3 Signs You MUST Decrease Importance to Attract What You Want (Reality Transurfing Secret)

3 Signs You MUST Decrease Importance to Attract What You Want (Reality Transurfing Secret)

this video will show you three signs
that you must decrease importance in order to attract what you want I think
this is the game-changer for a lot of people it’s changed my life and I want
to show you how to do that welcome back to another video my name is
Erin and I help people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m
gonna be sharing with you those three things the three signs that it is time
for you to decrease importance and how that can totally revolutionize the kind
of results that you’re getting now this is a reality Tran surfing idea maybe
maybe if you’ve heard me talk about reality Tran surfing and basically in a
nutshell what it is it’s the powerful process manifestation process and more
so just a philosophy like a wave for seeing the world and it came from a book
called reality trans earthing by vadim zealand who is a quantum physicist in
russia now it’s been translated to english and it’s um a lot of people come
and understand and it has to do with understanding a couple key principles
one is that there’s an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and
that what you want to experience already exists so it’s not so much about trying
to get that to come over here it’s more so about embodying the feeling and
embodying that version of you now in order to experience what you want now
there’s a couple key principles one setting intention so when you simply set
more intentions you’ll experience more what you want your life tensions are the
direction of which parallel realities you experience there’s another part
called pendulums pendulums are these thought structures anytime we think
thoughts there are electromagnetic type reality to those thoughts even if we
can’t actually see it so when we’re thinking about certain things we’re
creating thought structures about it now think about it also any time we’re
consistently thinking of something with momentum we begin to create more and
more of that momentum therefore bringing that more so in our perceptual range so
that’s why well your focus is so powerful and when you learn how to
really focus in a powerful way or you learn how to focus from a conscious way
things can change in a very powerful way now another part of reality Tran surfing
is this idea of decreasing importance this is the game changer for me this is
the game to that when I share on the channel people
say it’s really changed their life and it’s understanding that we must balance
out the energy or they’ll be balancing factors that come out that balance off
the energy for us and this is normally in a way that we don’t prefer so this is
when we are giving anything what is called excess meaning what that means is
that anytime you want something really bad you’re also saying I currently don’t
have this now at the same time when you make something really really important
you put it on a pedestal and you immediately can’t connect to it as much
when you put it on a pedestal you create this resistance you create it to where
it’s something that you don’t actually perceive up because metaphorically
speaking there are these balancing factors that come into play that make it
so that that balance is out so the key is we must do and have what is called a
balance of coordination we must be aware of how something feels and by being
aware of how something feels and the way that we’re viewing it we can then see
him we’d be like yo I got switched up my mindset a little bit about this and if
we do that a lot begins to change so these three signs are things that I’ve
noticed in my own life and even if this is just a couple days and I think that
you can relate to some of these so the first one has to do with simply
seriousness how serious are you making your manifestation and how serious are
you taking yourselves yourself and the reason I say this is because I realize
this the other day now I have been in this new spot for about a week now and I
realized that even in the last you know since I moved in here I just pretty much
get up every day I make videos and I kind of in a way just grind it out like
I have a very strong work ethic I love what I do so it’s not like I have to
feel like oh how good it is I have to go do this however I find that I become a
little bit too immersed in what I do sometimes in the sense that I become
very I don’t know like I’m just always trying to get to the next place I’m
always trying to progress the website progress this progress that progress and
it makes me feel sometimes like there’s a certain sense of seriousness that
comes with it and I had to remind myself because I was feeling resistance maybe
like two three days ago and I realized that unless I got
into check something else would happen that would make me have to get it in
check now this happens to me like for example I haven’t been sick in about
four or five years except for a little bit of congestion and what happens is
when I start to become aware of that congestion that is my body signal
telling me hey you need to get back into being present to the moment you need to
relax that’s the way I interpret it because that’s the meaning I give it so
because of that what I’ve learned to do is how to have that body awareness so
I’m not sick however I do start to get congested from time to time maybe you
could hear it I sound a tad bit congested and that’s simply because it’s
my body telling me hey loosen up relax it doesn’t have to be so serious and
that’s my interpretation at least that’s the way that I use it but by me becoming
aware of that guess what I’m grateful because then I can focus on what really
matters which is also enjoying life you know sometimes we put these things on a
pedestal like yeah on a pedestal but we also say and give so much meaning we say
when that happens I will feel a certain way when really we have to enjoy the
journey at the same time so this is always a reminder for me to enjoy the
journey so sometimes I’ll go out to eat at a nice place or I’ll go hang out with
friends or I’ll go do something like swim in a pool or go to the gym and just
relax at the gym like there’s a sauna and there’s like things you know light
outside by the pool because it’s sunny here in Vegas so those are some things
that I can do but also to just have fun just to laugh you know that’s something
else too I remember one of the funnest trips that I had I went with Victor my
buddy Victor odo which a lot of you guys know and we went to Costa Rica we went
to a place called arrhythmia and when one are there it was like we weren’t you
know we didn’t we weren’t grinding out to make videos we weren’t like there was
