5 Ways To Build Your Social Sober Network

5 Ways To Build Your Social Sober Network

Hey guys if you’re watching this video
it’s either because you’re a Tree House graduate or you’re soon to finish the
program here which probably means that you’re coming out feeling super
strong both physically emotionally mentally and ready to take on the next
chapter of your life so with that being said I want to talk to you today about
five ways to strengthen your social sober network so why do we want to do
that we want to do that because we found that probably the most important thing
for somebody to keep in mind and to have strong when they’re leaving this program
is to have strong social connections so the first thing that you can do to
improve your silver social network is to continue connecting with all the guys
that you’ve been going through this program with that’s the guys that have
been with you on your team since day one that’s the new guys that might have just
got here it’s also the staff has been working
with you throughout your process so why is this part so important
we found here a treehouse that graduates that remain connected and I’m talking a
regular connection multiple times a week with five or more people that are part
of the treehouse recovery whether its staff or their team members have a 99%
probability of remaining so the posts treatment and those are just the facts
so the second way that you can improve your server social network post
treatment is to get connected to an actual AAA or NA a fellowship or another
another type of 12-step program the reason that we want to do that is there
is no shortage on the value of connecting with other people that are
the same or similar issues that you are so whether you’re an a guy not an a a
guy anything like that one of the most valuable things you can pull from that
kind of program is having a another solid fellowship you can connect with
that you can hang out with that you can share your true authentic self with the
third thing you can do to improve your sober social network is to get a job we
are actually going to be connecting the people it might sound obvious but
there’s a lot of jobs you can get out there especially get-well jobs like
factory work or call centers or something like that where you gonna be
sitting behind a desk all day not having that true face-to-face interaction
you want to get yourself a new place whether you’re at a restaurant waiting
tables working in sales in a place where you’re constantly communicating with
people whether it’s other staff members or strangers
the reason why is we want to look at the brain the part of the brain that’s
for social connection like it’s a muscle and you want to work that muscle all the
time for the people out there that thinks that they aren’t a social person
maybe it’s because you just haven’t tried yet I can tell you from personal
experience I’m an introvert by nature and it took me putting myself into a
situation where I’m forced to constantly connect with people until that part of
me was able to actually emerge and the same thing can happen for you so number
four fourth thing you can do to improve your super social network post treatment
is to get connected with people that maybe normies that have still chose
chosen to live a healthy lifestyle so these are the kind of people who well
you don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you know you’re with
people that are actively drinking and stuff like that there are people out
there that are in recovery that choose not to live that way you can meet people
at CrossFit gyms you can meet people at yoga studios taking yoga classes sign
yourself up for a local run like a 5 6 K or even a triathlon or something like
that and you know another option is that you
can explore like shopping at a healthy place like mothers or sprouts or
something like that and connecting with the people that are there you know any
type of people that are super health-conscious of kind of positive
people that could be good to keep in your life now the fifth thing you can do
to improve your social sober network post-treatment is just to take somebody
with you bring a weight wingman along at this point you have friends that went
through the program you have friends that might be normies that are still
healthy you have friends that from a a fellowships and any fellowships you have
the staff members here you have a huge network at this point and now it’s time
to actually get out there start a living life and you know before you get out I
don’t care if you’re going to the DMV grab on to your friends bring them with
you spend some time working that muscle and
enjoy your life so at this point if you followed these five steps you’ve got a
couple things you have a group of guys you got your solid team that you went
through the program with you have 12-step fellowship you might have some
normally friends that committed to a healthy lifestyle and the next thing to
do is really just wrap these people up take them with you involve them in your
life have a wingman and spend time like I mentioned in the earlier step actually
working the social muscle yeah get out there to get
uncomfortable stay connected stay sober so if you liked this video please give
it a thumbs up like it share it with somebody that you might think and
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but do you know what you thought and if there’s anything else that you’d like me
to talk about throw that down there in the comments – thanks for watching

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  1. Thank you Anthony loved everything you said especially about getting back into a job. Working on cars for me was not working out because there was no social aspect to it. Now I'm an assistant supervisor creating treatment plans and lessons for children with autism, and that is one thing that keeps me on my toes social interactions I have with the kids at my job…..THR is the best.

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