4 Hilarious signs you are talking to an autistic :P

4 Hilarious signs you are talking to an autistic :P

I’m live I’m trying out this new webcam
I’m trying to use YouTube live so I’m not sure if I’m live right now it says
I’m live okay well there are four things that I wanted to share with you guys on
hilarious science to what can be like a giveaway that you’re talking to an
autistic person so I thought about a few things that I have observed with myself
and my autistic friends and I am going to share four real-life examples that
happened between me and another autistic person and I’m not going to say if I was
the one that had the ASPI moment or if I was on the receiving end of it okay so
number one is you’re having a conversation with this and well you
think you’re having a conversation with this individual and of course you know
walking and talking and talking to them and then you ask them a question they’re
staring straight at you looking right into your eyes you ask them a question
and then there’s this kind of long pause and they’re just kind of staring at you
and then all of a sudden it’s like they wake up oh sorry were you talking to me
that’s a very kid giveaway that you could be talking to an autistic I’m not
saying if that happened to me or if I did it I’m not saying okay number two
here is a hilarious one conversations and abruptly so with a neurotypical
person a conversation kind of winds down you get the sense that the conversation
is coming to an end you know some people start laying hints about how they have
to get up early in the morning blah blah blah and then conversation tapers out
and it’s like okay chat later but with an autistic person
they can be full steam ahead rather listening to what you’re saying and you
have an even major point yet or they’re right in the middle of telling some kind
of story or something and then abruptly it’s like anyways I
have to go now I have the runs click so that’s that is what it could be
like so that’s autistic sign number two conversations can end very abruptly
without warning with like too much information kind of comment it’s usually
like what they have to go do right now and it’s very honest okay number three
similar to number two but random outbursts a very irrelevant information
right in the middle of a conversation so you could be going back and forth
there’s some flow going on here you’re feeling each other and then they just
randomly throw something out there like lice or gross maggots are worse they’re
slimy anyways sorry back to what you’re saying so I’m not telling you if I do
this or some of my ass be friends do this but it has been a very well-known
thing within my life and the lives of those I’m in relationship with that if
you’re talking to an autistic just random things that have no fit in the
conversation can be plopped in there and then it’s like okay back to the topic
whatever it might be okay and then last one is number four when when you’re
talking to them but when they take their turn to talk sometimes it’s kind of like
they’re not talking to you what they’re doing is they’re kind of like talking to
themselves like a reminder off their to-do list and they may say something
out loud and has nothing really to do with what you’re talking about it all
it’s kind of like a note to self so you’ll get lost in the conversation it
has these kind of random things that have relevance to the autistic person
but the autistic person doesn’t always realize they’re saying these things out
loud they kind of think they’re saying them in their head smart so that is for
hilarious kind of humans that you could be talking to an autistic person and I
wanted to share these with you guys in a livestream because I wanted to learn how
to use the livestream so I could have just done a little vlog on it but I
thought no I am gonna test out the livestream have someone talking to me on
my screen all flying Falcon says hello from Georgia hello I think like you’re
the only person logged on here right now anyway
this was fun I’m gonna have to do this again sometime whoop OOP very cool bye
guys I think I’m gonna try to end it now see how this goes toodles oh look I
scratched myself okay yeah no it’s okay sir that’s me doing the thing okay


  1. I have no idea how to start or stop a conversation I rely on the other person for that. I may be all over the place in spontaneous conversation and won't make any sense to them, I may say something stupid if I force myself to talk so I usually default to silence. With close friends and family it's not as bad. I also had selective mutism when I was younger although my mind is going 100 miles an hour, too fast for language seems like.

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  3. " I'm not telling you I do this"- MD
    Hmm. We can guess though. Fairly high chance. Hmm. Lol
    Spacing out while looking into another eyes is autistic. But what are they spacing out about? I can say I space out if you talk to me if I'm attracted to you and my spacing out isn't ignoring you. It's euphoria. Am I'm thinking things involving you. That would be in terms of attraction. I'm spacing out because my body said " Hey this woman talking to you. She's attractive. How would these ideas do between you two" or something like that. My brain doesn't shut down it's just focusing on your features, voice, expressions, tone of voice, eyes, cheeks, body language etc not what you say.
    Whether they reciprocate is another story.
    When I space out it's different. I am still looking you up and down . I'm reading body language. My eyes would be moving fairly well. But I'm not hearing you. I'm in a euphoric state more likely. Though I can repeat back what you say it's not every detail. I'm detail oriented. If I'm in a euphoric state I get less detail oriented. Just me though

