7 – Dependent

I told you it was “taco.” There’s an “N” in it. Tacon. There’s a freakin’ “N” in it. “Nacho”? Is it “Nacho”? How about let’s go through all of the mexician food types. Have you heard of the party “Lamone”? No, I don’t drink. I don’t drink. I don’t care what you say. I don’t drink. So I don’t know that. Mm Hm. No cat. What is that about? I don’t think I have a cat. Yeah. “No cat.” “Can.” “Co” “Cannot.” Yep. That’s how you spell it. “Cannot.” I cannot do something. How about you give me another “N”? I’ll give you a letter when you’re ready. So I did this filming thing. Right? Yeah. You’re on YouTube. You actually just hit three million. Three million what? Subscribers. What is that? I don’t know what that means? People that follow your content. Yeah. Well, why are you filming me right now? Because they care, Jesse. Who’s “they”? The Juggies. I’ve been uploading these so that they can at least be involved in your life still. Oh my god. You know I remember them. Oh, you’ve been uploading like you used to upload before. No! All of those videos. No, I never did that! This is the first time I’ve uploaded to your channel. You used to upload shit to my account. I remember that. (Chuckles) No, I didn’t! Okay. Alright. I’m crazy. I don’t remember shit. They watch me? The Juggies. Shit! Three million. Well… Thank you, guys. That’s crazy! I know. Why do they care? Why do they even care? I don’t know. They know you can’t spell. Shit. I just saw… I going to have to sort my shit out to them. I’m going to have to get it together. Yeah, you better. Larry’s Lounge can’t do everything.

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