635 Robert Smith; My life has really changed by neurologically changing my past!

635 Robert Smith; My life has really changed by neurologically changing my past!


  1. Hi Robert!
    I have a question, how long can I tap for? I know you said tap until it's gone or pass out but I mean in a row…can I tap three or four hours straight or even more?

  2. I think that all distressing thoughts we have come from a simpler part of the brain that is looking for danger & keeps reminding you in order to keep you safe from perceived harm. A basic survival instinct.

    These thoughts, although disturbing, come from a good place that is trying to keep you safe.

    By understanding that your mind is only trying to look after you & that fear is love for yourself disguised then you can break the connection using tapping.

    God bless you all.

  3. Hi robert! I taped yesterday on a memory for five hours until it flipped. I felt exhusted. Should it take that long?

  4. There are no time limits on how long it will take but do whatever it takes until you get the flp and you like will be better. Plus you are developing skills to take control of your own mind.

  5. Hi Robert. Just wanted to know something…the first time I used faster left on a memory it took a lot of time to flip it but when I got to third memory and a little other stuff it took very little time to change. Can I be improving in letting go? I mean its like my brain understands what I am asking for.

  6. Robert Smith IS a great guy and your jokes ARE funny and those that do not get the jokes NEED to tap it out.

    Robert helped me realize and implement my mantra…"Point my MIND in the right direction and my ASS will follow!!!!!"

  7. I sure would like to know what I'm doing wrong. None of this works for me. I try so hard to stay positive yet bad things keep happening to me.

  8. I absolutely love tapping! It's helped me so much with shoulder pain. I have just started my law of attraction you tube channel and videos like this have been giving me great inspiration! So thank you.

  9. This is too cool to be true & lol it WORKS….Just Aim and Shoot or TAP it out is the correct term.  Enjoying this Transformation of happy go lucky.  Something pops in my head, and BOOM – Tap it out.  Thank you Robert.  Can't wait till you come to New Zealand. tap tap tap

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  11. Thank you Robert. I am looking forward to coming to see you in person at one of your workshops. I am addicted to Faster EFT.  KEEP CALM AND TAP ON!!!!

  12. I wish everybody who believes in the "law" of attraction enough empathy and fantasy to just realise that you do wrong to so many people in the world. And you don´t have to think about children in third world countries, for the beginning of understanding its enough to go to the next hospital, face random people in there and think about the "law" again.

    Ok people, we need to do SOMETHING!! We have all enjoyed hundreds of free videos from Robert and he has done so much for so many. I don't care what Robert says himself… he NEEDS OUR HELP !!
    IF this gets taken down, please at least go to as many of his videos as possible and

    1) click like not just on the video but CLICK 'LIKE' on ALL THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK

    2) and maybe some supportive comments to other people who have posted on his videos. BUt even if you just
    "like" as many positive Feedbacks as possible.
    If we all head over and just do that, a bit every day for the next week or so.
    1) it will raise his video ratings on Youtube.
    2) It will show the people that are targeting him that we stand by Robert and believe in him.
    3) It will draw the attention of the people who's comments you click "like" on.

    I don't think anyone should retaliate to the misguided people who are doing this to Robert because we are better than that. But it does not mean we have to just ignore while Robert gets a good kicking month after month, day after day. He doesn't complain but I've been snooping and I tell you this bad… really bad! They are trying to imply that he is a sex pest of all things! they are targeting people who watch Roberts videos and then warning them about him. That's what they did to me and I had to create a false character to watch the videos in Peace.
    I really did just start watching his videos to try and heal myself just like everyone else but this has gone too far.
    If RObert is important to you and has changed your life, please don't turn a blind eye while he gets repeatedly kicked.
    I am so angry right now I have been posting the following on Roberts videos and Gary Craigs. But one angry person is enough. The rest of you are further along with your FasterEFT please just help by spreading LOVE for Robert.
    Thank you
    Love and Peace (especially me when I calm down)

    ………………………………..stuff i posted videos so far when I was seriously annoyed

    PLEASE EFT ers STOP your Smear Campaign! You keep stalking me on Robert’s videos I had to make a fake character to use them in peace! Enough is ENOUGH already!!
    JUST A COUPLE OF THE MANY EXAMPLES – most of this type thankfully get deleted – not all negative comments just these snipes but they just keep on coming over and over and over and over again.

    52zzz53 13 hours ago
    +loui0008 Your master has beeen called out by Craig.

    52zzz53 1 week ago
    Busted by Gary Craig, you should give it up.

