Adam Ruins Everything – Why Some Prescription Drugs Are More Dangerous than Illegal Drugs

Adam Ruins Everything – Why Some Prescription Drugs Are More Dangerous than Illegal Drugs

There’s no way that legal drugs could be bad, right? I mean, they’re prescribed
by doctors. Hate to break it to you,
but some prescription drugs are almost identical
to street drugs. Hate to break it to you,
but some prescription drugs Kids across America take
the prescription drug Adderall, which is an amphetamine. But you know what else
is an amphetamine? Meth. I’m gonna need
to confiscate that. Oh, boy, I’ve got
a lot of drugs. The chemical composition
of the two drugs is nearly identical,
and in one study, people who took both couldn’t
even tell the difference. So, I should stop
taking Adderall? No, Adderall still helps
a lot of people. But the fact remains,
we’re giving kids essentially the same drug
we make scary TV shows about. I am the one
who concentrates. And the line gets blurrier. Uh… But there are no
prescription drugs as bad as, like, heroin. Actually, heroin was first
marketed and sold by the drug company Bayer. You know,
the aspirin people. (coughing) Mm, cough, eh? Well, take two heroin
and call me in the morning. Wait, so anyone could
just go into a store and buy heroin? Yep, they even gave it
to kids. (coughing) You little rascal. Now, back to the coal mines
with ya! Heroin was considered so safe,
one medical journal even claimed that
there was no danger of acquiring a habit. Well, now, we know better. I mean, doctors don’t prescribe
drugs like that anymore. Yeah, they do.
All the time. Heroin is an opioid,
so when it was banned, scientists just invented
new opioids that act on the exact
same receptors in the brain. Heroin’s illegal. Well, this isn’t heroin,
it’s… OxyContin. Let’s advertise
the (bleep) out of it. And so, they did. In the ’90s,
drugmaker Purdue started marketing
OxyContin like crazy, producing weird swag
like plush toys, golf balls,
and even a swing CD. And OxyContin’s
popularity soared. My elbow really hurts, Doc. Yeah, well, take two Oxy
and call me in the morning. This led to a surge
in painkiller abuse and overdoses. It’s just that
it really hurts, and it’s probably gonna
hurt for a long time. So, if you could just
scribble, scribble, scribble!


  1. I always thought that this was a pretty obvious fact. However this video doesn't really tell the full story, while the drugs prescribed by doctors can have bad side effects their use and more importantly their creation is far more closely monitored. We learn more and more about things like signs of addiction and in turn learn how to stop people who are becoming addicted to a drug.

    There is also the difference of street drugs typically being used for recreational purposes, while medical drugs are typically used to actually treat something like and illness. In other words it is just what they are made of that makes them different but also how and why they are used.

  2. Adam is a silly clown. Oversimplified claptrap for stupid viewers. Adderall is absolutely, positively NOT "essentially" the same thing as meth. In fact, meth-amphetamine is sometimes prescribed (legally) by doctors in the United States. This is the most irresponsible and stupid program ever.

  3. These drug you get in the pharmacy are illegal drugs, but they respond differently when introduce to the body

  4. I take Adderall because I have ADHD which is annoying but I can live with it. So what you're saying is that it I were to take Meth it would have the exact same effect on me? IM NOT SAYING I DO OR EVER WILL DO DRUGS!

  5. Hey Adam
    It’s not the drug
    It’s the person
    One study researched drug addiction with one rat in a single cage
    The rat died of overdose in just four days
    However several rats were given the same thing with two different water systems one with heroin one without
    And the cage had things like tube systems, toys
    And several books and crannies for the rats to play
    All were healthy
    Humans thrive when put into a good environment

  6. As a chronic pain patient this medication is the only thing that helps my constant incurable pain. These methods that are being trotted out as safer such as spinal injections and spinal cord stimulators are not safer, more effective and are expensive. I am begging you Adam please ruin medical devices because I had a hip replacement that is the biggest mistake of my life. I have no life already and having my pain reduced is being taken away as well so now I am really considering suicide to living the rest of my life in this nonstop pain. These methods like mindfulness, acupuncture and massage are not the answer either. Once our government gets the chance to control who can have treatment that should be the patients choice where do you think they will stop? This opioid crisis is just another propaganda tool to divert attention from their real agenda but what that is will come out after the pain has become too much for me and millions of others.

