5 Signs You’re Dating a financially unstable man/woman | animated

#1, They are completely ignorant to their
financial situation. If your partner is struggling with debt or
bad credit, but they are taking steps to correct the situation, that is not necessarily a red
flag. but if your partner doesn’t even know his
or her credit score, debts owed, or other personal financial statistics, that’s a warning
sign. #2, Out of Money by the End of the Month. Determine if your partner is living paycheck
to paycheck, and seemingly out of money by the last week of each month. While everyone faces financial challenges
at different points in their lives, consistently running low on funds prior to payday, can
be a sign of serious financial problems. Living paycheck to paycheck, can indicate
a person is failing to budget properly, or is otherwise irresponsible when it comes to
managing finances. #3, They seem unable to stick to a budget
plan. Financial plans that are designed to keep
spending and budget management on track, are a great tool for mature individuals to use,
when they want to keep their money in check. So if you find that your partner doesn’t
seem to stick to any sort of budget plan, then you should be worried. #4, Your lover is lying to you. If you are seeing evidence that your partner
isn’t telling you the whole truth, about his or her financial situation, hiding purchases,
sweeping bills under the rug, or fibbing about other financial details, be wary. It could signal that he or she is financially
unstable. #5, They just don’t feel comfortable talking
about money in general. A financially irresponsible person, is someone
who doesn’t know how to discuss finances. This is a person who only likes to get money
and spend it. Talking about money is important, because
you learn how to manage it better as a result. if you want to know how to Manage Money as
a Couple, watch this video. so you and your partner can easily get accustomed
to healthy financial habits.

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