A prescription drug run to Mexico!

A prescription drug run to Mexico!

Good morning guys, from San Ysidro just
south of San Diego. We have made a run to the border today to score some drugs. No
not those kind of drugs! Prescription drugs and Mexico is this amazing
resource if you’re in the area to go get prescription meds. At like a fraction of
the cost. So we thought we’d take you down on our little experience. And also
to keep things fresh, I’m gonna do all our b-roll footage on the hero 5 black
and 1080p at 80 frames per second. So I normally don’t slow things down but… I’m
gonna try seeing what the slow-motion thing is all about! Correction we’re
gonna shoot 1080p at 60 frames per second. I hit the 80 and that took it to
super view which gives you that kind of gross
GoPro fish eye look but… One of the new features is they have a linear setting.
So it looks more like that! Alright so we use the El chaparral, new
border crossing. It’s right next to ped West, which is the new crossing back into
the States. And we’re gonna hit up this first
Pharmacia and you know some may have what you need some may not have what you
need. But also this one might be a little more expensive because it’s the very
first one right when you cross the border! Alright guys, well it looks like this
place has what we came for and at a very reasonable price! Through years of
experience we kind of know what things should be going for. But you know if you
ask yourself why in the heck would you come to Mexico or Tijuana or any of the
border towns for these drugs, it’s you know…. Purely out of saving money and
convenience and also… You know, if you’re a prepper or even if you’re a traveller.
Like a full time traveller like us who find ourselves in remote locations, it
would not hurt to have a base level of some meds! Now keep in mind you’re not
going to be getting the Oakley Ides here and taking them across the border. And
sometimes in the past we’ve been asked for a prescription here at the pharmacy
and then…. They send you over to a doctor’s office next door. They charge
you ten bucks and they give you a script! Not all that complicated but yeah, you
know us! We travel a lot. We like to have things on hand for emergencies. And even
if you’re not a medical professional, if here…. What is it? A pinch. Get the book… I’m sure there’s a book out there called the idiots guide to giving yourself
pharmaceuticals, I don’t know! But there is something out there where if
everything went wrong and you needed it you would be able to treat yourself! And if
you need help in other departments you can score that down here in Mexico…..
Come on let’s go, keep walking, keep walking…. Just kidding! There’s nothing illegal that we did! For
reference, it was about 18% of what retail prices in the States so…. Depending
on how good your insurance is.. You know I think it’s a good deal to come down here!
Now, hey….. The big question honey… Oh put it on…Do
we have a meal while we’re down here? And risk a longer wait time at ahh….PedWest because right now we went online and PedWest….You can check all the
border wait times. It’s no weight at all so…. We’re safe right now! But it’s only
8:30 in the morning so I think we can afford the time to go have a nice little
breakfast in TJ…. Alright this little adventure is gonna require a taxicab… Are you a taxi driver?… What?… Are you, you drive taxi?
But you know where we’re going! He doesn’t know where we’re
going! Can we jump in your taxi? Honey I think it’s wise…..
Make sure your taxi driver knows where they’re going! And if time is on your side and you’re
feeling a little bit adventurous… We’ve even taken the public transportation
buses and those are so cheap! And it’s… It’s a very authentic, fun experience but
times not on our side today because we don’t want to have a long wait at the
border! 10 bucks… 10 bucks?No… 10 bucks?.. 7 bucks No change…No change for 200 pesos? You have change
for American…. American change…So lesson number 2 Benny; Ask how much before we
get in the taxi! It is only 1.2 miles or 2 kilometres!
I’m just saying you’re giving tips so that’s number 2…
Well he totally tried giving us the gringo rate?
Call them out on it. Got it down 30%… It’s a good coffee!…Mhhh…. Yeah, that’s a unique omelette!…. Your
pancakes….Alright! So I ordered the chorizo omelet and chorizo it’s like a
Mexican sausage and …I think it might have a little organ meat or something.
I’m not sure but it tastes so good! These seasonings are amazing!…. Okay.
Well breakfast hit the spot! That place was called Los chilaquiles which are a
very traditional Mexican breakfast! Which they’re kind of like soft, cooked
tortilla chips.They are not full-blown crispy like a tortilla chip with various sauces
over them. I don’t know. I’ve never really been able to embrace it. I’ve had the sauces
are good but just…. I don’t know, it’s just kind of weird. It’s like putting sauce
over french fries… I just don’t feel the vibe! Yes exactly! So since the taxi driver kind of
tried to rip us off on our way here, we thought we’d also share another form of
transportation called uber!…. Uber?…So the uber app told us
that estimated that this ride would be around 45 pesos. Which is somewhere
between two and three bucks! A lot better deal than what we got with
taxi driver on the way over here! So it’s kind of nice because it’s a set price.
You get an estimate before they pick you up. There are buses and stuff that you
can take here in Tijuana but…. We’re getting back to the border which is just
easier to grab an uber or a taxi or something…. But this is the border line
for the San Ysidro crossing… Though we’re in a completely different lane that just
takes you up closer to the border. But doesn’t quite put you in that line! I
just checked the app for Customs and Border Protection and the wait at the
PedWest crossing is only five minutes. You can’t
beat that! Easy enough right here where we all
started!…. Now we got to smuggle these drugs back across the border.
It’s not smuggling guys! We’ve never been asked to show prescriptions on entry
into the states… They’ve occasionally asked to see what
we have. And you know, you just say it’s for yourself. Your personal use but it’s
never been an issue! Alright guys, we made it! That was easy,
that was fun! That was not ordinary! Which is kind of some good key points to live
in your life…. It wasn’t a five-minute wait
but that PedWest is spot on! It was easy quick, it’s nice and clean and new. Great way
to get back across the border!… Wait wait to cross Camino de la plaza at virginia
wait…. Camino de la plaza walk sign is on the cross
Camino de la plaza…. Okay! Back in the car we’re heading back to Ben’s dad’s
house ahhh….One little note for you…. We don’t park down here very often so
it’s been a long time since we paid for parking here. We did choose to park and
in the most convenient location possible. So we knew we’d pay and you really do
pay for convenience! Parking was more than breakfast. It cost $15 for the three
hours that we were down there so…. Something to keep in mind, the trolley is
a great alternative if you don’t want to come down here and park. Or bring your car
pay the price. If you got the day and the time. go for it! It’s really fun to! I
think we’re gonna call it a day here on the vlog and go get some other stuff
done! We’ve got a busy week ahead… Thank you for joining us on our little
side trip in New Mexico. Be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button and that way you
can see what we’re up to tomorrow. You definitely gonna want to join us! Bye…


