3 Stocks To Buy In April 2018?

3 Stocks To Buy In April 2018?

We’re going to look at 3 stocks to follow
and potentially buy in April 2018. We’ll start with 2 stocks that have the
potential to profit from pretty drastic changes in consumer trends. And finish with a Stock that will be one that
I feel is undervalued in this pricy market, so stay tuned for that. Before we get into it, if you want to learn
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step ahead of the rest. Ok my first stock is Electronic Arts, ticker
symbol, EA Most millennials should know what electronic
arts is. Instead of spending most of our childhood
out in the garden we probably spent it playing addicting games made by this company. The Sim’s, FIFA, c’mon who didn’t. So Electronic Arts are a company that develops
and sells games, content and services to mainly the younger generation. Some well-known games they published include
FIFA, Madden NFL, Battlefield and Need for Speed. They sell these games through general retail
stores and online. And gaming seems to be an industry that just
keeps on growing. And it looks like it’s taking over. The younger generation aren’t getting outside
as much playing sports and hide and seek or whatever, instead they’re inside with their
headsets on and exercising their fingers. And this shows in the numbers. 360 million people watched the league of legends
final. While only 111 million watched the Superbowl
and 30 million the NBA finals. A change in consumer trends. Electronic Arts is one of the companies that
is pegged to benefit from the rise in gaming culture which is why I’ve got it as one
of my stocks. Let’s get into the numbers of EA. So they’re currently selling for a price
of $128.5 dollars and generating earnings of $3.21. So this gives them a P/E ratio of 40 which
is fairly high. But we have to take into account that this
is a growing company. Hence why they’re not paying any dividends,
they’re using their profit to grow and expand. And growing and expanding is exactly what
this stock has been doing over the past couple of years. It became profitable around 2014 and earnings
have just shot up since then. Ok let’s switch to my 2nd stock: Alibaba
Group Holding, ticker symbol, BABA This is another company poised to benefit
from change in consumer trends. Alibaba holdings owns a bunch of companies
that operate as an online commerce company. So through their services, technology and
products they help other companies and people do business online. Through their founder Jack Ma they’re known
as the company that has transformed the way business is done in China. They’re kind of like China’s version of
Amazon, but less expensive. Now there are 2 reasons why I’ve got Alibaba
as one of my stocks. First is their leader Jack Ma. One of the things I look for when investing
in stocks is companies with vigilant leaders. Jack Ma definitely appears to be one just
through the values he espouses and the unique way he thinks. Go listen to some of his talks on YouTube
and I’m sure you’ll see this. The other reason is their continued growth
prospects. Look at the way they have managed to increase
their revenue in the past couple of years. This year’s earnings figures were not as
good as expected. But this appears to be because of investments
in new business segments which should drive earnings growth in the future. If we have a look at the figures we can see
that they are selling for a price of 200.28 dollars and they’re generating earnings
of $4.08. This obviously gives them a high P/E ratio
of 49 but they are a stock pegged to grow and profit from the change in the way business
is done. Also a company similar to Alibaba Is Amazon
and their P/E is 255. So Alibaba’s about a quarter of the price. I think Alibaba could potentially be worth
the premium that they are selling for. Ok and now my final stock for April. The 22nd largest company in the United States,
Express Scripts Holding Company, ticker symbol, ESRX
They’re what’s known as a pharmacy benefit management company. So they basically deal in all things pharmaceutical
from home delivery to pharmacy claim’s processing. Express Scripts is my value investment pick
for the month, because of their attractive fundamentals. They’re selling for a price of $76 dollars
with a low Price to earnings ratio of 9.82. It’s one of the companies that I see being
good value for money in this market. Earnings have been increasing nicely year
in and year out. As you can see in 2015 they had revenue of
2.48 billion and that’s been increased to 4.52 billion in 2017. Overall a good value pick. So those are my 3 stocks, let me know what
you think in the comments. If you’re feeling nice leave a like on the
video, they really help my content. Thanks guys and make sure you have a great
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  1. Great Video and great information, I am preparing a similar video about April 2018 myself I hope it will also be as good as yours, keep up the good work!!!

  2. Very cool picks my friend. I didn't know gamer views matched up to the super bowl like that, that's insane haha. All interesting buys, seems like BABA has good growth and cheaper than AMZN. Might be a good time to buy now!

  3. I'm focusing on real estate until the next recession. US equities are overpriced.

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