5 Signs Of Depression That Should Never Be Ignored

5 Signs Of Depression That Should Never Be Ignored

5 Habits Of People With Depression Depression is a silent killer. Many people are ashamed or afraid to ask for
help, so they go on with their lives and live with it in secret. However, there are still small habits that
these individuals will do when they enter a depressive episode. It’s important to remember that depression
is a brain illness that can be fatal if it’s not treated properly. Every year, depression affects more than 16
million Americans. Mental health is starting to get the recognition
that it deserves, but there is still more work to be done. According to statistics, only 35.3% of Americans
who are suffering from depression seek help. This is a major concern because it is extremely
tough to deal with depression on your own. For some, they don’t seek help because they
feel it’s not a serious issue. Others see it as a sense of weakness; they
think that asking for help means they can’t deal with their own problems. This is why it’s essential for friends and
family to be able to spot certain habits or signs of depression. It doesn’t mean the individual will automatically
open up, but it will definitely show them that they have people around them who are
aware of the changes they’re going through and are there to help. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
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so you never miss our new videos! Now, here are the top habits someone with
depression will develop and go through. 1. Wanting to be alone: If you are suffering
from depression, you probably don’t like leaving your house/room. You want to be alone with your thoughts and
in most cases want to feel sorry for yourself without anyone bothering you. Many people who suffer from depression just
want to spend their time alone. They may completely give up on communicating
with others. They will isolate themselves and give up on
a daily routine. They may ignore calls, stop showing up to
work, stop going to school, stop paying bills, the list goes on. Many people suffering from depression will
not seek help because they believe they can deal with it on their own. They become obsessed with trying to figure
out why they’re in agony, but in many cases, this just makes things worse, especially if
they can’t figure out why. Pushing people away is nothing new for people
suffering from depression. But the difference is that they do it in a
harmful way. The reason they do it is to mask the emotion
of anger rather than sadness. It’s one thing to avoid plans and appointments,
but some people want nothing to do with human interaction when they are depressed, so they
may walk around with headphones in their ears not only to avoid talking to people, but to
also portray that they are functioning when they really are not. 2. Issues with sleeping: People who are depressed
tend to have trouble sleeping. Not only does this affect their physical well
being, but it also significantly affects their mental well being. People who are depressed will pretend that
they’re sleeping so no one will bother them, but they end up staying up all night and struggle
to fall asleep because their mind is constantly racing with negative thoughts. On the other hand, some people with depression
may tend to oversleep. They will get home from school/work, lay on
the couch and sleep until someone forces them to wake up. They may spend a lot of their time in bed
sleeping because they don’t have the energy or mental strength to get up and go about
their daily routines. Some people with depression will experience
sudden mood swings. They may go from not sleeping to sleeping
all the time. They may even go from constantly working out
to sitting on the couch all day. Do you recognize any of these habits? Keep on watching for some less obvious signs
that someone may be depressed. 3. Lack of energy: Someone who suffers from depression
will constantly cancel plans and appointments. They don’t have the energy or the desire
to do anything. They just want to be left alone. Those suffering from depression may also sleep
on the couch and binge watch television shows. Seems harmless right? But at the same time, they avoid eating, showering
or even socializing. For some people suffering from depression,
the sound of water relaxes them and eases their mind. So they may end up taking up to three showers
a day depending on how severe the depressive episode is. Depression can cause people to become lazy,
which translates into procrastination. They will avoid chores and stop taking care
of their appearance. Because people with depression lack energy,
they may begin to avoid doing regular daily tasks like cooking. There is nothing tastier than a home cooked
meal, but because depression is extremely draining, people suffering from it will often
buy takeout because they lack the energy and motivation to cook. In addition to this, people who suffer from
depression sometimes do not even enjoy the taste of food, says WebMD. This doesn’t mean that the food tastes bad;
it means that they’re so stressed about so many issues that they can’t enjoy their
food. They may also start eating less or lose their
appetite altogether. 4. Distractions: People who are depressed tend
to look for distractions to help keep their minds occupied. This can range from listening to music, to
cleaning, to even exercising. It’s never a bad thing to be addicted to
cleaning. Some people suffering from depression will
clean anything and everything, says WebMD. It’s a good distraction and helps them focus
on something more positive instead of something negative. Running also helps many people dealing with
depression. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, which
is one of the main symptoms of depression – that they don’t feel that they have accomplished
anything in life. Music can also be a telltale sign of someone’s
mood. Someone suffering from depression may enjoy
old rock and roll, but the second they develop a depressive episode, they may enjoy listening
to something more soft and relatable to their situation. To deal with depression, some people also
use distractions such as writing poetry and other creative stories that are based off
happier times they have experienced. It helps keep the negative thoughts out of
their head. 5. Bad habits: Although some distractions can
be good for a depressed person, there are also certain distractions which can lead to
unhealthy habits. One example is picking skin until marks are
left. Some people get satisfaction when they hurt
themselves, which needs to be dealt with immediately before it becomes life-threatening. Some people will also suffer from other disorders
that contribute to their depression. For example, some people will also suffer
from trichotillomania, which is the disorder where the person will keep pulling their hair. After they pull it out, they will get a sense
of relief. Depression is a serious medical illness which
affects millions of people all across the world. It tricks people into believing that that
they are not loved, that life has no meaning, and that there is no reason to continue trying,
regardless of what the situation is in a person’s life may be. The most challenging thing for those suffering
from depression is trying to hide it. They struggle every day to put on a smile,
when in reality they’re crying inside. People may notice, but they play it off by
saying “I’m just tired.” If you feel that you are suffering from any
of these habits and may be depressed, speak to your doctor today. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed
about your mental health. You’re not alone. What are some of the most obvious signs that
someone you know may be depressed? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
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  1. Here are 7 Daily Activities That Can Cause Depression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyvJCr24PqE&list=PL_fl96m7OLQX_Fj7QGEnDspKIL7-U3QDP&index=12&t=0s

