A Mother Who Abandoned Her Kids Speaks On Her Past Crack Addiction | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

A Mother Who Abandoned Her Kids Speaks On Her Past Crack Addiction | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

Start right there. [SIGHS] We had to prostitute
at 16 because I had to– I had to survive. I didn’t– I had
to take care of me. And that was a way
to take care of me. I knew I was
guaranteed some money. Then I sold drugs. I sold drugs at the same time. And how old were
you when she was born? 16. How old were you
when he was born? 17. How old were you
when he was born? 18. How old were you
when they were born? 19. One baby right
after the other. Trauma on top of trauma
on top of trauma. You’re marinated in it. And god only knows why
you weren’t born addicted. Why weren’t they born addicted? Because I didn’t use
while I they were– while I was pregnant. Well, how did you
know you were pregnant? I knew. I knew. Remember, I asked
you this morning, what if she left you to spare you? I’m sorry, Miss [INAUDIBLE]. Your mama was a crackhead. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I hope you know what that
would have looked like for you. I’m not justifying. I’m not excusing. I’m just putting
everything on the table.


  1. I just wanna hug Micheal because….. Just because.
    Lord William is broken to. He wants to save every one and has no clue where to start.
    I'm still praying for Kadea

  2. All of children are beautiful(spirits)…Very attractive… It's FVCKING shame to the 100th power they suffered at the hands of monsters……. Either with her without her they was going to suffer….. Somebody wld actively had to step in to care for all these children… My God….. Whoever these FOSTER PARENTS ARE NEEDS TO BE OUTED LIKE NOW…NAMES AND PROFILES…THOSE MONSTERS GOTTA BE DEALT WITH….

  3. im saying a special prayer for these people tonight Jesus just when you think your family is bad your upbringing was bad or that you got it bad now there's always somebody who got it way worse, i wanna love on michael especially his eyes just scream something terrible 🙁

  4. The mother isn’t to blame for the molestation, the system is for handing these beautiful children over to monsters. They would have been hungry and on the streets with her, if they stayed with her. She probably imagined that they were living a life far better than the one she had, especially since the twins were taken at birth, they should have been adopted by a loving family. It’s so sad.

  5. There’s absolutely no damn excuse for the mother period. Michael I just want to hug you. I pray they all get healed.

  6. I'm just saying to be a crack addict and to not use for 9 months because you know there's a child in there, that takes some strong moverly love even though the foster home was not the right thing to do for kids, they just want their mama.

  7. Did I just hear her say she was 13 when she had the twins…i rewind this 4x and still am not sure..


  9. I love Iyanla she ain't gonna make any excuses and she ain't gonna let them do the same. She calls it like she see it. Kudos to the mom for thinking about the kids by not doing drugs while pregnant. But she still hurt them in many ways. Along with their abusers. Just pray for them.

  10. UGH WHERE TF ARE THE MONSTERS WHO RAISED THEM?!?! I HOPE EVERYONE WHO KNOWS THESE KIDS' ADOPTIVE PARENTS SPITS IN THE FACES IF THEIR ABUSERS. I adopted my baby thru Foster Care and know how much she endured by her biological parents but I could NEVER hurt her. SMH

  11. The only reason i bear watching this is to find out that those terrible animals calling themselves foster parent are in jail for life with punishments daily. Punishments like screw drivers in every hole of their body daily. Scorpions put in the ears. Soldier ants poured into their throat. Am just so angry

  12. My heart goes out to this family. Sad, sad, saaad, their story angers me! No child or person she endure what they did.
    The system needs to find these people asap, and lock them up. Also what if these people are still caring for foster kids??? They need to identified and exposed, like today!

  13. Molestation/rape is drenched in this family, I can only imagine what her mother went through and her mother's mother, which has now lead to this generation suffering the pains of long ago.

  14. There is literally nothing worse than a mother abandoning her children my heart breaks for them

  15. Contraception is an easy choice especially when you know you’re in a messed up situation. Why bring innocent lives into the world to suffer along with yourself? I feel so sad for Michael, he looks broken and lost. No child deserves that.