    He is now using the same tactics on Robert G. Smith.
    There is this for starters
    There was also a court case which Gary brought against someone and lost. Im just looking for a good clear copy of those details.
    Letter from Friends of EFT to Gary Craig (showing he has done it before and others had to clean up the mess because he didn’t care how it affected their decently run EFT businesses)
    To The EFT Community,
    We are among the large number of EFT practitioners deeply disturbed by EFT founder, Gary Craig’s filing of a copyright infringement lawsuit.
    Link text: (http://www.rfcexpress.com/…/gary-h-craig-v-dawson-…/summary/)
    Against Dawson Church and EFT Universe. When Cary Craig announced his retirement in November 2009, it was at the end of several years of turmoil for EFT under Gary’s leadership. He had started, promoted, and then abruptly closed three training or certification programs – withdrawing the legitimacy of having completed these programs – after practitioners had invested huge amounts of time, money, energy, and professional credibility in them. He had supported substantial projects launched by others and then abruptly withdrew his support. He had publicly attacked individuals who were doing their utmost to promote EFT.
    In his retirement announcement, and an accompanying email he sent to his e-list, Gary wrote: “I transferred the former EFT case histories, EFT Practitioner Listings and other valuable resources to www.EFTuniverse.com. I wish to honor the substantial legal and financial effort of Dawson Church and EFTuniverse.com to preserve this valuable information for the EFT Community.” He also affirmed that others could “establish their own organizations and rules without having to go through me.” At that time Dawson assured the EFT community that Gary was genuinely retiring, that he was not litigious, and that Gary was a man of his word, thus they could trust Gary’s public statements.
    The basis of his lawsuit is the claim that he owns the compilations of stories – written by other people – that were posted on his old web site. These are the same case histories Gary legally and publicly authorized EFT Universe to use. Beyond these, his suit also surprisingly claims ownership of all the new stories written by members of the EFT community and posted on EFT Universe since his retirement. Gary’s legal actions against Dawson also include a threat to file a complaint to the California Attorney General against the non-profit Soul Medicine Institute (the parent of the Iraq Vets Stress Project which has provided free or almost-free EFT treatments to more than 1,000 veterans and produced some of the most important EFT research to date) and a demand that Energy Psychology Press withdraw titles that it produced under contract and is selling according to the terms of those contracts. An immediate practical effect is that Gary’s attorneys have recently used a fear of litigation to induce the company that hosts the EFT Universe web site to shut it down. Dawson is painstakingly rebuilding the site and will be able to restore many of its valuable resources, such as the EFT research bibliography, practitioner listings, tutorials, workshops, and newsletter, but not the thousands of invaluable case histories. This will be a great loss if not legally countered.
    Letter from Friends of EFT to Gary Craig Page 2
    Prior to Gary’s filing of the lawsuit on Friday, Dawson and EFT Universe made comprehensive proposals to satisfy every one of Gary’s stated objectives, offering for instance to remove any text he had ever written from the site, in an effort to avoid litigation. Inexplicably, Gary proceeded with the lawsuit at the point that behind-the-scene good faith negotiations seemed to have resolved the areas of disagreement.
    So, two years after his retirement and gracious encouragement of others to take EFT into the world, it seems Gary is again actively attacking those who are carrying EFT forward most vigorously. We are calling on Gary to abandon his lawsuit, drop all his other claims against Energy Psychology Press, Soul Medicine Institute, and EFT Universe, genuinely retire, honor the public statements he has made, and enjoy the respect that comes with being the founder of EFT. We believe that Gary’s filing this frivolous legal action has already hurt EFT, undoing much of the hard work we and Dawson have done to make EFT credible. Gary cannot bring any benefit to himself or EFT by continuing with this course of action, and we call on him to occupy his time with more productive pursuits.
    A legal defense fund has been set up by “Friends of EFT,” a group of concerned EFT practitioners who have been affected by Craig’s actions now or in the past, in order to support the efforts of EFT Universe to keep the archives available on the web site. To donate or learn more, please email: [email protected]
    P.S. To those that are disheartened by these events, as we are, please remember that this human politicking isn’t a reflection of the value, efficacy and worth of the technique itself. This kind of development, where a founder of a technique or an idea looks to take back control of it, for whatever personal reasons, is a recurring one in history. As our own difficult emotions about what’s happening emerge, we tap and clear as we move forward in the greater vision of this world-changing technique.
    This is my response to what I think could be a deliberate smear campaign against Faster EFT and Robert G Smith. Dangers of FasterEFT appears to me to be an attempt to "drown out" FasterEFT. In my opinion they may be using the general public as tools by scaring them into clicking on their sites, ther…

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  15. Excellent article clear,structured, understandable.
    Professional, phew no swearing..odd comments..
    Unfortunately Robert your last live shared download was terrible.." I appreciate that I should not be judgemental "
    Listen to what your lady came out with.hardly a selling point..
    This is your baby,you have worked hard to push forwards..folk looking for help are listening to what is said.. 9 th August..
    FasterEFT Eutaptics deserves the best ..
    So pleased that you enjoyed England..

  16. @6:34 There was a pivotal moment in my life when I hit something big…that's when I met Robert Smith. I knew why I was going to the seminar in OKC in the Fall of 2015. I had hit on something big. I was actually trying to hide behind it, in hope I could keep it 'under the rug' just another year (it had been 35 years)…but the U-niverse wasn't standing for it anymore. And now, I too can say what Robert says here, that it's almost like it never even existed or happened to me anymore, but today's issues seem bigger and more challenging then the one I thought was so 'big'. Sure my life has changed dramatically using Faster EFT and the techniques the Robert teaches, I am eternally grateful; but there is no substitute for remaining vigilant and persistent in your own personal space between your ears – IN THE MOMENT…that's where life is truly lived- and this is a LIFE SKILL as Robert states. My past haunted me and drove me to do destructive things to myself and others; Robert helped me overcome some amazing things which began a path to inner healing that I AM personally responsible for. No one heals you but you. Robert and those of us who practice his methods, are only here to show you that you DO have that power…and how to use it to your advantage.
    Be well along the way. Thank you Robert. Happy New Year ~ Peace

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