Adam Yates New Scott Addict RC | Tour de France 2019 Pro Bike

Adam Yates New Scott Addict RC | Tour de France 2019 Pro Bike

– I’ve got a seriously
hot bike for you here. This is the brand new Scott Addict RC of Mitchelton-Scott’s
team leader Adam Yates. I say brand new because
it is a brand new model. I’ve not seen this one before. It replaces the existing Scott Addict Now, before I go into
all the details of it, I’m going to weigh it,
I’m going to measure it. If you haven’t already, subscribe to GCN and also click the little bell icon as this will give you a notification every time we upload a video. (electronic sounds) First up, I’m going to
go through the features of the new Addict and how it’s different from the previous outgoing version and then I’m going to
explain some of the things that make it unique to Simon, I mean, Adam. It’s Adam’s Addict. I keep getting them mixed up. Anyhow, the original Scott
Addict came out in 2008. It was then updated in 2014 and that was the bike the
team were using prior to this, and that’s the bike
that Adam tended to ride rather than the more
aerodynamic Scott Foil. It’s now been updated
and it’s become, well, more aero, as is the trend with a lot of climbing bikes at the moment, so we’ve got those dropped seatstays that have become synonymous
with lightweight aero bikes. We’ve got a D-shaped
seatpost from more compliance and well, a little bit
more aerodynamic as well. We’ve got aero tube shapes throughout. It’s been, sort of, wind tunnel optimized and all that stuff. We’ve got no through
axle on the front here and this very aero looking
cockpit on the front of the bike, and interestingly for me, the
new Addict is disk brake only. The previous one was rim and disk, but now, they only have disks. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the new Addict is claimed to be all the things
that new bikes often are, so lighter, more aerodynamic, more compliant, all that stuff, but one thing that can
not be questioned at all is the improved and increased
amount of integration. I mean, it really is a game
of spot the cable on this bike and this new cockpit is,
well, pretty impressive. It’s very neat indeed, and you can see literally,
well, no cables at all. They’re actually rooted through here, the hydraulic lines,
they go through the stem, down the top cap and then
through the head tube, and then out, they just appear
out here for the caliper, and interestingly, this
little top cap here, I’m told that’s a little magnetic cover that comes off so that you
can access the stem bolts. It’s pretty neat. So the new integrated cockpit is from Scott’s in-house component brand, Syncros. It has quite an unusual
shape at the front as well. This sort of, well, Y shape, and that’s said to improve stiffness and just there performance
of the handle bar. I mean, it looks quite
narrow on Adam’s bike, so I’ve got a tape measure. Let’s give it a measure and
see what it comes out at. That’s quite interesting actually, Adam’s cockpit is coming
out at 38 centimeters, center to center, 40 centimeters if you go
from the edges of the bar, but that’s pretty interesting. A narrower cockpit. Presumably that helps him get narrower and be more aerodynamic on the bike. Other cool details on the cockpit, we got the Garmin head
unit with this very nice integrated K-Edge front mount and they’re using the little tether cable to stop it bouncing off as
well which is quite cool. And he’s got some climbing
shifters on there, but the interesting detail with
these is they’re positioned the opposite way round to normal, and I asked the mechanics about that and they just said “That’s
Adam’s preference”. He like having one climbing shifter, and he likes it the opposite way around so he can touch it with his fingers. Another cool detail is
that seatpost clamp. Check that out! It’s an incredible design, very minimalist and apparently
it weighs just 12 grams, and it’s a very simple design. I really like how easy
it is to access the bolt and it’s quite a bit different from a lot of the wedge designs we see these days. And then also, if you
look at the seatpost, you can see that Adam’s
riding a straight up seatpost, rather than one with layback, and his saddle’s quite
far forward on the rails, a bit like Alejandro Valverde’s as well and well, I’m told by
the mechanics it’s just the position he likes. He likes to sit really far
forwards over the bottom bracket. So overall, with all the aero changes and modifications to the frame and fancy new Syncros cockpit, Scott claims that the new
Addict is 6 watts faster than the previous one at
45 kilometers and hour. It doesn’t sound much, but to a grand tour contender, well, every little helps and it could certainly make the difference probably, when seconds can be the difference between winning and losing. Mitchelton-Scott are sponsored by Shimano, so we’ve got full Dura HDi2 throughout including the Dura-Ace
power meter on the chainset. Now, at the back we’ve an
11-25 close-ratio cassette and the reason for this
is the first few stages are pretty flat, that’s
what he wants to use. I’ve also been told that he might swap out his chainset for a 54 tooth as well. It’s currently at 53-29, but when we hit the mountains, you can expect that to change. That’s also why we’ve got the deeper C60 Dura-Ace tubular wheels in as well. Again, when we hit the mountains, we’ll expect he’ll swap
those for the C40’s being a bit lighter. In terms of disk brake rotors, we’ve got 160’s at the
front and 140’s at the back, and that seems to be what the trend is now amongst the pros who
are using disk brakes. That’s what also the
neutral service seem to be carrying as well, 160’s on the front wheels
and 140’s on the back. Other bits of kit that finish the bike are that nice Syncros
saddle with carbon rails, the really light Elite Leggero bottlecages and these PirelliP Zero tires, which I’m a fan of
because I like the way the yellow Pirelli logos match
the yellow Scott logos. It’s all very color coordinated. Alright, so lets get some measurements. This bike is pretty small and I asked the mechanics what size it is and they said it was 48 centimeter frame, but Adam is a diminutive guy and that’s why he’s such a good climber. The stem, it’s quite hard to measure, ’cause if the weird shape
of this new cockpit, but I’m saying that’s 120 millimeter stem. As for saddle height, if
we measure from the center, that’s 68 centimeter saddle height. And then the tip of the saddle to the center of the bar,
50 centimeters bang on I’m getting for that. Ad also, you may have noticed
that the handlebars as well, they’re are traditional shape, rather than a compact drop. We’re seeing less and less of those. Right, the bit you’ve
all been waiting for, the free up soundcheck. I know if I don’t do this, you’ll all be annoyed, so lets, Jeremy, drum roll. – (drum roll sounds) (bike tire spinning) – Yeah, pretty good that one, pretty good. (mumbles) Smooth! Silky smooth. And now, I’m going to weigh it. Jeremy, bring forth the
GCN scales of truth. – (drum roll sounds) – Alright– – The crowd’s going
wild with anticipation. – What’s that saying? – 6.85. – 6.85 ooh! Disk brakes and deep wheels! That is light that is. That’s proper that. – [Jeremy] It is really light. – Wowzers, 6.8 kilograms for a bike with hydraulic disk brakes and
full deep section wheels. That’s impressive. You can imagine it’d be even lighter when it’s got the lower profile
climbing wheels in, but yeah, I’m impressed by that. Alright, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you have, then
please give it a thumbs up and share with your friends. And to see more pro bike videos, you can click down here, and of you’d like awesome Alpe
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  1. What do you think of the new SCOTT Addict RC? Is it hot or not? Will Adam Yates ride it to Tour victory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

