3 Awesome (Non-Alcoholic) Drinks For Your Party!

3 Awesome (Non-Alcoholic) Drinks For Your Party!

What’s up? Happy New Year Did you like
that jump in? I Did So maybe you’re hosting your own party and you’re
looking for some non-alcoholic drinks to serve sometimes you want something a
little bit more — you want to go pro! So, I’ve got three drinks that you can use
at your party and what I mean I have three drinks
I looked up three drinks on the googles First up is “Cuddles on the Beach”. It’s
like “Sex on the Beach” but better because there is no alcohol. Put that fine glass
down, fill up with some ice cubes then hit it with about 3 ounces cranberry
juice, 3 ounces a grapefruit juice and then 2 ounces of peach nectar, then
what you’re gonna do is throw a little garnish on there and boom look at those
curves. Next up is the Mockmosa. It’s like the Mimosa with sparkling wine
except for this one, you guessed it, has no sparkling wine. Throw that flute down, put about 2 parts orange juice in, please, and then 3 parts
regular grape juice I’m sorry but dry sparkling white grape
juice has a tiny little bit of alcohol in it — I know, I’m sorry but better safe
than sorry. Next up is the Nojito. You don’t need no rum and your mint drink!
Mint is tasty as is and you don’t need much else. Put that glass down, now get
about 12 to 14 small mint leaves or 6 to 8 big ones, throw that at the
bottom of the glass, splash it with 1 ounce fresh lime juice and then follow it
up with two tablespoons of brown sugar you’re supposed to muddle it at this
point — I don’t have a muddler — I just bash it with some wood things to release the
mint, now throw the ice in and at this point you’re supposed to add rum extract
I’m sorry that has some rum in it so just splash a little lemon juice on
there. Fill it up with your best lemon lime drink — boom you got a Nojito — just stir it up a bit. Oh and there’s a bonus drink — The Blue Shoe — comes in a
martini glass this one’s pretty simple. Throw 3 ounces of blue Hawaiian
Punch or something similar in there, follow it up with 2 ounces of white
cranberry juice, then top it off with your favorite lemon lime
drink — there you have it — The Blue Shoe. And that concludes the mocktails. You’ve
got not one but two but three but four drinks you can serve to your guests this
New Year’s Eve or any other party really. So we’ve made all the drinks, now comes
to taste them — it’s not that dramatic. First up on list is Cuddles! Cuddles on the Beach… oh Cuddles. Second is the Mockmosa… orange juice… always good. Now comes the Nojito— oh I love mint.
I love mint hopefully someday I’m covered in mint. Then, of course, the bonus
drink, the Blue Shoe. Mmmmm. So, yeah, that’s the three drinks plus the bonus drink of
course — you’re welcome. And, hopefully, I see you the next video. Happy New Year!


  1. At first your video is very awesome 💜💜
    Secondly .. i’m Egyptian so alot of your syrups (like blue hawaiian punch) aren’t available and if they are , they will be very expensive
    So what’s the most cheap blue syrup that anyone in any country can get?
    And for second time .. you are awesome and keep going 👍🏻👍🏻

  2. club soda would make a good sub for champagne instead of grape juice so it can give it bubbles and cut down on the sugar

  3. I know also an alcohol free drink
    You need strawberry syrup or any other flavored syrup, a little bit lime juice, ice cubes and schweppes
    First you have to pour syrup in to the shot glass and then the lime juice and then ice cubes then lastly you have to pour Schweppes in to your shot glass

    Trust me it tastes delicious 🤤

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