1. When you explained it using science and being addicted to a drug; I totally got it!!! I am dealing with a Pisces. We've been friends for 20 years or more. When reading his star sign, it speaks of addiction and them wanting to escape into their own worlds, fancy, etc. Basically, not always dealing with harsh realities of life, when they're not working. After all these years….I finally get it!!! I innerstand why my dad said: Why wouldn't you marry your best friend? Well, last we actually discussed exploring our friendship past a relationship. We both live distances apart now: He being in D.C and I being in Florida, where we both grew up. He told me during his divorce that he married the wrong women. That shocked me!!! I am a Superconscious Virgo and he's a Highly intelligent Pisces. Although, he hide his sign from me all these yrs. Allowing me to think that he was an Aquarius. When I became interested in him (Last year after him opening up to me with personal hurts etc) I was lead to do my own research. With the results coming back as him being a Pisces instead. He told me he's studied me for years using science. That he thought that I was one of the purest Virgo that he knew. I tell you; You did a world of good making this video. Using a point of reference (Drug use) etc. It helped my analytical fast paced Virgo mind to "GET IT!!!". You're highly admired above all the rest. I only just today, was accident linked to a relationship video. That gained a little of my interest this morning. Allowing me to click on your video after. I've left no comments upon no ones videos. Accept yours!!! You were "Worthy" of my time and efforts.

    You've esteemed me "Greatly". Your knowledge using a scientific approach sets you a part from the others.

    Thank you so very much, for the time, focus, sacrifice and foc long hours invested. That was contributed into making this video. He's my best friend. Has been for over 20 yrs. It's worth the research. Worth getting him back as a friend. Now I see whst set me apart from his other friends, why he chased after me when I cut pur friendship off after his marriage so mamy years ago and why he always liked speaking to me regularly over the phone. Our distance played a huge part in me not seeing us going further. However, If he was meant to be; He'll be back. I'll ne prepared now. Having fun and enjoying my life. I was his fix….His natural "High". The Virgo that lives in "Fantasy" behind this world of many harsh realities. I helped him to "Escape". Was his best cheering section. Never expecting anything in return. But, his friendship.

    That is what kept him sane in his marriage. What kept me single all these yrs since he's been married. Die to it's not a lot of great men you find that's like him. Not a lot of good obes runing around. Oh, I know. I am like a well sort after gifts that only Kings delights in.

    I will end with a few "Gold" nuggets Gentlemen/Ladies…

    "It takes the Glory of God to conceal a Matter".
    "The Honor of Kings to search it out".
    The Kings heart is in the Lords hand.

  2. I just love you for this one I know this and you re right unfortunately just idiots don t get it 🙂 🙂 :-)!

  3. I don't want scientific methods to use on people to make them like me if it comes naturally 👍
    but the advice is good I liked it

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  5. I’m lost and why do I have to go to your website for the “real” advice. This was not helpful at all👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  6. I disagree. It is NEVER a good thing if a person becomes 'Addicted' to another person. Deep love is wonderful…….but to be completely under the control of another person (or vice versa)…..no…..not good.

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  9. Oh honey… it is so easy …. ALL MAN need sex, think about sex, dream about sex, want sex 24/7, expect sex from us and will go and look for sex if his woman is not there for him….All Love blah blah blah advises are dead if no SEX involve….if you want him to get addicted to you just simply F** k him every day any way you both want and craving for. ….watch porn together….experiment new things together…send to each other sexy/hot messages…. and embody all your craziness the way you want. Sex is foundation of relationship…100%

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  11. I make him laugh so much his stomach hurts and I’m not trying to be funny but I guess I’m just being me. He makes me laugh to. He calls often. I really appreciate him. He has helped him financially before and I haven’t had sex with him yet. I want to but I’m scared he’ll want to leave after. He says he isn’t that type of man. I never call him though but maybe once every couple days but he calls me at least 3x’s a day. I think he’s really into me.

  12. Listen God made someone for every one on the planet Earth that belongs to him. As a Christian all you need to do is continuously pray For your God ordained husband and live a sinless life. You don't need to do anything special. What's meant to be will be.

  13. I absolutely love that you have the words typed on the screen–thank you very much!
    I'm 70. Many baby boomers are turning 70. We got married 50 years ago–and have been out of the dating scene for half a century!

    Please make videos for single seniors. We really need advice. God bless you! Bunny

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