  2. I’m always happy next to my friends but when I’m home I turn depressed and most of the times I go to some of my friends and ask them do I look ugly cause I am but I’m happy my parents take me out a lot of make me do something

  3. This is funny because its exactly the opposite, people eat much because of stress , it keeps them occupied , you do things you're good at, it doesnt cost energy, you get lazy, you dont use energy , some people do like to be alone but not everyone, some people behave "normal" and you saying "talk to someone" never helps, nobody likes to start a conversation by "hey im depressed give me attention".

  4. My mom doesn’t believe me that I might have depression

    She said it’s just PMS (girls will understand this)

    But I don’t know it is PMS…..

  5. I didn't expect depression is something that will hit me hardest ever. Its been 4years from mild to severe.

    I'm about to go back to parents house as I will leave this apartment I'm renting.

    This place has become my fort. My hide out. My dark room. My prison, my hell. I'm crying now I am leaving it. Its like I'm having withdrawals as of moment for this is my last night here. And yes. I am absent today because of depression about leaving this place.

    I seek a professional help BTW.. A psychologist I paid 2,000PHP… but really. It didn't helped me. I begin to think psychologists must be depression survivors -for this psychologist ISN'T HELPFUL and a very shallow thinker. She has no idea of how deep is this problem mentally.

    I went also to our company doctor, and she blamed the root cause of my depression is self-hate, since childhood. She said I must love myself first so that I can be healed.

    I appreciate this video as this is very true, detailed, correct way of telling about depression. Being alone, self-pity, trying to think I can do this on my own. And punishing myself if I fail on small things.

  6. And then some people update status publicly I am depressed… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you don't know kid what you're talking about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Nobody could die out of depression if people just take DEPRESSION SERIOUSLY! PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND! THEY DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND THATS WHAT MAKES ME DEEPLY DEPRESSED, sorry for sounding so dramatic, I’m just tearing up a bit. Typing this because I just really don’t understand people

  8. I'm afraid of how people see me when i talk to them about my problems. They might think my problem is just a 'small' problem and not something serious, even worst they might find it funny and laugh at you. It will hurt myself more if they do. That's why i prefer to bottle it up.

  9. Instead of "I want to be alone to feel sorry for myself" its more of "I want to be alone so I dont hurt anybody" thats just me tho..