  7. People act like you say oh my back hurts and doctors give you drugs that is not what happens. If you have pain you are treated like a drug seeking junkie and denied treatment for a lot of people by doctors they have had for years. Going to the ER is worse they leave you in a room till you give up and leave without any treatment other than abuse by the staff because you are a worthless drug seeking junkie. The pill mill days if they ever existed have long been over. If you still have a doctor that will give you medication you have all kinds of hoops to jump through and many have now had their doctors stop treatment with no warning for no reason other than this crusade against pain. It is not going to stop illegal drug use there will just be more people dying.

  8. A kid at my school is prescribed xans and I’m in his art class, when the teacher asks him something he literally just grunts, he can’t reply or form a sentence.

  9. If you think Adam Ruins oversimplifies it's material just stop watching… The show exists to bring awareness to things that some people may find obvious. Meanwhile many will find the material fasinating and still others will be appalled. We as the viewers will all interact differently with information presented on-screen because of our varied experiences.

  10. To be fair even though there r stunt prescriptions
    These r heavily regulated and unlike street drugs they aren't cut with other crap so it's still safer

  11. Trump crushes and snorts Adderall for his ADHD ~ yep, our President is on Meth.
    My doc prescribed me medicine where the 1st three side effects were: Stroke, Seizure, and Sudden Death
    Uh, how the f*ck does our FDA approve that kinda sh*t for the general public?!? Is there truly no oversight?

  12. In some countries outside the US it's less common to hear about these things because of nation health care programs make doctors less into drugs sales people (not that they have no preferences)

  13. Why are you saying "as bad"?? street drugs are in pharmacies…for some people with chemically different brains have to take medication so their brain can be normal.

  14. How does a teenager in America know that Reading in Berkshire, England sucks? It does but that's not the point.

  15. Yeah, the equation of amphetamine to methamphetamine is indefensible. One "study" may have found that some people couldn't tell the difference but I would wonder as to that study's methodology. Really, it just shows the writers' ignorance of biochemistry and pharmacology.

  16. So Adderall and meth have the same basic component which is amphetamines but to make meth you need to use prescription drugs and put it through a whole other process to create the meth that is sold on the "streets."
    I genuinely like this show but I just know about this that is why I'm saying that it's different. I do not know about heroin but I do know about Adderall and meth. It's a gross overestimation and one study doesn't guarantee anything unless we know the parameters and the whole method behind it. What is troubling is how easily doctors prescribe Adderall and other drugs which can lead to abuse and can also lead to making meth.

  17. Yeah they gave my grandma heroin before her surgery
    She said she saw angels and that she understood why people get addicted

  18. I take adderall and it has gotten to the point where my brain was making me see things like i was looking through a set of binoculars

  19. paracetamol is one of the major ones kids and teenagers overdose on, since it’s a common painkiller that every house has a couple of :/

  20. All this for profit! But yall still believe in vaccines right? Not like they have 91billion reasons per year in the us alone to push them as "safe"

  21. But that's the point, those drugs are dangerous but they're necessary in that situation. That's why they have to be PRESCRIBED BY A QUALIFIED DOCTOR. You just took something good and narrated it differently, in a shady way and changed the whole perspective of it. No Pharma companies purposefully manufacture drugs that are bad for people, it's people who misuse them.

  22. 0:50 Bayer is a German company (Like as in Bayer Leverkusen, the football/basketball club made from Bayer workers), therefore it's pronounced BYE-ur

  23. Heroin is actually still prescribed as heroin, my wife's father had heroin patches until the day he died last year.

  24. Like I know Adam says some people need Adderall or drugs like it anyway, but it would be nice if they had ADHD researchers to combat ADHD myths and the like on his show. I'd love to see Jessica from How to ADHD on his show. <3

  25. To make matters worse, the opioid crisis and war on drugs has led to a lot of people who actually need these drugs, particularly for chronic pain management aren't getting them. As doctors will often refuse on the presumption that they're seeking due to addiction/desire to sell, even though they really just want to be able to get out of bed, cook a meal or go to work without doubling over in pain.

  26. Yeah, and there's something just as dangerous as both called alcohol. Responsible for more deaths, accidents, ruined families, ruined lives, a killer when mixed with legit meds–and you can buy it with no script at all right at your corner store. Society has made its double standard clear: booze, just fine. Medicine that numbs pain, horribly evil. Bet Adam won't touch that.

  27. as someone who works in pharmacy, I can say this is ALL true.

    aaaand I just got horrible flashbacks @ 2:07 😨, some individuals truly sound like this it's scary😖

  28. That’s the gov for ya, they know what these do and STILL give em to the public until they have an outcry about it.

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