  16. Lord help me have sympathy for the mom. But I can’t stand her!! She let her babies go through the unimaginable 😭😪🥺

  17. I'm sorry, but that doesn't make it better. Their mom should have had enough love to get her act together. They need the healing that only God can give.

  18. This whole family has endure suffering from the mother to each on down this is heartbreaking. So she really never knew how to be a mother because nobody raised or taught her nothing right or responsable… Drug addiction, prostitution abuse but I give her credit for not using drugs while she was pregnant with each one of them….. Their hurt and pain is very deep seeded my prayer is that they let Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ into their mind, body, and spirit and continue intense therapy individually and as a whole family the power of Jehovah and Jesus Christ super seeds everything and problem ..

  19. Iyanla is out here doing God’s work for real. I wouldn’t even know where to start looking at all that pain. Let’s pray for Iyanla and all the broken families we have seen this season. This season is so heavy.

  20. Sometimes we do things that may not seem like the best option, but it is. Let's say they stayed with her they would've likely picked up her habits of drug addiction and young pregnancy there would be been more children like then running around with a broken home whom also could've ended up in foster care. They might be been dead somewhere with a needle sticking out their arm. Now, they went through unspeakable things that they probably would've experienced the same living with their mama. Sometimes we can't dwell on the what ifs even though we want too.

  21. Iyanla why crack head? Why drug addict to these children even there mom was a child. Inappropriate why so harsh towards the kids i don't understand why she feel comfortable saying crackhead vrs drug addict. Damn!!!!

  22. If anyone is interested in helping foster children, but not in a position to adopt or become a foster parent, you should check out CASA. Court Appointed Special Advocate programs provide an innovative approach to the foster care crisis. CASA programs recruit, screen, train, and support CASA volunteers to provide individualized attention for these innocent victims and CASA volunteers act as an independent source of information for the judge who must decide the future of foster children. If you are sicken by the depraved acts that these precious souls experienced. Check out CASA. You can make a difference!www.casaforchildren.org. I will begin training in a couple of weeks. Peace

  23. At 16 she was a prostitute because she had to survive….Where was her mother?? Her trauma was passed on to her beautiful children. I hope they break this cycle of neglect and abuse so that their children don't experience the trauma they nor their mother experienced.

  24. She was blessed with some beautiful children. All of them. There is no way a brother, sister, 1st cousin, or someone I consider a friend will put their children in the foster care system while there is breath in my body. Idc if we have the struggle, the children will be brought up with love.

  25. WOW I've been in recovery for over 25 years and have heard hundreds of stories, but she's the only crack head I ever heard say they stopped smoking when they got pregnant not once but three times. Not only that but if she had the kids back to back she said she was 17, 18 and 19 it takes nine months to have a baby what did she do, smoke three months out the year get pregnant and stop smoking again for 9 months etc. I call either BS or I don't know what she was smoking but it wasn't crack.

  26. It’s sad but good that she didn’t have the kids. But someone could of done better and take the kids. Where is family when u really need them

  27. I feel their pain 😭 my oldest brother molested me and got me pregnant, miscarried. Was never taken to the doctor. GOD HAS BEEN MY GUIDE. I love hard and refused to be disrespected. But that journey has made me a RARE JEWEL.

  28. #Women are no different from #men in the purpose of their creation and their essence, but unfortunately, their rights have been violated throughout history, under various non-divine #governments.

  29. We have to remember the mom is a victim too. If she was a teenage prostitute I’m sure the guys paying her we’re grown Men. Mom was on her own so you don’t know what you would do to survive, so don’t judge. She grew up in an era (80’s) that did not have the resources we have now. Also I believe if she had the kids with her they may have been pimped out or worse. However, at least she didn’t do drugs or even abort her precious kids. Last, generational curses are REAL and by TMH (The Most High) grace the healing is now starting. Those adopted parents had the opportunity to do something great by raising them with LOVE but didn’t so TMH will judge them for that.

