5 Signs You Are A Confident Empath

5 Signs You Are A Confident Empath

Hey what’s going on my friends welcome to my youtube channel my name is victor and today i’m gonna share with you five signs that you are a Confident and path. I know a lot of people who are watching. This video would not consider themselves to be Confident a lot of empathic people have a lot of anxiety a lot of empathic people tend to prefer to avoid Crowds because they’re so sensitive and therefore they don’t have a lot of them anyway, the social skills as a naturally extroverted person who seems to be more so impervious to the moods and energies of the surrounding world around them as You and yet I would venture to guess that by the end of this video you will see that you are in fact not only a little confident but extremely confident a very confident Empath and once you realize the gifts then and just the qualities you already possess Then you might find it becomes easier to demonstrate those qualities demonstrate your innate Confidence in areas of your life that maybe you haven’t been doing so and that is the purpose of this video more So to remind you of how confident you already are number one is you always follow your intuition even when it scares you and even if you may be Procrastinated a little bit or quite a bit Initially when it comes down to it at the end of the day you always end up doing that. You always end up following Your inner guidance and that takes a tremendous amount of courage because you know as well as I do Your inner guidance doesn’t always make a lot a lick of sense, right? It’ll have you compelled doing compelled to do things that don’t really seem like the rational next move to make which is why naturally you put it up you say no o Higher-self no inner being no inner guru in her spirit and no intuition. I’m not doing that some of the things I’ve been strongly intuitively guided guided to do seem so ass-backwards part of my language and ludicrous so I would like try to find ways to Avoid it or my intuition would try to get me to do something that I would even it made sense I would anticipate things like being challenging unnecessarily or like I would have a lot of reasons to avoid doing so but As you know into your intuition just will just not they won’t leave you alone it’ll keep bugging you and bugging you and bugging you and contrary to logic Contrary to how you might look and come off to other people You will and always have Ended up just following your intuition and that takes courage that takes confidence and your self your true self That’s what your intuition comes from your true self and you’re following it in spite of adversity and that is powerful it reminds me of a very famous, uh Snippet of a conversation with famous General George Patton, I’ve said this before because it’s so I liked it so much He was asked one time. He said General George Patton Do you ever become afraid and battle he like rolled his eyes and laughs and chuckled to himself, of course Obviously he didn’t respond the way he said yes, of course I do, but I just don’t take counsel from my fear and Apparently my fellow competent empathic person you either to you Number two you’re in or you’ve already gone through what many people call the dark night of the soul a deep sometimes gut-wrenching personal energetic spiritual emotional transformation process where you witness all of your safety nets and your beliefs and your Preconceived notions about how reality works just break down around you your sense of self go through such an epic cleanse and All of that all of that all of those effects on your consciousness are mirrored out and your life So as you’re going into the dark night of the soul Feeling more lost and hopeless and down and depressed than ever It can feel like your life is just heading in this like you’re being sucked into this downward spiral of decay and It’s not easy and during this time in one’s life. You don’t know You hope it’s gonna be okay But you can’t say with a cure what you can’t say with confidence that things are gonna be okay you don’t know it really takes you to the the It takes you to like Where you’re at your wits end and not everyone goes to a dark night of the soul because it’s so difficult Most people aren’t ready. Most people aren’t equipped to go that most people don’t have a confidence in themselves to endure such a powerful shift and transformation in their life, but now when one’s going through these experiences this spiritual Metamorphosis, they might feel less confident because all their anxiety all their fears while they’re all of their misaligned all the distortions they picked up It was coming up and flailing at them all At once and it can make you feel like you’re not even capable of tying your fricking shoes let alone considering yourself a convert an empath and Yet you are Because look around look around the world You’ll notice that everyone seems to be like businesses Usually go outside to get the paper and your neighbor says hey, how you doin? Hey, and you see people taking the trash out you driving to work everyone just kind of doing their thing They’re not gonna peer other people are going through crazy dark nights of the soul Why why do you think that is because they’re they’re already more spiritually evolved than you know Because they aren’t ready for it. And that’s not a judgment call But it is a way I wanted to frame it to highlight your real badassery Your confidence. Okay, it takes confidence To go off to the dark night of the soul. It takes more takes confidence to do that moreso than anything pretty much anything I can think of number three you always do what feels right resonates with you in your heart Even if it’s unpopular It’s very very difficult for you to act out of integrity because you’re so empathic and you can feel the The wrongness whom doing so for lack of a better term, you can feel it just it feels really really really wrong Not bad, like you’re gonna be punished by God. No, but wrong as in this just doesn’t Sit well with me, so it’s you will always follow your heart now Here’s the thing and here’s why so many people like you empathic people rependa recluse and consider yourself an introvert and not want to be around people because you don’t you know, When you’re around Most crowds It would you’ll either sit there quietly and not fit in at all or you’ll succumb to Maybe the more lower vibration types of conversations That you prefer not to be a part of because it just doesn’t feel right in your heart. It doesn’t resonate Okay, and that takes courage. It’s easy. So easy to be popular And easy to be cool Because it just takes a little bit of intelligence to see what people do and pretend Okay, pretending is easy. That’s why most people do it Being your true self When you’re well aware that your true self is gonna bump into other egos and not fit in that Takes courage and that takes real confidence We’re all