A Look at Problem Gambling with Author and Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselor Arnie Wexler

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author Steve Corey interview certified compulsive gambling
counselor arnie wexler artie was the executive director of the
Council on compulsive gambling at New Jersey for eight years and is the author of the book all bets
are off which chronicles his ears ass a compulsive gambler as well as how he eventually overcame
his addiction and went on to help others at the end of this video we will provide
a list of organizations that can provide help if you or someone you know has a gambling
problem here a certified compulsive gambling counselor can explain what that is and
how you got that certification we had to go through lot about was a training if I remember
we 60 hours a training way back then in the eighties and then
you became a certified counselor you do trainings and workshops and you
what what by people professional back because the game in
and taught some other classes he was the guy that started treatment on compulsive gambling
is an American certification boorda the New Jersey and the National Certification Board at
the National Council at Washington at this point exactly what
is compulsive gambling compulsive gambling is something that affects you to the point
that nothing else matters in your life you don’t care about you vocational
pursuits you don’t care about your family you don’t care about anything the only
thing you care about eat sleep and drink am think that’s the ballgame in in my time
that I was gambling I start again with my seven or
eight years old was flipping baseball caught shooting models pitching pennies playing pinball machines you know not
every kid that did that became a compulsive gambler just like not everybody that took a beer
became an alcoholic unfortunately we it would be nice if we could identify
who could be the addicted gambler and maybe help them before it happens at fourteen I went to the racetrack was
memorial day in 1951 I was making fifty cents an hour if the
school i won that day fifty four dollars to
change my life it said to me on the way home while if I
could win fifty four dollars at the racetrack what a jerk I am is to make
fifty cents an hour I could be a millionaire from gambling
and from that day on I was locked into believing that I was
going to be a millionaire from gambling at 17 I was stealing to support my
gambling addiction gambling only when I was a teenager and
I had no clue and you know it continued in got worse
some more so more so more I’ve heard the terms pathological
gambler and problem camber use when discussing
people with gambling problems can you explain the difference between the two in my head there is no difference
whether it is the the compulsive gambler is defined as a
compulsive gambler by the literature in the twelve-step
programs and about some other research stuff that
doctors have put together this the pathological gambling stop but
that’s really the same thing steve it’s like calling the thing two
different names but it is the same name it could be pathological we could could
be compulsive could be addictive compulsive gambling
is compulsive gambling no matter what you wanna label it will
call it I think when you look at problem gambling versus compulsive
gambling someone owes people that are labeled
problem gambling are gonna become compulsive gamblers and
someone not we just don’t know which ones
unfortunately gonna be like that you know personally I think that we’re
born with a gene that other people don’t have and I think that’s the addiction to
gambling what percent of people who gamble are expected to develop a
gambling problem if you listen to the American Gaming
Association they say the numbers on the one percent I think that they’re getting false
information because they’re doing most the research maybe all the research and what they’re coming up with is very
interesting because they’re calling people on the phone there this saying to people on the phone
do you have a gambling problem in what is your history with gambling the
wife is that kids a day other family members area how do you get a truthful answer the
real answer is to get a a group of people together
when family members are not there and get a real answer i’ve seen.