  10. I have autism, people should read this. If taking Depression drugs they harm your sex drive, seriously. You'll gain weight on the tablets, the doctor wont give a shit, you'll be prescribed the next time you come back in a worse dosage or another type. They all do the same things just different side effects. The best one atm on market is sertraline 200mg.. you'll go from weight 65kg to 135kg. Woop.. your now fat and still depressed. Best ways to deal with being sad about your life is to walk alot and cover up. Sounds stupid but meditate for a minute a day, just do it. Deprive yourself of everything, and cherish in small things like.. waking up at 7.30am.. take kids to school come home and have a coffee or if your a worker. Get up an hour before your due in and have a fucking coffee, chill out and plan your bosses death. Having goals in mind and some laughter along the way wont solve it. I know I didn't try to kill myself. I did. And I woke up on a poisons ward, -5- days later. 9 months on, I've had some improvmenents, 2x personnel goals and feel calmer about life. That's me, I'm more.prone to suffer depression than most people because I have autism. Woop, I'll say one last thing though. Theres always someone living life kn worse situation than any of us but its how we rate that experience which defines our happiness. Cant be happy all the time right

  11. But then your family say that you just overthinking that you're depression.
    "you're just lazy"
    "why you can't be like any other normal people? try to socialize"

    ah the worst

  12. I have trouble falling asleep 4:11am but I'll sleep all day like till 5pm…but I'm not depressed….I also wake up tired and I'll go to bed at like 7:00pm…..I also love rain…..but I'm not depressed…..I'm at home…but I say I wanna go home….I'm not depressed….I get distracted very easy….and I'll do anything as long as I'm not bored……but I'm not depressed…..I lowkey love rock and hardcore music…but I also admire soft music…,.but I'm not depressed…….I mean I don't feel depressed……I look forward to my future…..I wanna live to see my life I wanna see everyone live on happily…..I do say I'm just tired as an excuse….. Don't we all…. YOU ALL WILL GET BETTER JUST KEEP SMILING AND THINK OF EVERYDAY AS AN UPBEAT SONG….FIGHTING!!!!!

  13. For me, I've been out of high school for exactly 1 year now, every single day since I left I've just been at home, sleeping very long, wake up eat food, look at stuff online and go back to sleep. I cant find what I want to do for a career, I mostly find myself looking online trying to make friends that I can talk to (who mostly just disappear) and I struggle communicating with people face to face in the real world. I also struggle to find people who are in the same position as me, no too sure what to do.

    I respect all of you and hope you're making your way through your hard times.

  14. Im shy and i have depression and i found someone that i feel like i could be myself around like cry or laugh around but i compare myself to others and feel as if I’m not good enough for him so i just want to cry and i lose appetite when i think about them

  15. Omg! People who are PHYSICALLY SICK from major to just deficient in some nutrient do most of these as well!!!!!!!! Our medical system is horrible and IS often THE cause of someone actually physically sick finally giving up!! Suicide!! You are often not listened to!! Or if have a spouse with ill intentions will use to thier advantage…to abandon you!
    This is kind of dangerous advice!! Especially first “sign”, basically telling people to give up right there!!! Don’t help yourself!!! Just drug up on antidepressants.

  16. I’m here because my dog got stolen more than a year ago because on the leash outside using the bathroom he barked twice then was gone with the leash on the ground and I still blame myself for what happens for not watching him and every time the dog I have now barks I get so paranoid

  17. Wow when I was growing up all I wanted to do was to be alone and just be in my room and sleep all the time, which I still do sleep alot. And I listen to music so much. And I've got lack of energy and sometimes lack of appetite. Damn. And I'm a just down right lazy person.

  18. the only problem is .. if depressed people seek help from parents or friends but they ignore your depression because there is no time or nerve for such a "normal" and "everyday" disease. When I told my mother about my depresions she just said that every person has depressive and that I should pull myself together. :')

  19. Personally, I get mad at myself for being depressed or messing everything up or over reacting. I would say to myself “no you don’t have depression you attention seeking bitch”. One thing is when someone yells at me it makes my mind spin. Even if what they are yelling about is stupid it puts thoughts into my head I fight so hard to keep out. and to be fair some people don’t seek help because they don’t want it. They may be at a stage where they want to be not ok. It may sound stupid but it is true.

  20. "raining sounds are calming"
    The only raining sound that calms me is the sound of my tears dripping on the floor
    Edit: it hurt when they said the "just tired thing" I do that every day at school.