social creatures. We all want to have friends. We all want to be a part of something But you would run out you would choose to not Sacrifice your integrity in order to have that very natural need Fulfilled you would rather be somewhat maybe depressed and lonely But living in your truth and that and now if that doesn’t take confidence my goodness, please respond you leave a comment Tell me what does Number four you’re here now on earth During this profound time accelerated transformation okay, not only are you empathic not only do you not fit in not only do you maybe I don’t know if you’re if you’ve Gone there or not, maybe a lot of empathic people or to say or what are like our volunteer souls People who have come here at this time in history to raise the collective consciousness. Take that fort you Will that’s just my theory. Okay, but regardless it’s a very tumultuous time Right now we’re like on the precipice of either destruction or a massive quantum leap in our human evolution But regardless of how this ends up this particular Stage in humans history is rocky. It’s unpredictable. It’s fast-paced We are dealing with things that have never been dealt with before and it’s a very very difficult time Not only that because your impact that you happen to be more so welcoming with open arms whether you choose to have chosen to or not this uh, Energetic and emotional and spiritual transformation that is much more common at this time Especially foreign Pathak people you knew that before coming here you knew you’re going into a hairy place to end not in enemy territory, but a really What’s the word I’m looking for hostile sort of? Situation and environment with this whole earth game. We are playing you knew that not only is the earth game always Challenging if you look throughout history but It’s especially challenging because the Collective is trying to wake itself up in a very accelerated way because it needs to we need to wake up When we don’t have as much time as we would prefer, so everything’s happening fast There’s a lot of work to do a lot of you empathic people have come here Knowing you’re not only gonna process your own stuff but you’re gonna process your friends and your families and your neighbors stuff to last why a lot of the emotions you feel aren’t even yours Okay It ain’t easy being Here, I don’t care if you’re a little baby I don’t care who it doesn’t matter what you’re doing on earth but especially if you’re an empathic person right now going through a spiritual transformation which anyone watching this video up in this point is and So why on earth would you not consider yourself to be a complete badass and confident? Okay This takes such a degree of confidence to come and do what all of us are doing That I don’t even know what to say a number five lastly You’ve had a tough life There are degrees of tough lives. I know but most sympathic people not only do they come in all cracked open and sensitive but They come on and take on challenges that they’re gonna feel the brunt of more intensely because of their empathic Nature me. I was a I was when I was nine, I was hit by a huge firecracker for no reason I was sitting there Nine years old watching a firework show and this massive illegal mortar type bomb Firework was lit And it tipped over and I was just a little kid watching like a neighborhood – and it shot out of all the hundred people Who did it hit right in the stomach me and it was extremely tragic. You know this led to extreme anxiety I developed a nasty heroin addiction suicidal nature. I smoked crack. I was a I had I went through some crazy shit basically And there’s people that watch this that have gone through a thousand times worse than me I’m not trying to compare war stories, but I’m telling you a lot of them Pathak people have been through some shit My best friend fellow youtuber Aaron Doughty. He was raised by a crazy-ass Sociopathic stepmom that worked him like a slave out there in the Las Vegas Heat. She would lock him out of the house all day Barely feed him and make him put him to work a little T. Little kid little prepubescent little kids doing like hard labor for their psychotic frigging stepmom and he my friend Leora Alexander another youtuber you might recognize she she woke up one day and had a Bell’s palsy hype her face was numb imagine going to School a little kid with that going for you. Okay. These are just examples huh again. I’m not trying to compare I’m just trying to say that It’s a there’s a reason why we’ve done this And it’s beautiful because we can hack it Some of this shit you’ve gone through Not everyone can go through and and maintain their sanity and still be Ready to rock and roll each and every day ready to meet life and see what it has to offer them. Okay? You have confidence my friend you are tough super tough as nails Okay, it takes toughness do all the things I share takes confidence You have confidence on a soul level You knew you’d come in. You knew it’d be difficult. You knew that there’s a transition going on and you also knew you Welcomed you you plan some crazy shit to happen to you just so you can show other people that you can Overcome it. Then it can be done So no longer do I want any of my audience and in my fellow empathic people to walk with their heads low Letting their anxiety to find them from hopefully this video can remind you of who you are Who you really are is an Exceptionally confident eternal soul more powerful than you can realize Okay, my friends. Thank you for listening and thank you for watching I hope you got something out of this video and I hope this video maybe have sparked some some of your own innate Awesomeness that I know you possess Okay, the world means and the world needs you to walk through life knowing who you are Okay, because it is time of change a time of rapid transformation and when the world needs all the cool empathic and power competent Mouth bells like yourself it can get so it’s my job my goal to help remind you of who you are Hopefully this video in some way has done that for you. And also in case you’re not aware I’m a free guided Meditation that I made myself for free is for all of my audience. Whoever’s interested If the purpose is to help you connect in a line with your higher self You’re always connected all of us are connected at all times With our higher self where this meditation will help you become aware of That connection so that you can utilize and walk through life with the benefits of one. Who knows they’re always connected and you can get the download the inspired ideas the Clarification and just that confirmation and guidance from your inner being okay again It’s a guided meditation. Totally free check it out down below if you’d like with that said I’m gonna bounce it’s Sunday I’m gonna hang out the family in a minute Just wanted to shoot this video out to you all have an amazing day a fantastic wakes you up there next time