no specific schedule of what exactly we had to do and we just enjoyed ourselves
and it was one of the funnest trips I’ve ever had because we literally just
laughed the whole time it was like we were able to like kind of just be
ourselves in a completely different way away from like the business side of us
which is like let’s do this how we’re gonna help people do this you know the
business and the adding value side you know we so many videos why were there a
couple here and there but it was like so much of a different energy and it was so
light it was so fun and what
do it sometimes I I intend to like get intention as powerful I intend to get
back to that state to where it’s just loose it’s just fun just like you know
laugh about it if you find yourself taking it too serious then what happens
is you’re creating it and making it more important than it has to be and that’s
where resistance is created so part of even when it says in the book is that
anytime we take things too seriously that that a lot of times means that
we’re giving an excess importance so the key is to have a better sense of humor
about it to just kind of joke around but let it be fun you know sometimes I look
and I think it’s funny the way that I’m so focused on what I do and it can be a
good thing that’s for sure you know it’s just that I’ve been rewarded for like
the hard work I put into what I do because that’s what made me go from
working a nine-to-five job at in joy to doing YouTube full-time so I’m kind of
like always keep that you always keep that kind of perspective but the key I’m
finding is it’s less about the seriousness and it’s more about the
feeling so how do you feel you know it’s funny because as I get and I increase my
state of being things happen better anyways I know sometimes if I against a
website Victor knows this too anytime there’s a website issue or we can’t
figure out how to do something how to move something over technical wise the
more you fight it the more the more resistance you create with it you’re not
going to figure out the answer but if you go to the gym or if you go outside
and lay out for a little bit or if you just go relax for a little bit and you
come back to it you figure it out really easily it’s the funniest thing it’s
almost like you allow that resistance to go away which is manifesting itself with
not figuring stuff out and then all the sudden guess what you can figure stuff
out so are you making things more important than they have to be and are
you being very serious about it you know sometimes that people like how do I
attract this how do I track this very serious type 5 and a lot of times my
answer is just to loosen up about it be cool if it happens but also be cool of
you just be present in the moment because you know it’s gonna eventually
happen so that’s something that’s really made me become more aware of how I can
decrease importance and it’s changed my life in a powerful way all right now the
second sign that it is time to decrease importance is the most obvious one and
that is that you feel resistance now resistance is like a negative feeling
that we have and there’s really two type of inner and outer importance or is
really two type of importance in general one is inner importance the
other is outer importance any time we give something inner importance within
ourselves meaning that we think that we are maybe better than other people or
maybe we think that we’re not like we’re underneath other people that’s creating
polarization of either inner importance or outer importance of that’s creating
it whether it’s us feeling better or worse than other people that’s creating
polarization which creates an imbalance of the inner intention and the inner
importance now our importance is anytime we make something outside of us more
important than it has to be now this is the most common one when it comes to
making it important that you attract someone into your life make it a very
important that you attract money into your life or any type of object that we
give excess median or excess importance two balancing factors come into play
that neutralize that energy so what this means is that what we must do is become
aware of this inner and outer importance that we’re giving things because that
creates resistance how do you feel with this you know this let me give a couple
examples one example could be that you just got a new car and you make it very
very important that everything about it stays very clean and things are always
happening to where it’s like you can protect it because you really really
value it the thing is is if you really really value it and you make it more
important than it has to be many times you may manifest something happening it
could be a little like a car ding something dings your car it could be
that you go to clean it and something happens to where I like it something
breaks it could be so many different things because they’re giving you an
excess meaning with that excess potential the probability of that energy
state is that something can manifest for it to go the wrong way so it could be
also that you create resistance with the relationship you say here’s where I am
right now I want to be in a relationship I want somebody to love me and because
you have that intention what happens is you’re also saying in the present moment
I don’t currently have what I want and in an energetic state of being you may
also be saying that I’m not worthy because you are feeling that you need
someone else that creates something called dependence outer independence you
create dependence on something else happening
and if that thing doesn’t happen then you can’t feel happy but that’s making a
rule to yourself and that’s making it so that you have to things have to fill
into a slot in order for things to happen for you and the thing is is
that’s outside of you that’s not something you can’t control
so instead you must understand the energy from which you’re coming from a
lot of times when people ask me questions on YouTube whether it’s DMS
and Instagram they’re asking me questions about how can they do certain
things whether it’s a track someone interrupts their live and I always pay
attention to where is that energy coming from because if the energy is coming
from a place of lack or it’s coming from a place of not already having then the
thing is is even if you get that thing you may not actually be happy and if you
do get that thing you may become dependent on it and create resistance
around it to where then things don’t happen for you anyways because of that
energy state that you’re in so this is why it’s about becoming aware of where
that energy is coming from now an important part of this is just to simply