  30. I don’t think y’all hearing what she saying she was a prostitute at the age of 16 theirs one downfall their but then to become a crackhead I mean y’all Judge not

  31. I really really really hope that evil foster family didn’t raise anymore foster kids after them. I hope they’re arrested and rotting in jail

  32. It seems even if she kept them they would have suffered the same abuse……everyone is right only God can take the pain away

  33. I'm sorry but she needs to be in jail,right along with the sexual deviants that abused them. I hate how EVERYONE is suffering but the ones responsible.

  34. Iyanla said " ya mama was crackhead do you know what that would've look like for you" umm i think they have experienced pretty much the same lifestyle that they would've experienced with her, they where starved and abused without her and they would've suffered the exact same fate being with her so the insinuation that they dodged a bullet is sorta ludicrous..

  35. Did she say she was 13 when she had the twins? I thought William and Shalimar were the oldest..she said she had Shalimar at 16 and William at 17

  36. Apparently it didn't look good either way. Iyanla your approach is not always right. You could have said at least they didn't come out addicted.

  37. Iyanla..They would still not be subjected to that level of evil. They must also know that..I pray for you all..you are so amazing for being present around this table.

  38. Its not necessarily the mother's fault tho. I understand she wasnt a good mother and her children were taken. But you dont expect your child to be sexually and physically abused by foster parents

  39. PLEASE 👀c the Love she had 4 y'all by not doin drugs while pregnant,reasons of not being born a 'crack baby'(bad terms bt street lang). Her struggles mentally wouldn't allow her 2 stop 4 good, bt out of Love 4 her babies she did 4 the time bein([email protected] had 2 b hard itself).She didn't kno how 2 Stop her madness brought on herself & c'ren by her own doings.💌💞&🙏w/👼.!.💋

  40. how about sparing your kids by not bringing them in the world if you didn't intend on loving them, providing for them, protecting them and raising them. I hate to be judgmental but certain things aren't forgivable. They didn't deserve the things that they had to endure. 😡😢💔

  41. The damage that crack has done on earth can likely never be undone. Who ever is responsible deserves God's wrath.

  42. I'm sorry but her children would've been much better off with their mother. She had enough sense and self-control to stop using drugs while she was carrying. Keeping her children could've continued to motivate her to live better. I feel she gave them up because she was selfish and wanted to continue living the drug lifestyle. She took the easy route for herself by abandoning them.

  43. I dont agree with Iyanla, seem like the kids would have been better off with their mother with all the suffering they endured. It would have been best if they were not with either but to have suffered like that, they could have just stayed with her. I love Iyanla but she making excuses for their mother. That lady having kids willings back to back does not equate to giving them up and having them treated like garage. The mother had a choice to have kids over and over knowing she couldnt maintain a safe environment for them.

  44. Why don’t they expose the foster parents? The amount of trauma and pain caused on these kids shouldn’t be solely placed on the mother. I understand her role in all this but seriously we need to see the faces of these monsters.

  45. I'm pretty sure they were the 'different' kids growing up and people just like those here in the comments section treated them different

  46. Who was this family that did this to these children? Were they arrested? Are they doing a sentence for this horrible, unspeakable crime towards those children? Have these brothers and sisters been monetarily compensated for these crimes against their youth?

  47. It's impossible to be a prostitute at 16 and not smoke crack. That's the only way to get thru it. I don't care what anybody says. You can't get raped all day every day sober. My heart goes out to Mom. Nobody knew 20 years ago that 99.9% of all children placed in Group Homes, Foster Care and Orphanages have been tortured all around the globe since the beginning of time. God bless her.

  48. I lived with TWO CRACK HEAD PARENTS AND I WOULD PREFER THAT OVER GETTING RAPED & MOLESTED ANY DAY. THESE KIDS WENT THRU HELL BC SHE WASN'T THERE!! All my 6 siblings had each other growing up and raised one another in a crack head house hold with parents been gone for weeks at times BUT we had each other. That women excuses are bs 😠 for what her kids lived thru

  49. My mama was a crackhead too…she left me and my two siblings at the park and never came back. But I feel like she spared us as well, I didn’t go thru what these people went thru in their child hood, but I definitely know my life would have turned out for the worse if we weren’t left at that park. I was blessed, and it absolutely hurts to hear the things that possibly could have easily been me. I hope they hearts heal and I pray for them

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