Addict Couple Will Do Anything to Get High

Addict Couple Will Do Anything to Get High

the following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised Jia and her boyfriend Dustin’s drug addictions have taken over their lives and the life of Gia’s family how bad is it check this out are we going to school let’s go yeah what do you say take a right he lives up by the back side do we know he’s there right well you look like you’re feeling a lot better yeah why are you feeling better to choose me out take it well yeah man I got to take off this microphone what will happen if you winter miked up I don’t know I don’t really want to find out I really have no idea why we’re here I thought I can tell you what I think of it there’s a known drug dealer and distributor I was shocked at how bright some of these guys are that are doing doing the drug trade what’s up it’s Dustin are you on hi it’s G what are you doing and I want this stupid camera guy god I’m so blankety-blank over it lame I also have $20 for a get-well the camera guy will probably want to show him or tell we lived at so let’s get super spun and do that I’m afraid for of heroin see how insidious it is look at the neighborhood that all this is going on and this is an upscale neighborhood anywhere American and it’s only two minutes from my home hey I’m being roped in right now all the information is right here on my my texting and then you must have gone down to the sun’s got some dope brought it up and did the vending machine things so what they did was they smuggled some drugs into Dustin when he was in the hospital after three weeks I don’t know if they will buy the same quality stuff from us at a lower price I’ll wait on what do you think I guess I can come to you now if you wanted if you still want me to please there you have it friends we’re right in the middle of a drug deal hi we got to go sweetheart Kenny Kenny come now yes thank you how safe can you reach into somebody’s drug world and here we are waiting it was terrible with anything I can I let her know that I love her I’ll support her in any way I can but not not this way I’ve been easy hammering since I was 18 years old I’m 32 now man you name it I’ve done it big fan of crack cocaine speedballs methamphetamines I haven’t found a drug yet that I don’t like jeah are you okay the last time that I used was today just actually a few hours ago nobody here is aware of that they might ask me to not be around Gianna I think I’m the only person that she really truly trusts enough you


  1. I have a son that uses and as a parent you can't help your child get high….I also understand as a parent in wanting to keep your child safe but you have to say no to the addict and I'll be damn if there would be a girlfriend or boyfriend I was supporting to!!!!The boyfriend would have to go!!!!

  2. Why the hell do they still bleep out shit!!???!?!?!? Anybody watching this shit must have issues or knows someone who does!!!!?!!

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  4. Imagine taking a camera crew to your dope dealer house all shady like that shit that would be one hell of a scene and I buy crystal so the dealers be so paranoid cuz of how crazy they live their lives 24/7 then u slowly become it too….

  5. Even tho you love your daughter you are enabling her. Get her and her bf out of your home. The bf is taking the piss big time. Let them fend for themselves and see if they think it's as easy then. Before anyone comments on my comment can I just say I was a heroine addict too. I know how hard it is. You drag the whole family down not just yourself. I can't believe these people actually.

  6. I drove my dad to buy his heroin then took him to McDonald's to shoot up he ended up oding on heroin and dying trust me I live with that guilt every day don't be an enabler I if I would have told my dad no he would still be here today

  7. How could you do your dad like that.. I feel sorry for him. Someone could have came up and hurt him or anything.. they both look nasty, why would you do your body like this.

  8. If he really cared, he should've called the cops in the low. Get them all on possession and force her to get some help. I know not wanting to see your daughter die but this is how you die. He's enabling her.

  9. So sorry for the dad but he do more harm than good beat the hell out of them maybe they will listen or show them the door aslong they get roof food clothes money they will never stop point

  10. No parents should go trough that-
    Get her boyfriend out the house and she goes behind him…
    Her father is clearly sick ffs!!
    U dont help them that way..NO WAY!!

  11. I was a heroin addict for the better part of 15 years . At 32 years old and four overdoes 2 felonies and nothing left of a trust fund and little over a year sober I can say one thing these two need to be separated before either one is gonna get clean . As far as the father sitting for what was supposed to be a five minute stop ok well in 15 years maybe two of thousands of five min stops were every really just five mins that life is hurry up and wait .

  12. Not doing anything to get high their being enabled and have to do nothing but get drove around and handed money.. wake up.

  13. it's hilarious all you judgemental fucks on here talking shit while your pry on Adderall or benzos or percs or alcohol acting like your all high n mighty…lol wake up call… everyone is addicted to something.. whether it be food, the internet, porn, pills, coke, opiates, what ever…just because your addicted to something else and this isn't your drug of choice don't mean shit! your just the same or worse! hypocritical prude pricks. y'all need to let that ego die.

  14. Please have faith in JESUS CHRIST, and also; if you have sold your soul to the devil, then please know that JESUS CHRIST can break the contract.

  15. I got 2 sisters that can't break free from this "Demonic Drug" and it makes me very SAD. They are now selling their bodies just to get high. I fear they have contracted NUMEROUS diseases and won't allow them around me or in my house. maybe one day they will get clean.

