the best VR games coming for 2018, then Vr is dead because most of these look like indie crap. there are some good indie games so I'm not saying they suck just for that but none of these look like premium titles with that said i hope there are better games coming

  8. https://gamejolt.com/games/tombobreakervr/295298
    Demo of my game for VR.
    Action Parkour game, like Indiana Jones, or Tomb Raider in VR

  9. I don't think the person whos commentating this video know what a "designed completely for vr" game is. Maybe someday developers will stop being lazy and make a real vr game. There was only 1 on this list

  10. virtual reality should mean virtual reality yes .so why do these games look like something you were playing in the 80s 90s .i think il skip till they actually make one that means reality

  11. I really like your videos. As a Vive owner, I'd really like to see your VR recommendations broken into different videos for different platforms. I'd prefer to watch a video just containing games that are actually available to my system. Lumping them altogether is great for people just curious about VR, or trying to decide which headset to buy, or maybe even the rare person who owns all 3 major VR headsets. But I think the majority of us who are into VR, and on the hunt for the newest and upcoming games, probably have our foot heavily in one camp.
    Either way, I've enjoyed your videos, it's just all the exclusives for headsets I don't own, usually just get skipped over.

  12. Overload, sure hope it ends up on more than just the crap tastic PSVR… Even mixed reality spanks on PSVR about a hundred times over… man.. anyway, it is so clearly a Descent and/or Forsaken clone… Or at least made in their image… I'd love to play it, but there's no way I'm buying a freaking PS for it. It is nice to see that the advent of the PSVR and the platform itself is driving development… Just sad that PSVR is such a low end, option-less, crappy controller having, non transferable experience. Can't take a title, regardless of how nice it is, which is made to work with ice cream cone controllers or an actual game pad, a low res screen with extremely primitive tracking, and make it work on an actual device like a vive or rift… or even WMR like the Samsung Odyssey. Just a real shame is all… Sony is helping, but not as much as they could be had they made a real device entry instead of a google cardboard for a console.

  13. VR is like mobile gaming right now. I don’t want more of these half ass over priced indie games. I want more AAA games like Skyrim vr, fallout vr, and resident evil 7

  14. This is the new VR technology thats upcoming , they look like PS2 Games. The wrong ppl are creating games , because their creativity and intellect is limited.

  15. As long as the walking dead movement is similar to what we see here and not the stupid teleport movement like payday 2 vr.

  16. Hi whatoplay! you So Great!
    I hope you can introduce games that are scheduled to be released after this video!
    For example, A VR game “ Throw Anything” is gonna launch soon and I am highly expecting it.
    If you don't mind, take a look!

  17. The future of gaming is vitural reality for seniors , where theybcan take strolls meet ppl like them all over the world

  18. I love VR and its great. but they need to start making quality games for it. It reminds me of what happened to the PS Vita. We are paying anywhere from $5-$60 and its not even a finished product, but more of a demo. there are a few great titles that are full games. but nothing pisses me off more than spending $15 to $20 on a game just to find out it was a 10 min demo. plus a lot of the developers need to work on the graphics side and making the games look a lot better. Disney's Coco looks stunning as well as Robo recall and both of these are free. If developers just keep making shit and charging good money for it. It's going to die out just like the Vita did.

  19. The American Dream would be to kick the shit out of losers like the one's that made that game. lol

  20. Experience 26 dry explanations of games that arnt here yet. Read by someone reading off a script while medicated on Vallium.

  21. your lists are always the worst out there… for example: where is "contagion vr: outbreak"? – you can already play the demo on steam and its SO AMAZING in all aspects!!!

  22. 26 awful games. At this rate I'll never buy VR. Just isn't worth the layout because the games are so awful. 🙁

  23. Hey DUDE. Not interested in your personal comments or feelings just do a review. You're like all the so called journalists, instead of just reporting the facts you interject.

  24. your Idea of the best VR games coming 2018 are far different than mine….I can't believe the amount of crap you filled this video with…. pfff

  25. i hate when the vr game look like shit and cartoony , it suppose to be virtual reality—–> ReAlItY!!!!

  26. I love this video. Thank you for sharing. I have a question for you. I don’t have any game consoles right now but want to dive head first into vr gaming. What is the best most versatile platform or console to buy tomorrow that will get me into vr? Money is no issue. Should I wait for the next play station? Should I get ps4 slim or pro? I hear the next play station is about to drop soon. Should I wait? Anyways, I hope to hear from you soon so I can pull the trigger on getting into vr, pun intended.

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