7 Strange Signs You Will Become Successful

7 Strange Signs You Will Become Successful

Do you ever feel uncertain about the path you’re on? Because you’re not where you want to be or maybe you’re sitting there Second-guessing your own potential and feel as though you’re not smart original or talented enough This is going to sound strange, but you’re doing it right. These experiences are normal It’s only when you stop questioning and become complacent about where you are that stops you from dreaming boldly Here’s seven strange signs. You will be successful 1. You know what you want even though you don’t know how to get to it yet Have you ever been so sure of something that you’re constantly bursting with energy? perhaps you knew you always wanted to be a dancer ever since you were given your first pair of ballet flats or Maybe staring up at the night sky as a lost lonely Teenager made you curious about what is beyond the empty void of adulthood that motivated you to become an astronaut You can be absolutely sure about what you want. But you may not know how to necessarily obtain your dreams yet. And that’s okay You’re starting somewhere, and that’s what counts 2. You’re easily bored and love challenges We often identify traits like novelty seeking that can lead to behaviors such as gambling drug abuse and ADHD But according to Dr Robert Cloninger A psychiatrist who develop personality tests for measuring this trait, novelty seeking is what keeps people happy healthy and creative Cloninger States to succeed you want to be able to regulate your impulses while also having the Imagination to see what the future would be like if you tried something new when you’re easily bored. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unmotivated Instead you have the potential to grow when you seek new experiences that allow you to make the most out of your creativity 3. you don’t maintain a work-life balance Instead you just focus on life. What does it mean to just focus on life? As humans, We try to systematically organize by categorizing different aspects of our lives. So they don’t spiral out of control But instead of working on neatly giving everything a place to belong It’s easy to get fixed on the small details that we forget about the bigger picture Being successful means going with the flow and doing what you feel is best for your mental health your friends family and coworkers Although a certain degree of discipline and getting into a rhythm that works for you are important It’s also essential to make the most of every day Being successful also doesn’t necessarily translate to 40-hour work weeks It’s all a matter of finding purpose and meaning in what you do on a daily basis 4. You practice empathy look out for your teammates and celebrate the happiness of others Although it’s exciting to be motivated in what you do, successful people don’t just stitch and forget about the people around them Success never happens alone. It’s always a collaborative effort If you have great people skills, often look out for your teammates and empathize with others then you’re already on a great path Society often paints the workplace to be a dog-eat-dog world, but competition doesn’t hold meaning when people can’t learn from one another It’s important to refrain from adapting self-absorbed habits and learn to reach out as much as possible Be supportive of each other’s dreams and help each other to achieve them 5. You practice humility again and again You don’t focus on your achievements or constantly want to prove yourself to others by finding opportunities to be in the spotlight Instead, you just want to get better not for an audience But for yourself when you work on improving your skills behind the scenes your work journey becomes much more authentic Because your progress is only for you to see. It’s not about the A you earned on a test that’s pinned to the classroom board or the amount of likes you receive on social media You care about progress because you genuinely want to get better, not to perform better 6. You’re not motivated by money as a reward, but rather see it as a resource You don’t care about making the big bucks Just to be able to afford extravagant possessions such as fancy cars or attend special functions like cocktail parties in fact you see it as almost a slap in the face that Success can supposedly be measured by something that can be spent just as easily as it is earned Yes. Earning money is necessary for survival, but you don’t allow it to be everything instead you focus more on earning money to give back to your community of Supporters and your team members hard work and to buy resources or Ford experiences that help sustain and grow your business projects and passion 7. You don’t believe in dream jobs instead you believe in hard work Persistence is key People often say there’s no such thing as fairytale love. The same goes for success Rather than daydream about the possibilities of what your ideal career entails you go out and actively work towards building it Overnight success is a myth. In order to reach your goals You understand that sacrifice hard work and failures are all essential components of the journey In fact, that’s what makes it all the more worthwhile If success was easily handed to you without a single day of sweat or tears, it would be hard to find meaning in it But you also realize that success isn’t everything. In fact, it’s just a moment. When you realize that it’s a humbling experience Because you understand that success doesn’t amount to much without the respect and love you have for yourself and others What are your dreams do you experience any of these signs? let us know in the comments below if you like this video be sure to check out our website and other social media as well as our patreon account for more content as Always don’t forget to subscribe and thanks for watching


  1. I just really want to be a Hollywood Actor that I began searching wierd stuff on YouTube like “How to know if your going to be an Actor” isn't it wierd?😂 And when Im alone I pretend Ive met my idol Jaeden Lieberher and pretending were making a movie together😂 What im doing is just pure Craziness, Creepiness and Weirdness😂

  2. Remember success is never overnight. Just be happy with the journey more so that will keep you guessing and excited for whats next.

  3. I love this video, everything about it is beautiful. I wanted to add something I learned from a professor on YouTube, more or less what he said.