  16. What's next???? Driving her to the other side of town to "sling pussy" when she has no money to "pay" for her drugs????

  17. her dad's the type of guy that will gladly watch another man slam his meat into his wife an just ask "are you okay honey, we need to go can you cum now"

  18. I survived heroin and take you through how I did it on my channel! Please show some love! We addicts need each other as well as family of drug addicts!

  19. Mexican black tar heroin comes from mexico it isnt our fault its here thats why im a Trump supporter LATINOS 4 TRUMP build that wall keep them out they wave the Honduran flag spitting and throwing rocks at our American solders just because we wont let them in GO TRUMP

  20. This shit doesn't discriminate who it picks, it's not just low income people..Doctors, lawyers, soccer mom's, church leaders… it just doesn't care who you are.

  21. Faces change, stories are all so similar. Tragic!
    It’s the families & loved ones that suffer the most, the addicts are high and when they are not they are in withdrawal searching for more drugs. The people that love the addict never get to be numb. They are in constant emotional ( which can manifest into physical ) pain.

    Sadly, I speak from experience.

  22. Hope my kids never get involved with hard drugs, I experimented Abit when I was younger, but never got too addicted and quit when they were born, weeds kept me off hard drugs, just glad they legalized it recreationally in michigan

  23. Her parents are not helping them by driving, allowing to use in their home and probably giving them money for the drugs. Her parents needs to put her in a in patient drug program.

  24. Drug addicts cases are all the same. The patients suffer from lack of brain stimulation so they seek out narcotic substance's to release dopeameans and sharatonin. The best way to deal with drug withdrawal is the steps most doctors suggest. 1 stop taking substance 2. Let chemical emblance level out with medium to large doses of medication 3. Once chemicals have leveled out allow patient to remain physical so healthy amounts of blood and anti body's can rebuild damaged immune system's 4. Patient should injest heavy amount's of fluids and should urinate on a regular bassis to expell any harmful toxins.5 absoulty no further contact with foreign substances other then prescribed medication.. That's my opinion as a medical student

  25. Dude fuck these pieces of shit, grown adults living with her parents. What a bunch of waste of sperm. Get well? Get a fucking job losers

  26. The Joys of drugs! Even when you jump the train…… that memory of that long lost love remains. Painful.

  27. This what happened when Family Court destroys families and make it almost impossible for most father's to be in their children's life..

  28. If my family found out I did drugs they would beat the shit out of me until I couldn’t walk. MARK MY WORDS!!!

  29. Dad pulls up to drug house
    "I don't really know what we're doing here."
    Is it denial or is he that stupid?

  30. Jesus my parents would've called the cops and for weed this shit would've mortified the shit outta them. I loved drugs butt i gave up meth 7yrs ago relapsed for 2 months earlier this year and had organ failure and I'm now in my 6th day of opioid withdrawals and i look and feel way better than most my age. U Gotta know pharmacology and supplementation of intramuscular vitamin mineral injections.!!!etc ETC

  31. It should be legal to buy whatever you want and put whatever you want in your own body! I guarantee you that when ppl start dropping like flies from OD'ing on shit ppl will start to take notice and hopefully leave it alone. If you're dumb enough to try it then your dumb enough to die from it !!!!!!

  32. How are you gonna let your daughter and her bf do heroin in your own bathroom in your own house. Knocks on door "Honey are you doing okay?" Headass

  33. The BF looks cringy AF. My dad literally kicked my ass when he found out I had let Oxy get out of control after my 2 back surgeries. I turned around and had wasted over a Decade and had a 350-400 mg of Roxie 30’s a Day habit. It was insane but I went cold turkey. That was a year and 4 months ago. I have some lingering pain and depression, but it really is better than having to plan my life around my scripts and what I had left in the bottles.

  34. People need help.. seriously alot of this addiction starts with self medicating….it only takes a couple days to be hooked to the point of withdrawal….
    If I ever hit the lottery, I would use the rest of my days to clean people up….

  35. my mom would've dragged me up by my ear and slapped the ever loving shit out of me if i were like this. She'd never support such a habit, in fact I'm pretty sure she'd be the one taking me to the detox center and/or locking me in a room until I'm sane, in case that ever happens (never will). Id do the same for my kids. Drugs are stupid, original Coca-Cola and weed are exceptional, and if you do stuff like this you don't have a disease.

  36. I don't get why people are pinning everything on him. People deal with their addiction differently and in addiction u get people to do things for you or with you that you can't face doing yourself it's a vicious cycle. Not everyone in addiction is the same and people who are addicted can become toxic to one another too, fighting with their demons as they say. 4 minutes of this is just a tiny incline of what both of their lives are like but we don't know them deep inside. Both of them need to get clean when in time but staying away from each other in the process will make it work. They are both beautiful and have alot of potential and so young!

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