  1. Hey my friends! Here is the free mp3 I mentioned in the video: https://awakeninghelp.com/guided-meditation-healing-serenity-b/ … Hope you're all doing amazing! Thank you so much for all the love, support, comments, likes, shares, and LOVE. Many blessings on your path.

  2. Thank you brotha Victor… WOW I didn't know I have all those things that you just said right now. Craziness… NAMASTE. LOVE & LIGHT.

  3. I am SO GRATEFUL for hearing this tonight!!!!! I wonโ€™t go into ALL of the things I could relate to, some of it I could relate to exactly and 100% specifically……thank you thank you thank you and millions of blessings upon you my friend! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

  4. Thank You for the CONFIDENCE boost ๐Ÿ™Œ I think many of us needed to hear this. I am recently coming out of the dark night of the soul and it was so rough, but your videos gave me confidence in what was happening to me and have given me great inspiration to finally put the energy into the right things ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  5. Learning about your past has caused me respect you even more than I already did. Thank you for everything you're doing๐Ÿ–คYou're inspiring people and changing lives with this content, I can't thank you enough.

  6. Crazy part about it i think i was like 12 my mom set up one of those same fireworks you were talking about and it shot towards everybody on the porch

  7. Infinity Love, Light and Blessing to all the empaths in the universe. Bless u Victor for the boost u have given my soul. The video was exactly what I needed to remind me of who I am. Thank u and Blessing to you and your family.

  8. Yep all 5 ๐Ÿ˜Š especially not wanting to be around a crowd because it's easy to be cool but that's just pretending and misaligns you from your real happiness.. it takes so much confidence to speak your truth and go your own way. Thanks for helping me find the strength to do that Vic, much love โค

  9. Thank you Victor!!! I really really really needed this video!!!! Much needed! How can I talk to you? You can really help me where I truly need it! I now see all the shit I have e been through was part of the plan and I agreed to do it! I can carry it proudly and and stop looking at every thing I have been through all my life in such a negative way still going through it! I do still have my sanity and my bad assness ready for each day and whatever does come my way next! Thank you so much for this video! I do need to talk to you somehow! Thanks, much love and peace to you! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒ 

  10. Thank you Victor, once again ! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป I resonate A LOT with every single word you say. I have been alone all my life, don't have any friends because I feel better alone. I feel strong though and CONFIDENT and the POWER within me. I smile to everybody in the street because I feel I have to share my JOY. I have been an extrovert all my life, creative soul since I was a child. NOW I AM conscious of what I am doing here on earth ! I am a mom of 2 teenagers and a wife of a wonderful man…they think that I am kinda crazy ( more lately ) but I just smile and play with them and try to spread good vibes to them… I feel strong and empowered because I always followed my intuition and I KNOW it's the RIGHT thing to do. I don't care what people think as long as I am happy inside. I have found your videos last week, trough Aaron and I am loving to " feel " them ๐Ÿฅฐ Much love from Portugal ๐Ÿ’•

