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so it was just announced that Aaron
Carter not only sold his guns but he’s tapering off of xanax so we’re gonna be
talking about xanax addiction we’re gonna be talking about Aaron Carter
because I’ve gotten a lot of requests from all of you to discuss it and I’m
actually finally going to address another creator who’s made I think like
over 15 videos about me so stay tuned what’s up everybody this is Chris from
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instagram and twitter at the rewired soul alright so today’s video this video
and I’m actually gonna record a video right after this too but anyways the
theme for this video is we need to start recognizing how we justify and
rationalize and this is something that became very apparent to me when I was
recovering from my addiction but this is something that you don’t have to be an
addict to struggle with this all right but it might help you understand what
Aaron Carter is going through so those of you who don’t know me by the way I’m
not a licensed therapist or psychologist or anything like that my experience is I
am seven years clean and sober from drugs and alcohol I haven’t had any
drugs any alcohol since June of 2012 not only that but I work at a drug and
alcohol treatment center for a little over three years and I’m currently
halfway through my CADC which is certified alcohol and drug counselor
license alright so although I’m not licensed therapist or psychologist I
have quite a bit of experience okay so anyway it’s like I said a lot of you
have been requesting videos about Aaron Carter you guys let me know when he was
hanging out with Trisha Paytas a lot of people were worried that her and Aaron
were using together they did a livestream that was a little
little odd but anyways I started following Aaron Carter on Twitter and
yeah like I don’t know it’s it’s really sad man like you can tell he’s going
through some stuff um but anyways he recently went on the show the doctors
and he talked about how he’s been sober for ten years or not ten years two years
and he said his drug of choice was huffing right and yeah I’ve worked with
a lot of people who huffed and things like that but he also said he was also
diagnosed with a few mental illnesses and he held up his bag of medications
all right and he says he got those from rehab and he went to rehab and
everything like that well people have been worried because not only has he
been acting very erotic but he also owns guns but anyways today after we got a
restraining order from his brother Nick dude from the Backstreet Boys he ended
up selling his guns but he also said he’s been tapering off xanax for the
last I believe five days I think you did an interview with TMZ alright so some of
you might be wondering why is he tapering off of xanax if he was sober
alright because when people hear sober they think no addictive substances well
this is something that’s actually quite common because again our Bray’s they
justify their rationalize right and this is something extremely common in the
realm of addiction where we quit one thing and think it’s okay to take
another right so in Aaron Carter’s mind he felt that huffing was the problem but
he can still use xanax right and Aaron Carter is a prime example of no you
probably shouldn’t alright because xanax not only can it become addictive but you
become physically dependent and I hope that he’s going through some kind of
medical detox because xanax withdrawal is extremely dangerous and I talked more
about this in my video about Jordan Peterson going to rehab just the other
day now my experience with that my primary drug of choice when I first
started it was alcohol I was a full-blown alcoholic and then I found my
new love which was prescription painkillers and in my mind going from
alcohol to painkillers was better okay this was this was better than
alcohol because I don’t have to stupid I’m not hungover I don’t smell like
booze I I don’t black out right but I was just swapping one addiction for
another the last time I tried to get sober about eight or nine years ago
before the most recent time I smoked weed right because I thought hey I can
do that and what that did was it led me right back to the opioids and let me
write back to alcohol and this is why most programs whether it’s rehabs or
12-step programs they teach complete abstinence all right there are some
fringe programs out there that try to teach like harm reduction right but I
don’t really agree with that that’s my opinion I I haven’t seen it work out for
anybody I see people use that as a way to keep using so sometimes they try to
teach you how to use that drug or drink in moderation it works for some people
but the majority of the time from my experience I haven’t seen it work and
that’s one of the reasons I recommend against it so with Aaron Carter I’m glad
to hear that he got off of xanax but this gives me the opportunity to talk
about another situation so the other day I made a video about Jordan Peterson and
some people went around saying all this pill shaming and everything like that
I’ve made a video yesterday morning and I showed all the statistics of overdoses
and addiction rates and everything like that but a lot of people were upset but
Aaron Carter Jordan Peterson are examples of how
benzodiazepines can become addictive so I’m about to talk about another creator
and I haven’t talked about him so remember how we’re talking about
justifying and rationalizing so I I like to think I’m pretty self-aware and
about to justify and rationalize all right like that’s just something that we
do as part of our nature so there’s another creator out there who
has made 15 videos about me at least alright and I’ve never to my knowledge I
don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him in a video I might have mentioned him in a
podcast a long time ago once but anyways he’s a smaller creator and I don’t
believe in punching down so here’s my rationalization for bringing up this
other creator one is that he’s made 15 videos about me alright he’s a smaller
creator but combined with his 15 videos plus I would estimate he’s had probably
