6 Tricks for INSTAGRAM Stories 2019

6 Tricks for INSTAGRAM Stories 2019

What’s up guys! Today I’m going to show you 6 tips for Instagram stories! So let’s jump into it So this first one blew my mind and it’s making the whole screen one color. So what we do is we go to our Instagram stories and we take picture of anything. Then we go to the draw tool. We select a color and we hold on the screen and that creates the whole screen Whatever color you selected. So from there, you can select the erase tool and pretty much just Erase anything you want to. To reveal what’s below it. So that’s another little creative trick you can do. So this next one I’m going to show you it pretty much gives you more color options than what Instagram gives you so you just take a photo again there, go to the draw tool and you’re just gonna hold, select and hold a color So if you select and hold the color You’ll see the eyedropper come up and you can select any color on the spectrum pretty much. Okay, so the next tip is something that also blew my mind because I didn’t know how people did it So it’s called the rainbow text or the gradient text. So what we’re gonna do is take a photo and We’re going to type out something. So let’s go with rainbow. Then we’re gonna touch rainbow and then say select all From here. It’s a bit tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. So from here, you’re gonna touch and hold a color So you’re holding the color and then you take the Select and you drag it to the left so pretty much every color, every letter is gonna be a different color So if you practice it enough you’re gonna get the hang of it But that’s that is how you make a rainbow text and how you do the gradient one is obviously the same so let’s just go gradient and then we’re gonna do the same, select and you just stay in that color spectrum pretty much, so then down And then that’s the gradient one pretty easy But very cool to do actually. There’s no one that no one knows how to do that So I found this next one not by accident, is on the iPhone you can take live photos and I uploaded one to my story and I touched the screen and it turned into a boomerang So what you’re gonna do is you just go to any photo pretty much Any photo and you touch and hold it and then it’ll say boomerang Okay, mine gets stuck for some reason. Okay, but there you can see it’s become a boomerang now So if you take live photos on your iPhone You can upload them and then it becomes a boomerang. So that’s pretty cool because otherwise the live photos didn’t you have another use? so now Instagram’s putting them to use. So this one I doubt anybody knows and it’s quite insane actually, so if you take a photo of anything doesn’t matter what it is and you go to your photos So you go to your photos. You don’t exit Instagram. You just go to your photos and you just click any photo you want and then the bottom left you tap the share and you go copy and you go back to Instagram. You’ll see a little pop-up window on the left Pop-up, it says add sticker. So if you select add sticker you can then add that photo to your story so if you carry on doing this with any other photo you want. Take that one copy it go to Instagram. You going to get another pop-up sticker So you pretty much can create a collage of your photos, which is quite cool. Then the last I’m going to show you is just a simple drop shadow If used properly it can look quite nice. So we just going to take a photo. Say drop and then select, we just keep it white and we’re going to do it again drop, but we’re gonna select a different color We’re not going to change the size of anything. So don’t change the size of your text so now if you just move your top one around you’ll see it looks like it has a drop shadow on it now. So you can just play around with that and it’ll make your story’s a bit more creative So there’s my 6 tips and tricks for Instagram stories. If you guys did learn something new please share this video and also give it a like Hope you enjoyed it And if you want to see more just hit the subscribe button and then I’ll see you guys on Thursday for another tutorial Cheers!

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