  2. #askgcntech Adam should ask Scott to anodized the rear derailleur hanger green!🤜🏻🚴🏻‍♂️🤙🏻😎

  3. With all these new aero climbing bikes featuring disc brakes hitting the UCI weight limit easily, It's easy to deduce that disc brakes will be the norm from now on. The purists will be in denial for the next twenty years…

  4. the recent work of your camera guys sucks. 5:35 look at this, the bike is totally underexposed. come on, we know you can do better than this GCN

  5. It’s a good looking bike. I knew it was just a matter of time before the disc brake bikes got much lighter.

  6. Has Adam Yates actually raced this bike yet? Every time I've seen him he's been riding a caliper braked race bike.

  7. I'm looking to built a sub 1300 gram climbing wheel set to get to the sub UCI 6.8 Kg weight limit.
    The wheel build will be
    i) Hope RS4 hubs 32 hole – front 132 grams – rear – 262 grams = 394 grams
    ii) Light Bicycle RRU25T02 25mm tubular rim – 330 grams each. = 660 grams
    iii) Pillar Titanium spoke X-TRA Lite Ti – 2×32 – 2 x 87gram = 172 grams
    iv) Pillar Brass Nipples 0.95 = 30.4 grams = 61 grams

    Total = 1287 grams
    Has anyone used these Titanium spokes or should I use Sapim CX rays for an extra 100 grams heavier?

  8. Is there any reason opting for climbing wheels when being at 6.8 with deep section ones? Do they handle differently? Ok, well.. Adam could save on another 500 grams but I heard mechanics like to keep it a little over 6.8 in case the UCI scales are calibrated differently

  9. So have the UCI scrapped the tip of the saddle being 5cm behind the BB rule then? Or does that only apply to TT bikes?

  10. One of the hottest new bike we have seen in a while. Can shimano get in 2019 and release decent climbing shifter? That climbing shifter on the Addict is just ridiculously big and ugly

  11. Introducing the new scott addict, tarmac, supersix, roadmachine, tcr, izalco max, cento zero. Im calling it roght fucking now treks emonda next year will have dic brakes, integrated handlebars, dropped seat stays and a d shaped seat post.

    I used to hate pinarellos because they looked boring but now they are the only different looking bike being made now…..

  12. If it has 6.85kg, with smaller rim profile would go below the 6.8kg limit, will it not? Is that Legal? (Honest question)

  13. It seems like every bike brand is going to that type of frame for 2020. First Cannondale now Scott. Don’t like it.

  14. 1:27 "we've got no through-axle on the front here". What? There's no QR skewer either so how do you get the wheel off?

  15. 6.85k but it is a size 48 that's way tiny. I wanted to hear the tire size, with all the chat about how everyone is using wide tires, those look like 23mm to moi? I think most of the Tour Pros are still using 23mm.
    My old Scott Addict 4 is a 2008 size 54cm and weighs 14# 10oz. 6.65k ready to ride one bottle when I weighed the bike. It's built with carbon tubulars and Campy Super Record 11sp.

  16. I remember the time when having multiple syncross parts on your scott bike was considered really cheap and crappy

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  21. Is this bike race legal? Take off the bottles and cycle computer, and add the race number, and it is likely to be under the UCI 6.8kg lower limit. Substitute climbing wheels on, and it will be even lighter.
    Do the mechanics add weight to the frame to bring it up to legal spec? What do they use? Lead tape near the bottom bracket?

  22. Confirming that SeatPost had a setback and the computer mount is Syncros nots K Edge (probably the reason they need a darn tether).

  23. I thought the y-shape on the bars was to give the cables a less extreme angle to head into the headset?

  24. @GCN Tech – Syncros is an old school company started in 1986 that has been acquired by Scott (2012). Think like Thompson components, but before Thompson was around (started in 1996). I have their seat post and stem on my 1997 Rocky Mountain Hammer, they were a small Canadian shop based in Vancouver, the same place as Rocky Mountain and Race Face.

  25. In the biggie smalls ✔️, can't work out if the cranks are not quite horizontal and valves not a 6 and tyre logo not lined up ❌…..still supernice 🔔 and great vid…… Keep up the good work everyone, such a great channel

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