about 10,000 views maybe more so my rationalization is even though I’m a
bigger Channel none of my videos have really been getting that many views now
the other justification for this is Primack has hundreds of thousands of
subscribers and the YouTube community is alright with him making videos about me
and the distance between my channels subscriber count and premix is much
bigger than my channels and this guy’s channels but anyways this Creator his
name is driven industries and listen I don’t I don’t think he’s a bad guy I’m
gonna talk about that in a second but I thought I would address this because
this is a prime time to address it because he is somebody who says he’s
sober and I haven’t shared my opinion about it but he’s he’s labeled me as a
bully which I don’t really mind but he’s also labeled me as dangerous and here’s
my problem he’s somebody who says he’s in recovery and he’s not alright so you
don’t have to take my word for it because I know it’s gonna upset a lot of
people I try not to judge other people’s recovery but the fact that he’s made
this many videos calling me dangerous and he has an audience you know I feel
that we should talk about it because it’s important that you know about this
too in case you have somebody who just left rehab and
a I’m taking xanax and adderall so driven industries he says he’s been
sober I believe for 26 months now now again you don’t have to believe me I
would challenge you to call any rehab facility or any sober living house and
ask them this can I be in your facility and still take xanax and still take
adderall because something that driven industries will try to tell people is
that I’m dangerous I’m not a licensed professional which I’ve always found
kind of hypocritical because he’s giving all of this advice and he’s like not in
the mental health industry at all whereas I’ve actually worked in it but
anyways I’ve worked in rehabs and we don’t let people in there who are taking
xanax or adderall so driven Industries is saying it’s okay to keep taking xanax
and adderall the other issue that I have is he promotes 12-step programs and I
don’t know I don’t know maybe he goes to him maybe not but here’s the thing in my
experience of seven years sober and thousands of meetings it would be very
difficult for you to find a sponsor who would work with you if you’re still
taking xanax or adderall and again if you don’t believe me if you have a loved
one friend family member who has been to a 12-step program ask them ask them hey
could you be in that program and get coins if you’re still taking xanax or
adderall because my guess is they’re probably gonna tell you no so again
although this man has labeled me as dangerous 15 times people are taking
advice from him when he’s not really sober and here’s the rule of thumb that
I like to use if you can crush it and snort it to get high
you probably shouldn’t take it while you’re sober alright
so people might call that pill shaming they can if they want to but in programs
like narcotics they have literature as well as in
alcoholics Anonymous they have literature that talks about taking
medications in sobriety and all of them are pretty clear not to take addictive
medications such as xanax and adderall which driven industries is taking all
right so the weird thing is to if you’ve ever been to a Narcotics Anonymous
meeting and I’m not a representative of any of these 12-step programs I’m just
sharing with you information about these programs but in Narcotics Anonymous one
of the readings at the beginning says something along the lines of let us not
be fooled you know alcohol is a drug all right and it talks about how many
addicts have made the mistake of thinking alcohol is not a drug so based
on that do you think anybody in a 12-step program of Narcotics Anonymous
would say it’s okay to take medications like xanax or at all probably not and at
the end of the day it’s none of my business
like driven industries you’re gonna see this take whatever you want but here’s
the thing like I said I don’t think driven industries is a bad guy I’ve been
making a lot of videos talking about moral psychology moral philosophy and
you know we we all we all think that were the hero we’re all we all think
that were were right like I don’t hate driven industries in
his mind he does believe that I’m dangerous in his mind he believes that I
don’t think he’s a bad person he believes that right and it would be
extremely hypocritical of me to just say that he’s this bad awful person
because before everything happened with me and I was making videos you know when
I like for example talking about Trisha Paytas in my mind I was like this is a
bad influence we need to discuss it and driven industry’s mind he believes I’m a
bad influence so he’s talking about it so everybody has the right to their own
opinion all right and in this video I shared my opinion based on a lot more
experience and I want to end with this one of my first interactions with driven
industries was he I think his first video about me he said something about
not caring about peer-reviewed studies alright so again if you’re online on
YouTube taking mental health or addiction recovery advice from people
who don’t believe in peer-reviewed studies you really need to check in with
that and see if they’re a credible source because I I personally just my
opinion I would not trust anybody who doesn’t believe in science and all the
studies they’ve done around mental health and medications and things like
that alright but again you don’t have to take my word for it call any rehab you
want most of them have a 24-hour hotline call one right now call any sober living
house and say hey can I be in that rehab can I be in that sober living house and
take xanax Oh adderall there’s a reason why they say no all right so I wish the
best for Aaron Carter I hope he’s getting on a better track I’m thinking
about watching his podcast interview that he did with Adam 22 I think he said
he was on impulsive – so I might check that out May anyways that’s all I got
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see you next time

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