  1. If ever in Matzatlian go to the Panama great breakfast & pastries…delicioso….I know many people who buy their meds in Mexico… high cost of meds in US ridiculous or no insurance….we do what is necessary in order to survive… taxi driver probably had to share some money with the other guy he took the fare from or there would be trouble

  2. So, we are adding dental to my son's Covered California. We look at one dental insurance and the only dentists accepting new patents are in Tijuana, yes BA Mexico. Since we live in San Jose, we went with another company that has dentists in our area. 😆

  3. uber in the uk is a dirty word, they didnt integrate they thought they were above local laws by using loopholes….losing licences fast

  4. Everyone is after our money. Your tips are very beneficial. As a teaching method, your videos are preferable to reading something out of date in a guide book. BTW – as retirees in Ontario, Canada my wife and I buy anything we can at COSTCO. Hero 5 & fold-up drone you use greet shoppers right at the entrance.

  5. Rebecca Was it the Red Trolley from San Diego to San Ysidro that you were talking about? If so decades ago my family & I we took it to the Tijuana border . We stayed in a Motel 6 that was closest to the border and we walked across the TJ border both ways .

  6. Ask before snd always have small denominations and coins. Everywhere I've been a cabi or taxi driver will try to swindle you out of your moohla by saying they don't have change.

  7. Dude, use google maps, check for restaurants before hand and use UBER in Tijuana, you can either pay with cash or pay through the app. They also have UBER english. It's so much cheaper than those rip off taxis and better drivers. For UBER, I get unlimited data and pay $5.00 for unlimited data in Mexico. Total $65 a month, well worth it.