start to tap into the feeling more so than the intellectual ideas that’s
something this channel is moving in the direction of it’s more so understanding
how to let go of all of the intellectual ideas and how to do all of this like
psychology part of it it’s more so about how can you just get to the energy state
because in the energy state is where things happen much more smooth anyways
so with that being said don’t make it a rule that the outer reality has to have
certain variables in order for you to feel a certain way start to realize that
instead what you can do is focus on your state of being and if you feel that
resistance simply start to let go more now how do you let go you let go by not
identifying with what is happening by observing it rather than reacting to it
by letting it be and by surrendering this is so counterintuitive
you know there’s inner intention which is the ability to take action the will
to do certain things but then there’s something called outer intention and
outer intention is when you surrender to the process you must have both you can’t
just action action action action action without actually surrendering
understanding that the how does not have to be completely figured out by the ego
mind you can allow in a way quote-unquote the universe to manifest
it for you in the same way you may be intending to manifest someone into your
life and a certain level they are intending to manifest to you so that’s
part of our intention this goes beyond just your inner intention and it helps
you understand more of it from an energetic point of view now the third
sign that you are must decrease importance in order to attract what you
want has to do with how comfortable do your goals feel now this is one of the
biggest game changers when you’re studying reality transfer phim is
understanding the feeling aspect of it but what are your goals and if your
goals make you feel uncomfortable to the sense that it’s something that maybe is
more so connected to the mind like the mind likes the idea of money right money
is like Oh money Eagles freedom money equals the ability to do what I want but
you see the heart does not connect to that in the same way the heart connects
to feeling the heart connects to emotion the heart connects to passion so what
you can begin to do is to moreso focus on how you can get to that energy state
and how you can have the right goals because if you don’t have the right
goals you will be making things more important than they have to be by
default so the goals must be connected to a feeling of something you can tap
into so for example for me versus money and me saying oh I want to create X
amount of money per month or per year I focus on what I could be doing in the
sense of what makes me feel a certain way the money doesn’t necessarily make
me feel a certain way in the same way that me doing my passion part of the
journey is for me so I am I told you guys this before but mine and the way
that I view it is going into and speaking in front of a lot of people and
going to traveling the world and being able to eat at amazing restaurants that
to me is much more exciting than just that of the idea of the money itself so
I could tap into that feeling more and by tapping into that feeling I can see
it as something that is almost comfortable for me so what you want to
do is you want to moreso make your goals comfortable now this goes against some
of the 10x rule and some of the things that we learn but this is the idea you
set the goal that it’s maybe outside your comfort zone for a while
but what you do is you start to see that as comfortable for you and your
self-image changes as well the only time that remains uncomfortable is if you
don’t change your self-image with that of your goal so for example if you were
currently making twenty thousand dollars a year and you’re like hey I want to
make fifty thousand dollars a year well you must do is see yourself have
your self-image as somebody that simply makes fifty thousand dollars a year
unless you change your self-image subconsciously you’ll always go back to
default so start to see it as natural for you to be somebody that makes 50k a
year start to see it as that but remember don’t make it just about the
money make it about what you could be doing something that you’re passionate
about to where you can tap into that feeling because that feeling is what’s
more so powerful than just the idea of some symbolic representation of what
money means so tap into the feeling and understand that as you tap into the
feeling see it as comfortable for that to be a part of who you are and it goes
more so instead of just stepping outside your comfort zone you’re expanding your
comfort zone when you expand it your self-image comes with it so for me for
example I see it as natural for me to be traveling to be speaking because I
already do it on YouTube I already speak on YouTube I already
speak in front of many people on YouTube what’s the difference between that and
do it in a person well because I can see that’s more so natural it’s something
that’s already happened you know I already gave a talk in LA it’s something
that will be happening more in the future so it’s something I can more so
tap into so it’s kind of a cool perspective but expand your comfort zone
see it as comfortable for you and by doing that you’re a decrease in
importance because your self-image is coming along with it as well now
everything I’m talking about right now all of this stuff is about decreasing
importance I’ve created a free meditation mp3 that will help you to
decrease the level of importance which will then increase the probability that
you experience what you want it’s a very powerful meditation I recommend that you
listen to it for 21 days straight I released a baby a month ago I’ve had so
many people tell me that it’s changed their life so I want to be able to give
that same tool to you so feel free to download that that’ll be in the top of
the description box below and remember all you have to do is let go of making
things so serious have fun with the process make it more about the
feeling let go of the resistance by letting go of identification and then
make your goal something that’s natural for you because it’s part of your
self-image and it’s changed with you as well so would that be upset I hope you
guys enjoyed this video feel free to like this video if you guys liked and
subscribe if you haven’t already also hit that little notification here so
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actually have to hit that button to see the daily vids and as always I will see
you guys on tomorrow’s video please much love and no mistake


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