1. If you are having problems with alcohol,drugs feeling tight anxious ,etc caffeine has got to go .You will be in much better mood with out it.Strong teas can be problematic as well inc, Yarba Mate ,high in similar stimulants .Also certain pain medications ( oxi). You may find you don't need that shot of alcohol to relax. Attempting cutting down is unlikely to work long term. (missing link with addiction) energy drinks are also extremely high in sugar 8 teaspoons.Children are now drinking this as the norm,pester power ! ! If you feel exhausted coffee will only add to fatigue and insomnia .The body requires hydration in the morning not coffee .If you disagree with any of this you have been addicted for far too long,Ok for the rest of society,but find your own truth.

  2. I had a huge head ache I didn’t drink coffee for like two days I ran out don’t know if it was cause of withdrawal though

  3. Not sure what the hell is wrong with me, I didn't coffee for a week, then went back to it, and yet i'm feeling these symptoms only recently…


  4. I'm 14 and I use to consume roughly 5+ cups of coffee per day, I suddenly stopped drinking coffee and only consumed water in hopes to increase my health. I had very bad chest problems, heart problems, jitters in my hand, shaking, anxiety and fatigue. It's only such a painful process but it pays of in the end.

  5. When I turn my head or jump up and down my head feels dizzy but it would never be like that and I also feel tired as well. I feel the nasal pressure and congestion I feel like I was getting sick but then I also realized I stopped drinking soda does anyone know if the vertigo like feeling is normal?

  6. I often get headaches on my days off from work, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to caffeine. I don’t drink anything with caffeine on my days off, whereas at work I’ll have either a coffee or an energy drink. These headaches I get are typically dull in nature, however they are constant and don’t go away, perhaps until I go to bed that night. Always throws my days off down the drain since I’m just not up for anything. So I’m going to step away from the caffeine for a couple weeks and see if it helps.

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