7 Strangest Addictions Ever

7 Strangest Addictions Ever

Baboon TV Presents 7 Strange Addictions Number Seven: Eating husband’s ashes After Cassie’s husband died, she filled
his void by carrying his cremated body everywhere she went. They watched TV together, they go shopping
together.. She cooks the cremains all of “his” favorite
foods. Though she initially found comfort in carrying
the urn, her addiction eventually evolved. One day, Cassie accidentally spilt the urn
on her hand and couldn’t just wipe the ashes away since it was her husband. Her solution? she licked the ash off her hand. Cassie says she hasn’t been able to stop
ever since and is afraid for the day she runs out after consuming all of the ashes. Number Six: being an adult baby Who doesn’t want to be a baby again? No responsibilities! You get to play and suck your binky all day! 25 year old Riley still dresses like a baby
as often as she can. She says it helps her wash away the problems
of the big tough world. Riley spends 12 hours a day dressed as a baby,
wearing diapers and consumes a lot of her food through a baby bottle. Number Five: eating rocks Teresa has been addicted to eating rocks for
over 20 years and eats up to 2 pounds of rocks a day. And she has the broken teeth and digestive
problems to prove it! She hammers the rocks into bite sized chunks,
stuffing them in her purse and crunches away all day long. She says granite is her favorite, she loves
their earthy smell, taste and the way they feel on her teeth as she crunches on them. She says she just couldn’t function without
eating rocks. Number Four: drinking nail polish Bertha takes nail polish shots. She sips it like a fine wine. And she licks it right off the brush. She says the glitters in the polish makes
her shine from inside out! Bertha has been drinking nail polish for over
5 years. She says her addiction began at a nail salon
when smell became so enticing that licked the nail polish right off of her nails after
leaving the salon. She now feeds an addiction of 5 bottles a
day as well as a dose of nail polish remover to remove the colors off of her mouth. She doesn’t believe her addiction is harming
her but actually is helping her get through life. Number Three: addicted to a ‘real’ doll 37 year old Davecat can NOT live without what
he considers to be his wife. He says he’s found his soul-mate and doesn’t
understand why his loved ones are not supportive of his wife just because she is not alive. Even though Dave to carry his silent wife
around, brush her hair, and get her dressed, he says all these things help bring them closer
together as a couple. He says that his life with the real doll was
all sex in the beginning but he is now able to just hold her, look into her eyes and enjoy
her company. Number Two: eating couches Meet Adele. She is addicted to eating couch cushions. Adele developed this habit when she was just
10 years old when her cousin offered her a piece to try. She is now over 30 years old and has already
eaten a total of 7 couches and 2 chairs. That’s over 300 pounds of couch cushion
over a 20 year period. Adele sometimes binges when she gets depressed
and can eat for up to 30 minutes without stop. She prefers to eat darker cushion sections
because they have more flavor. Number One: sex with your car There is no prouder moment in a father’s
life than when his son introduces him to the woman he loves. Unless maybe if that “woman’ is a car
and this introduction is made on a national TV?! 27 year old Nathaniel says he developed a
sexually and emotionally intimate relationship with his car, a 1998 Monte Carlo whom he named
“Chase”. Nathaniel says he has found true love in Chase,
that they share a lot of the same interests and likes. So how does one have sex with a car, exactly? Do they use the muffler? Nathaniel revealed that he gets on top of
the fender and rubs himself against it to be intimate with Chase. He says his obsession started as a teenager
when he started to build model cars. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos!


  1. Dear God,
    Please help each and every Person that is an Adult Baby Mentally and Emotionally Matcher ❤
    Please Help them Feel Special to be who they are ❤
    Please Help them Mentally and Emotionally Grow past there Insecurities in there Lives ❤
    Please Help them Apreasheat who they are ❤
    Please Help them Except them Selves the way they are ❤
    Thank You God❤❤❤

    We are So Very Grateful God❤❤❤

  2. thess people just have mental disorders. its not a unique or just a natural choice, people need to stop encouraging these crazy ass people by saying its a right and they are simply expressing themselves. its a fucking disorder. plain and simple.

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