  8. Fortunately most of our drugs are covered through our Universal Health Care and any supplemental insurance coverage I have through my former employer.  However dental is something that I might look into more when I get down that way.  I need a couple implants so I can get rid of the darn "flipper" I have for two teeth. The prices up here are bloody ridiculous for implants.

  9. You need to change the title to A day in Mexico cause you spent 10 seconds I actually talking about drugs in Mexico

  10. American prescription system is ridiculous, you can buy insulin and syringes over the counter which heaven forbid you over dose you will go into a seizure and possibly die, but you can but something like singulair for allergies (no common side affects) or blood pressure medications , or even antibiotics. I understand not selling opiods over the counter, but fucking allergy meds, or blood pressure meds that is just fda over reach.

  11. Can u get opioid prescription from mexico and then come back across? Like a real prescription not just buying

  12. Where you guys ate: Los Chilaquiles ZONA RIO
    Boulevard General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada 1600, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
    +52 664 686 4696

  13. Does Customs give u a hardtime when coming back over? Or do u stash them and not tell them about the prescriptions??

  14. Buying medications like antibiotics is dangerous if it's not prescribed, you can fuck around and kill all your gut Flora and then the bad anaerobic bacteria has no competition and multiply, possibly leading to necrosis of the intestines which would need surgical removal, possibly a colostomy bag

  15. You don't speak ANY Spanish??? And you don't even know how to ask if he is the driver? How does he know where you're going to go if you don't tell him? also you can get anything you want in the United States EXCEPT opioids. Show how you can buy codeine over the counter! Or Xanax or Valium! everything else you can get in the United States and they're about the same price! Where did you come from to do this video? Freaking Michigan?!!! LOL!!!

  16. Chorizo sausage isn't Mexican, it's roots are Portuguese and Spanish and is made with fresh ground pork MEAT, no organs, just the intestine that it's piped into…

  17. Big Big mistake, not to agree on a price before you get in a taxi, where ever you are in the world.
    I see a American get killed in Bangkok over less than $10 the taxi driver pulled out a machete, because they never agreed on a price before they set off.

  18. I've been thinking about doing this for insulin. Have you ever tried that? I'm a little concerned about going back across the border. What do I need to take with me and will it be an issue getting insulin pack from Mexico? Thanks guys!

  19. I have no income, debilitating anxiety attacks- i cannot pay to simply see if the dr. will even prescribe it…. Wealthy people have no problem bullshit laws

  20. I've gone there for Gaba., Klonopin, Tramadol, from TJ as well in Jalisco. Got Nemb. too but not directly. Was going to see if they have Baclofen or Hydroxyzine. You cannot get Norco – type of Opiates. You could before but some Americans were obnoxious and on a rampage as they tend to be. So whatever you do, be courteous and discreet and have a little class.

  21. I wouldn't buy pharmaceutical products from a country that produces fake and dangerous medications. Its just plain stupid.

  22. How easy it hard is it to get hydrocodone and benzos like zanex or ativian? I have tons of medical records to prove I have anxiety and bad back. Also can I bring over the meds back to USA?

  23. Thanks for sharing this, it is just too expensive to get medication in the US and that is the bottom line, plus great food, great people, truly great video !!! There are MANY of us who will be taking your advice as big pharma in the US is out to bankrupt us all.

  24. Tip #2 only take Uber, NEVER take a taxi

    Especially after crossing the border, those taxi folks will always try to F-you with the price or say that they don't have change.

  25. "Disliked" the video, as you clearly didn't buy crap. Why not tell us all what you got? And what is considered personal use?

  26. Why I hate living in America….my son is autistic/bipolar. We were evacuated in the kincade fires and had a relapse on a m/cal form. So basically I sent the form to partnership m/cal and not state m/cal so I couldn't get his meds. I was begging m/cal since I couldn't get the form. Hence, evacuated. They couldn't give a damn. My son freaked out and now in withdrawal. Hospitals evacuated. I had to do things I'm not proud of to get $753 together for his meds. I have fallen on hard times after working 20 years in the medical field. I never imagined the things I would have to do to make it in America. Because there are no resources for the poor. And Americans are selfish and apathetic. I have done dark things this past year to pay rent, food, gas, now medicines for my children. America is a shit hole.

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