8 INSANE VR Games You Must Try!

8 INSANE VR Games You Must Try!

hey everyone welcome to GTI welcome to a
whole new world of gaming if you’re interested in some cool virtual reality
games then keep watching this video number eight beat Sabre
most people play to relax however with this game beat Sabre will not make you
relax even the trailer video about this game keeps us in suspense so imagine the
game beat Sabre is a virtual reality rhythm game it was presented in Gamescom
2017 for the first time the players will hold two lightsabers in their hands one
saber is red and the other is blue they use these lightsabers to slash small
blocks strolling towards them this game concept is not new but it is yet very
interesting it’s a music combines harmoniously with visual effects on the
screen the blocks move in sync with the song beats and notes the players must
avoid red blocks strolling toward them from time to time if they don’t want to
lose moreover this games doesn’t only offer hours of exciting action but also
helps to burn calories although beat saber seems easy if you
want to play as good as it’s shown in the trailer you’ll have to train and
sweat a lot number seven lone echo this game was
awarded the best virtual reality game in the year 2017 in the annual Game Critics
Awards ceremony lone echo is a space adventure game with
action elements and which players are taken to the 23rd century the game
action is set up in a space station orbiting Saturn the player is surrounded
by virtual people but you don’t play as a person in the game you actually cast
the role of a robot with advanced artificial intelligence the game
narrative consists of a mysterious space anomaly that knocks out some of the
station’s vital systems and everybody in the station is threatened by a mortal
danger the player must overcome several obstacles as well as solve puzzles to
save the crew members in the space station this game also allows the
players to move in zero gravity conditions which makes it way more
exciting and unforgettable there are two modes to play you can choose the game
single-player mode to show your strengths or can protect the space
station with your friends using the team-based multiplayer mode to play it
you must use an oculus rift cv1 virtual reality headset number six
tilt brush game developers have been looking for ways to create programs to
help develop people’s creative potential the result of the search is tilt brush
this game will undoubtedly attract professional artists as it increases
opportunities to work creatively people who love drawing will be delighted as
this game will help them express like they never did tilt brush would let you
choose a virtual brush and draw a 3d picture the possibilities to draw with
this game are really unlimited the game program also allows to create animated
characters houses and even furnish your room the game testers say that the
graphic editor is very simple suitable and intuitive additional training is not
required the game program even lets you use both hands at once in one hand you
can have the painting brush and in the other you can have a universal palette
to choose colors and a variety of brush types you can paint with only one color
or with a dynamic brush using different colors this program interface is very
similar to graphics editing programs number five defector for the people who
have always wanted to feel like James Bond Twisted Pixel game studio has
developed a Mew and wild virtual reality game just by watching the first few
seconds of this game trailer video it becomes a very clear that its developers
were inspired by James Bond’s adventures and the characters of the movie
fast and furious this spy game will let the player become a top secret agent who
engages in a lot of complex and important missions around the world to
move forward in the scene you will have to be very smart and learn how to use
high technology spy gadgets the journey of the main character will include
shooting chasing and other numerous activities have you always dreamed of
crawling along the surface of a flying airplane or solving dangerous crimes
this could be possible if you play defector you’ll just need a virtual
reality headset number four hover Junkers this game
which was launched in April 2016 reminds you of the movie Mad Max at first glance
the player and hover Junkers will be submerged into a post-apocalyptic world
where a complete flying platform which can be the size of our room is available
with this platform the protagonist player goes through the barren
landscapes of the game’s universe and fights against rivals to find treasures
and junk metal in the game there are 17 models of hover junker ships from which
you can choose each ship can be equipped and upgraded gradually the cooler the
ship is the easier it will be to fight with in this precise and well-designed
world numerous gangs operate and fight with guns to fight back rivals or simply
aliens you will have to master shooting skills
squatting dodging and hiding inside the game number three sprint vector winning
a race is not easy for anybody even if it is a virtual race in the most popular
game of the entire galaxy anyone who starts playing sprint vector will become
a competitor and a number of intense challenges you must use all the parts of
your body to win competitors run play slide jump get around obstacles and even
shoot this of course makes you feel the frantic energy of a futuristic game an
interesting aspect of this game is that it lets the player choose among a
variety of wacky characters which goes from children and DJs to graffiti
artists and underground sharks as you are sprinting forward in the race the
game becomes some more difficult adding new maps and demanding better different
skills what happens in the screen will amaze you but this is the best way to
submerge players into the speed and adrenaline world according to what the
game developers say to play this game you will need a ps4 console special
controllers and of course a PlayStation VR number two organ quarter the bold users
of virtual reality headsets may feel a little nervous with a horror game called
Oregon quarter the developers of this game raised funds to launch the game on
Kickstarter users like the project and it was launched on the 20th of October
2017 organ quarter is a VR survival horror adventure game but the old-school
games of the 90s and the narrative of the game the protagonist player has been
in his apartment for a long time and when he goes out he finds himself in a
twisted strange world the city has become a hungry evil creature and the
player finds danger everywhere the developers also added all the features
that are common and appreciated in the horror game genre the player will wander
along endless labyrinths taking with him just a few supplies and he will have to
solve mystery puzzles as well number one hallelujah this is a survival horror
game where you can participate in virtual reality games instead of
allowing players to compete against each other this game will let one of the
players be the victim and the other player be the bad guy the player using
the VR headset in a dark terrifying dungeon and like a hero the player needs
to get out of it as soon as possible from a tablet or smartphone the second
player controls what happens in the dungeon and has the ability to summon
horrific monsters in it so instead of playing against the computer as you
usually do with this game you can play against your friends according to the
game testers it is interesting to play either as the protagonist hero or as the
dungeon master


  1. Awesome topic, but how did you made that list? Most of these games are low budget and almost not played VR games (for example no one is playing Hover Junkers anymore so its multiplayer died). And according to some incorrect information (like Sprint vector only on PS4) I bet you don't have VR. Then why don't you just find list of top played games? You wouldn't miss Rec Room, Pavlov VR, Onward, H3 VR or even VR versions of classic games like Fallout 4, Skyrim, Forest, Hellblade, Minecraft, etc.

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