  21. I did not have interest to do anything else except just sleep and listening the music with the high volume until i cant heard any voices.. When im happy but suddenly i feel wanna to cry i feel scared i feel nervous i feel sad even i didn't know the reason why i should feel like that.. When im going to work im laugh im happy but once im back from work i dont like to talk to other even my family

  22. If you are acting happy and positive all the time even if your life is a lie and your relationships are dysfunctional, you are not depress. You are CRAZY.

  23. I'ma say this in every language:


    Më ndihmo të lutem….


    παρακαλώ, αν το διαβάσετε ποτέ, βοηθήστε … βοήθεια … εγώ

    Thov koj cawm kuv … kuv … tsis tau …

    나는 떠나고 싶지 않다. ..하지만 떠나고 싶지만 .. 나는 고통을 끝내고 싶다 ..

    Ngiyacela, siza

    Cuidigh le duine cabhrú leat


    এটি আমার ভিতরে জ্বলছে, রাগ ও উদ্বেগ আমি শেষ করতে চাই …

  24. No, depression is NOT a brain illness. It is proved and published in many books and studies, such as Lost Connections – Johann Hari.

    Please don’t just believe that depression has something to do with brain malfunction

  25. I honestly feel like dying , I don’t want to do anything eat or talk to anyone I find it hard to get out of bed . I’m sick and tired of living.

  26. I thought my depression went away and I'm kinda fine now, but after watching this video I realized I'm still right where I started off…

  27. Stop saying people who are depressed "feel sorry for themselves" that is why they isolate themselves, to get away from all of your heartless know-it-alls. If you experts actually tried, you could learn a lot by shutting up and just listening. Stop repeating the same B.S. that is obviously helping no one.

  28. an easy step to cure depression is close any virtual social activity ( cz they make ppl more introvert and social anxiety ) , so the root is facebook , insta .. , just focus on real life interactive activities , cz many ppl overthink depression till the point they feel suicidal , we all feel depressed in such times , don't overthink it , pass it . life is a progress , the more u got hurted , the wiser and strong u'll be <3 <3

  29. It's… A little concerning that I see this from my own mom…
    She stopped cooking meals for my and my sister a month ago
    She's always writting in her notebook
    And she's always in her room
    I can barely talk to her anymore…
    Can someone help..?

  30. Bro why is this so accurate? The only thing that gets me depressed is thinking about how someday everyone in my family and myself will grow old and just cease to exist. It's like what is even the point of existence? It's sad to know how you will never get to relive beautiful moments and how everyday is just one day closer to our destiny. Sometimes I wish I was 15 years old again and get home from school go out with my then friends and play street soccer all day until it was time for dinner and I came into my parents home to a home cooked meal made by my mother; where then we laughed and have dinner as a family, both my parents, my younger siblings, Myself and out little puppy named Christmas. Moments that where worth more than all the money I have ever worked for, and will never come back 😪.

  31. The love of my life told me fhat she doesnt love me anymore after being together for 2 years and being in love for 5 years, this happened 6 months ago but still hurts as hell, not just pain but since i lost her, i just lost interest in anything in life…

  32. I think I (and other people) don’t seek help because a majority of the time, all we get is “You just want attention” and “why don’t you just be happy?”

  33. "in most cases, you want to feel sorry for yourself" uhh… No? i don't think thats the case in most issues. i've had depression for nearly 10 years and the only reason ive ever wanted to shut myself in is because i didnt want to hurt or disappoint other people. what a poor way to phrase something

  34. I knew it recently lost my job and my 1st child is on the way a car accident caused me to have a very rough background ever since i lost my job i sleep alot all day i just feel so tired and drained i feel like shit when my lady come and sits on the bed and begs me to wake up 🖤🖤

  35. i stop going to school because of my depression some of my relatives dont understand it they keep on judging me saying some hurtful words i tried to explain it to them about it but they didnt listen to me insisting that i am a liar insisting that i am lying about my sleepless nights insisting that depression is only my choice. Its very painful to me i want to finish my studies but i dont have enough energy to continue it and also dont have enough support from my family im smiling but behind those smiles is never ending sorrow, sadness and pain. im tired really really tired i want to stop the pain, i want to end it, i want to be happy. if anyone see this please help me.

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