    This moment and the moment you achieve your dreams/goals are not separated by a number of years rather by a number of actions.

    Thanks for reading! Have a great day everyone!

  4. I've never known what I want. Who the fuck knows what they want?
    I'm not easily bored and I hate challenges.
    I don't have a job or a life. I don't focus on anything.
    I don't have "teammates" and I'm jealous of happy people.
    Okay, I do that.
    I bounced between wanting money and just wanting to be good at something.
    I'm a jack of all trades. There's no one single thing into which I fit.
    All righty then. I'm gonna be a fucking failure my entire life.

  5. I can attest to this… I never cared about what others had to say about what I wanted to do with my life, my philosophies or my dreams… I've always believed in myself, humbly, never getting offended when others said negative things. Every point made in this video is me. I've achieved everything I've set my mind to… and on my way to get everything I want. Of course I'm grateful for the few people who supported me.. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I am not having any of these signs.
    I will not be a successful person.
    Someone, donate me some money….. Plsss.😥😥😞

  7. Are you sure? I match most of these but I feel like alot of these things just make you decent person…not necessarily successful

  8. Thank you for this video, this really assures me I'm doing it right.
    I'm 15 and I'm starting my own business. I'm learning Russian for my future and I maintain a strict fitness plan.
    The other side of this is that I barely pass school, but as I have decided to not go to university it won't matter either way.

  9. Wow that's me I thought for the longest I was wrong. Still I stayed true to myself and have done many fun uplifting things in my 48 years. I'm still excited to see when I'm gonna go next in life. While my people have for the most stayed stagnant. Thank you so much for this vido!!!

  10. 9 year old me:
    I believe i Will be gamer! And make alot friend like me!
    10 year old me:
    I believe i Will be animator story just like jaiden animation!
    11 year old me:
    I believe i Will be a writer! And make alot beautiful story like fairy tail!
    12 year old me:
    I believe i Will be a singer just like Billie eilish and be a model! Or i Will be a photograph!

    Edit: heh.. to be honest its true. ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ

  11. I experience all these signs.
    And I am a drop out of amity university.. And build up my own business and continuing on the way to be the worlds most successful entrepreneur…
    And thanks alot for such a inspiring video 😍❤

  12. All signs, but still broke af, living with parents, unemployed, and haven’t had any long term wins at almost 36. This is bs.

  13. I hate it when people say "you can't always achieve your dreams" or "be realistic". No. Fuck that and all of the people who say that bullshit. We live in a world where anyone has the ability to contact nearly anyone around the world with a device that can fit in your pocket, we have computers that can perform trillions of operations per second, and have sent people to space successfully. How is all of this stuff getting done? Because the people that dreamt of these great things that the world loves didn't listen to those stupid people that shot down their dreams. They just started, failed, failed again, and failed a million more times, and then finally found success. Don't listen to the people that say you can't achieve your dreams, listen to your heart and do that thing you have been thinking about for ages already!

  14. I wanted to be a journalist, then a Radio Jockey, then a chef, then a writer, now I want to be a teacher. I get it. I'm not gonna get successful at all. 😂😂😂😂 I can only wait for Doraemon to come and rescue me with his cool gadgets.!!! K. Bye. XD

  15. Going with the flow is a sign that you will become stupid.
    The flow smoke, the flow pollute the planet, do stupid things, believe american government is figthing terrorism..lol.; eat more, fight to buy on black friday.
    Which flow? The hatred, racist, warmongers, flow or the peaceful.
    Do what is right, even if u r standing alone.
    Lool novelty seeking? that type of novelty u can seek..drug abuse, gambling is a sign that ull be successful? will think every drug addicts and drinker.
    Or is it that bring your ruin!! Even if u maybe happy at 1st.

  16. I want a house with a garden in Italy. I will take my cat with me and I will save a dog. I will grow vegetables and I will buy a yellow cinque cento. I hear you all laughing……..;)

  17. wow, i–…how do you know money is a source to me?
    but anyway, Billie Eilish motivates me and my bff kelly encourages me to become a singer like billie

  18. I want to be a singer…I danced for 7 years and now I start with singing lessons I serached myself about it and asked my parents and they said yes. I also look forward to post covers one day and I hope I can do it.:) I love making people happy with music, be an inspiration, show them things, knowing they are not alone.💜I’m an anxious person but I still risk it and I will never give up til I die, success comes not over night

  19. If Success never happens alone then what about those people who starved faced poverty and we're left alone ……where was that collebrative effort succes is always alone only after succes people come with roses on their noses to collebrate with you …signs that you will be successful
    You have a desire in your hear
    You never lose hope
    You fail countless times
    People consider you as a loser

    And last
    You are alive

  20. You do not need money to survive! Money is a figment of our minds imagination. We could all live off the land using a barter system to survive and thrive, dont need money.

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