About CHN’s Opioid Addiction Services

(soft music) – CHN has taken the approach
that integrated care is the most effective way of addressing many medical, or chronic
medical conditions, opioid addiction being one of them. (soft music) – I moved to New York from Australia, and got into some bad situations. Ended up becoming addicted to heroin. I tried a lot of other treatment, management programs and I
wasn’t being managed properly, so a friend referred me to
CHN, and then I actually started getting better for the first time. – We are using a medication
called buprenorphine, and administering it through
a nurse care manager. – The nurse care manager
works in partnership with your primary care provider, and they work together to
ensure that you have access to all of the supportive
services that you may need, whether it’s psychiatry, behavior health, counseling, nursing, nutrition, wellness, all of it under one roof and in a very integrated and holistic approach. (soft music)

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