  4. This is crazy I thought it was completelynormal and it was in my family when you're done you're done even if you've been talking for 5 hours and you're completely into even and like you said full-steam ahead for whatever reason the other person may I always look at it as like being full or even me it may be 5 hours or it may be 5 minutes but when were full we are done and have no problem saying alright well by and that is something we had to work on because prior to giving a brief explanation of why you're donelike my hand is gone to sleep I'm tired I'm overwhelmed whateverwe near the other member of my family would just abruptly say and hang up keeping mid-sentence or mid-conversation and think nothingI'm not be bothered by it or continue thinking about it after the phone call or whatever so when people started asking or saying you know what's wrong or what happened to her are you okay or whatever I realize it was more like my families normalcy … that is when I began giving a brief explanation but still being just as abrupt in my departure I might try to always explain to whoever it is nothing to do with them I'm just done and got to go don't overthink it . and that there will be no need in the future to pick up where we left off besides lice move too fast in my brains to full I'm like if you cut me off anyway chances are I lose my place Mark and usually unless reminded and sometimesI have no clue what you're talkin about to pick it back up guess what it's like me even the same conversation or even same sentence…. As I navigate my wasting my life all this time I'm just chalked it up to the way we were brought up now I feel like I'm being armed with information that strong leads me to believe that there is definitely far more to this once I started examining the actions and dynamics of my family I now feel wow so freaked out & surprised and I would never tell my mother and probably not my brotherbut I think to some degree we all have something my brother was diagnosed at seven years old with hyperactivity his son is on the Spectrum my sister is definitely on the Spectrumand this is kind of crazy but from a very young age my mom would tell me when you grow up and don't ever go to a therapist or shrink and come back to me and say my mother is the reason I am the way I am ever don't do that because that's not okay it's not real and it's just unacceptable to even fathom the thought of doing that and that stuck with me strongly so strongly I still have not done it and would never tell her or be able to have a conversation with her about such a thing as our family being on any Spectrum… We are all functioning and have done pretty all right for ourselves except my sister she's almost 40 and has been always locked into maybe a 12 year olds capabilities mindset mentality everything about her husband's suck at like twelve years old her entire life so this is almost like my secret I really really want to share but this will never happen first of all my mother as not like anybody's my mother had ultimate and complete control over every bit of me in my life down to the thought process as I would have severely altered thoughts that I would think she did what she called ingraining that's where she told us taught us and showed as a certain way to be think do and feel… And it was so ingrained that it was never even contemplated more like 110% excepted one example would be my mother was God no one would take her placeI would love and honor her and take care of her at any cost and do anything she said without question for the rest of my life and if I could into the future of afterlifethat that could be anything from supporting her financially mentally emotionally and without question doing anything she asked even if it was to help her kill and dispose of a body I am not exaggerating! and I thought every family did this and had this it wasn't until I was in my early thirties before I had the courage and I was terrified and anything that was not a hundred percent what I was taught and raised but at that time in my thirties I was told by my then spouseto go basically against my mother even like where you're going to have Christmas I'll be like we're going to go here and do this and then we will go there and do that and whatever basically terrified because it was absolutely never challenge what she said was was it there was nothing to think about and when my spouse told me, what is natural is that your family and parents raised you give you roots and then wings and they're happy for you and support youas you go off and start your own life your own family and a new generationI started to slowly apply this to my mother and family and there was hell to pay for decades she would blame my spouse for "fucking me up, & trying to destroy everything we knew and believed practice I know my spouse was the beginning of the end as we knew itnow it's been thirty something years since that and my mother would still tell you that my ex-spouse was evil and destroyed my entire family and turn me against them none of which is true eventually my brother and sister which were a great deal younger than they would follow suit and my mother was insanely close with my brother who lived at homeuntil he met his current wife and they've been together 18 years! My mother hates and never talks good of his wife or his sonand it kills my brother because she treated him I think more like a spouse that a son since he was maybe fourteen years oldto this day my brother can barely have a relationship with my mother because she will try to separate them drive a wedge between them do anything she can to try to steal him back basically…oh sry went off on tangent ranting… my bad, stopping and moving on…. Yes I do share too much with anybody why I have no filter no great and I'm full of truth I have a need to keep it alive. 👊

  5. My family hates the way I end conversations. I don't like to listen to/repeat the same thing multiple times and stop engaging once points are sufficiently expressed.

  6. My autistic friend disappeared the other day with no end to the Interaction.. Gone.. He seemed to be somewhere else all along… 😂

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