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  16. Victor, I've watched your videos for a while now, and you've been inspiring every time. This time however, for me, you took it to the next level, I had no idea, but apparently I'm a pretty confident being – here I thought it was lack of give a crap, lol. I had my palm read a couple Sundays ago and she told me flat out I was a very confident person, and after nearly laughing in her face (that whole letting anxieties rule you bit you mentioned), I actually pondered the idea a bit – I've had to create everything in my life from a combo of logic and imagination because what I grew up with was WRONG and I had to do a full rewrite – still working on it too. This video was EXACTLY what I needed to hear, and explained in such a way that was relatable – thank you. Also – that same palm read and your video were the first time Id ever felt seen/heard/acknowledged with positivity and power versus the standard pity. For that alone – THANK YOU!! I'm planning on watching this video a few more times and doing some thinking – but if you set out to help others – you are nailing it! Thank you!

  17. Thanx Victor yup highly resonate with this & Thanx4 ur High Vibesโœจ๐Ÿ’• Iโ€™ll share maybe helpful for others as well.

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    Incidentally, my present bank balance is $11,111.00. I kid you not .

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  25. Thank you for this video, I was beginning to have strong doubts, family have been questioning my choices, but I know now I am on the right path. This was SO perfectly timed. Please carry on Victor, you are so inspiring…Sending love and light from the Island of Cyprus…xx

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    Thank you for your content, very helpful.

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    Your bother in light and life,
    A magisterial Son.

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  36. I know that this IS who I am, I alternate between proud to be an empath and mad that I have to be so Linley, it seems that the people canโ€™t be around me because I can see them and they donโ€™t want to be seen, it feels good to hear you confirm what I believe, Ty for what you do, you have always helped me remember and believe in myself๐Ÿ™

  37. Was just remembering battles from several mounths ago and now I remember it like it was a great deal of fun. Dark night of the soul too. Was totally worth it. I feel like a completely different person now.

  38. I thank you for this video the things I've been thru in this life I thought I was out for the count u really have encourage me in this video thank u for reminding me of who i am

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  40. This is crazy, as youโ€™re talking Iโ€™m saying , yes, yes, this is me. Up until fairly recently I had no idea that a certain group of souls had these traits in common. Thank goodness for the internet, and thank you Vic for putting out your videos. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’š

  41. Victor, NAMASTE my Brother can I ask a question please, many Spiritual teachers like your friend Aaron and Phil Good and so many more. Say our DNA is changing, what I would like to noe my friend is how do they know this are they having regular blood test to see if the make up of there blood is changing as they claim. Bless you and your wife and Aaron for all the work you do for the Collective. NAMASTE. PEACE BROTHER. x

  42. I just realised what you're telling last weekend. I had to realize for myself that I don't have to be afraid of myself and the gift I carry for being an empath.
    Yes it is challenging and tiring. Yes, being hypersensitive and hyper-emotional is tough but I enjoy.
    I was afraid of letting it all loose because I did not want to hurt the person I love the most and when I was told: "stop being afraid of being yourself, she will follow you. I've seen that when I saw you both for the first time".
    Turns out she wasn't wrong niether =).
    It feels great to be fully myself and having her by my side.

  43. I have had so many dark nights passing through that after a certain amount you do know it's gonna be okay but still can't say it with confidence in that moment. Thanks Victor, another little thing that you discuss or explain which opened my mind to knowing I'm not the only one experiencing this. Sometimes the energy of the world shifts and it hurts while so many don't even feel it..

  44. Damn, this one really hit me hard. I guess this is where I am. And it's really, really lonely. But at least I'm not alone. You make it sound like there's a light at the end of this tunnel. So I just keep plodding on.

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  49. Cool beans brother I like this video just for the simple fact it's uplifting encouragement it's straight to the point last but the very best of each and every one of us respect yourself this should help your confidence which you don't need help with your confidence an individual when they choose to give you confidence all they do is wake your mood your mood very strong sometimes acts from others Shake Your Boat rattle your cage to wake you up from the individual that chooses to do this for each and every one of us it's the kindness out of their heart filled with love and guidance this is what we all need from time to time because we allow herself to be our worst enemy and this does not need to go on for any of us no longer stand up for what's right what might that be ask yourself you know the answer has an individual you should never have to look outward to another to get the answer you deserve peace to all and to all a good-night tis the season

  50. It's like you're reading my mind and telling me my personality for all these years. I believe years of my life and its mysterious questions were all answered by knowing that I am an empath and actually there are people who are like that as well. I love you all and send love to others.

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