A füvetlenség napja – High Skull #7

A füvetlenség napja – High Skull #7

Ah! What’s wrong with him? Well, that’s a good question Slut! I think his addiction drives him mad. But, can You help him? Of course I can! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! What’s going on…? Uhm… P..Phil? Mike? Woof. Ahh, yes yes! Are ya’ looking for this? You can get it for only $9.95! It was a pleasure to do business with you. Isn’t this illegal? Oh honey, where there’s money, there is nothing illegal! So, is it effective? Not yet. I think it’s a beginning of a profitable enterprise. Hey Woof buddy! I see you like this thing. Whatever. I made a party, with girls and everything. You can come, If you want to. Uhh.. Anyway I’m okay, just drank a lot, so… I’m drunk as hell! Uhh…I’m waiting for you, buddy, xoxo! Hey big boy, get over here! This day was totally insane, right? I venture, you are my greatest customer! B..but there’s one thing that I have to tell you! You’ve successfully ignored the co…consumption of dr*gs. Say what? Exactly, You were in illuminated state. Although it had nothing to do with it. Did you just pranked me? Of course not, I just wanted to show you that you don’t need any dr*gs to feel good. Anyway, what did You sold me?! Uhh…have you ever been in a forest? …yeah. Well…there’s a lot of moss there… You pranked me, you filthy rat! Wait…if you really what that thing…here it is! Is it real? Yeah, you can get it for only $9.95! Oh! Smoke it! No! Don’t smoke it! Smoke it! Smoke it! No, please don’t! Don’t smoke it!


  1. nagyon jó lett! most találtalak meg de eddig nagyon tetszik amit művelsz, tisztába vagyok hogy angolul többen nézik meg amit művelsz, kár hogy nem magyarul kezdted a csatornát, sokkal híresebb lehetnél, azt szeretném megkérdezni hogy milyen rajztáblát használsz? mennyire kihatással volt a 38 millió megtekintés rád?

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