research over the years that showed anywhere from two to five percent compulsive gambling personally I think
the numbers even bigger than that harmen or women more likely to become
problem gamblers that’s a very interesting question
because up until about the when the slot machine started spreading
across the country probably 95 to 98 percent of all the
people above seeking help for male gamblers they were action gamblers and
the last year’s has we see slot machines coming so
prominent across the country we seeing about eighty percent of the
people maybe ninety percent of the people that play slots and get addicted a female gambles and
most americans Cape campbell’s and what happens with them is it they
come in later rage something happens in their life to lose
a husband when they lose a job or lose a child or something negative happens in
their life and they become xscape gamblers and
ninety-five percent of the slot campbell is that are looking for help I believe a woman gambles today is there
one type gambling where the players are more likely to
develop gambling problems maybe casino players are sports bettors
a lottery players anything that’s the quicker faster
action creates more compulsive gamblers when I
went to the racetrack you used to have 18 or 22 minutes I stop gambling 1968 so you went to the
racetrack you didn’t have simulcasting and what you had was races around every
16 to 22 minutes so you had a lot of time to the down time I guess you could call it
where in 16 or 18 minutes if you’re in a
casino you making probably 102 decisions so two different ball game but the more
addictive games other Quickoffice the games i read your
book in part of it told the story of how you were a compulsive gambler it seems you were a pretty miserable got
back then especially to your wife can you tell some stories that have affected
your life you know it’s interesting everybody
that’s read the book all bets are off for telling me the same story you gotta see emails from friends I’m
getting how mean I was to my wife you know it wasn’t that I was mean to my
wife this sickness over addiction gambling makes you mean everybody because you’re
even mean to yourself you so angry that you lost and you
chasing your money to get it back or if you want you can sleep and you
have anxiety because you want to go gamble more so that’s really what happened I had
seven years of my marriage for seven years in my marriage I was so
sick that my wife was having a miscarriage on february second 1968 I was taken at a
hospital and I thought the answer was God may
could I she does this is going to solve my problem that’s how sick I got I could tell you
that I would tell her I would pick a fight
with her I would come home pick a fight with up
and then leave there were times that I’d should
lay down on the floor by the door night step over her and leave to go gamble I deliver in the house crying on walk
out to go gamble I destroy this lady’s life for seven
years and never even understood our could figure it out until
years later was until I stop gambling that I really
understood the damage I did to her how can someone tell if they might have
a gambling problem well you know if you go to a 12-step
group they have a a list the 20 questions and you could go through the 20
questions I answered 19 outta 20 yeses you got and 27 to be qualified as a
compulsive gambler but only you can qualify yourself but
the fact is that the 20 questions will tell you if you
have a gambling problem if you’re honest enough to answer them
to yourself honestly but if someone takes a 20 question quiz
has less than seven yes answers and still feels they have a problem well nobody’s gonna throw them out over
twelve step program if they don’t answer 7 yeses but I’ve had a situation where a a guy I
know into 3 and came back the next weekend and
today I think seventeen yeses so you know what happened say if
you become honest with yourself and you do have a problem it’s gonna
show up the other thing is people need to know that there is help
available I run a national hotline called a date last bet taken call may be happy to talk to them
anytime how can someone tell her friend or loved one has a gambling problem you know it’s a little tricky because
what happens is there’s no track marks that no dilated pupils there’s no smile a you can tell somebody for being a
compulsive gambler just by looking at them just like you can’t separate the
compulsive gamblers in a casino from sociable gamblers unless you see what kinda action they’re
doing on what’s going on financially with them you know my wife
would get letters in the mail that I took alone in
the bank she I would come home and she would say or I applied for a loan in the bank I
would come home and say Sheila they made a mistake I didn’t try
to get a loan you know bookmakers would call up
looking for money shot looks would call up for looking for money a financial I remember one time before
we got married we had a joint bank account savings
account I was putting sheila was putting money
in I wasn’t when it came time to get married she
thought we had X amount of money we had less than ever that because she was the only one putting
money in so it’s very tricky for a family member to know if somebody is a gambling
problem here’s a classic case I get a call one day on the a date less but cool lady calls me up
and she says my husband’s a compulsive how long you married she said 33 years
when did you know we had a problem she said three weeks ago when the FBI
arrested him because he stole six hundred thousand
dollars from an insurance company and it can be that had an invisible I
get many calls like that someone decides they have a gambling
problem what kinda resources are available to them if you want to call me
at the a day date less bed I’ll be happy to give out all information I know most other states what’s going on this
cementation available there’s a lot about patient available
this gamblers anonymous this gammon on and those are places the
gunman on the step family members compulsive gamblers I helped into
gamblers anonymous room and last question can a compulsive
gambler ever gamble normally again in my mind no and I’ll tell you why I have a friend of
mine that was 38 years in recovery and he decided about three years ago that he wanted to gamble he wanted a
make some bets on the final four tournament that was going on and that
was three years ago in the last email I got from him he went through his three houses he went
through is to cadillacs and he was living in a rental apartment
and I’ve never seen a compulsive gambler become a normal more sociable gamble I
say that twelve-step program meeting with a five
guys were in this twelve-step program before I got
there in 1968 and they will come back in the last few
years and they were out the gambling one guy lost millions and millions of
dollars in the period of 25 years that it was in
the program if you wanna know more about what we do
to help people you couldn’t buy a a book it’s called
all bets are off you can get an Amazon you can call me on
the phone on a day date list but a be happy to
help anybody that wants or needs help a gamble or family member

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