Addicted to Cosmetic Surgery | 29 and The Needle

Addicted to Cosmetic Surgery | 29 and The Needle

I’ve had my boobs done five times. A Brazilian bum lift. Nonsurgical liposuction. Lip fillers, cheek fillers. Botox. Fat freezing. 15 hours of tattooing, my whole bum cheek, under my boobs. Chemical peels. Semipermanent make-up. I think that’s it. Wake up! ‘I’ve got a little girl who’s three. ‘I live with her on my own.’ I can see you smiling. Come on! ‘She’s not like a typical child.
She’s just like me. ‘We’re like best mates. ‘She’ll have shellac on her nails, ‘if we’re going on holiday and
stuff, so that it lasts.’ I’d love to pluck her eyebrows,
but I can’t. There will be stuff she’ll want. If I was to tell her not to
get it done, it would make her want it even
more. So it doesn’t bother me. I actually say to her,
sometimes, “Oh, we need to get you some filler
in that top lip!” SHE LAUGHS I’ve had five lots of surgery,
now, on my boobs, because things kept going wrong. I’ve had a capsular contraction, I’ve had infection,
I’ve had a rupture. All these things they do tell you
about when you have it done, but you just don’t think that
it would ever happen, but all of them have happened to me. I did say at one point,
“If it goes wrong again, “I’m just having them taken out
and left out, and that’s it.” But I know I never would. I know I couldn’t do it. Seeing celebrities getting things
done all the time makes people want to get it done. People are trying to be
other people. My friend’s done it, and,
you know, he’s gone like, really extreme with his surgery. I don’t think he’ll ever stop. Not only because he loves
having it done, and he’s happy with the
way it makes them look. That’s what he’s known for, and he wouldn’t be him
if he didn’t do it. Are you ready? Yes. Leah doesn’t have too many lines and
wrinkles, but what she wants to achieve is an arched brow. I don’t feel pain, I’m weird. If I want something doing,
if it hurts, I don’t really care, because… it’s worth it. And it’s only for a few minutes,
and then it’s done. I only have one day off. I have to get it all in one day. SHE LAUGHS Find something that you don’t like,
and then… You correct it, and then you
find something else. And the thing is, it’s so easy
to get anything done, now. Literally, you can wake up in the
morning and see something you don’t like, and it can be gone the week after. I think it’s just addictive. Once you start, it’s very
difficult to just stop, because you see such a good result. You’ve got to be a product of your
product. That’s how I see it. I want to keep the way I look, I just want to enhance it
so that I don’t look odd. If I am having treatment,
I’ll always put, like, a before and after picture, and usually do, like, a Snapchat
video of me having stuff done. Putting things like that on
social media probably does encourage people
to have it done. I don’t really care what people
think. Hiya, darling! ‘The only thing that
I’ve not had done yet ‘that I really want to have done,
is my nose. ‘I think I will do it. ‘But I think I would hate it
after I’d done it.’ Cos I’m just like that. SHE LAUGHS So… Who knows? You’re my sunshine!


  1. be yourself good yourself the way you are ,stop doing these things to your body ,for the sake of your daughter that admirers you.

  2. Ergh she should have her child taken. And if she's had that much how has she still got that jacked up noes

  3. Disgusting!!
    For fucks sakes, is there any family member to tell these people how repulsive they look? Whites with their small lips and pale skin and whatever nose they come with are more attractive than all that garbage on their faces.

  4. Body dysmorphic disorder! Needs a therapist not another surgery …and damn that cosmetologist looked scary af lmao

  5. The funny thing is that these women get these surgeries to make themselves look pretty but they end up looking horrible.Big lips big boobs all look ugly.🤨

  6. She has wasted her time and money for shallow desires, mother time is gonna break her down, and all her shallow efforts will be in vain.

  7. Wow she did all that and doesn’t even look like good and now she’s trying to have her daughter be just like her. A shame😕

  8. People like this will never be satisfied….. there is no way you truly love yourself …. smhhh people shouldn’t be getting surgery done unless they really need it !

  9. Horrible that she treats her baby like a friend… hello lady she needs a mother and a role model…mama is so lost!!

  10. Sad. Just cause you aren't happy with yourself doesn't mean you should corrupt that child.

    Dude who thinks he looks like Kim actually looks like an experiment gone wrong.

    Ppl please just be happy with how you look. We weren't all made to look the same. We're all beautiful!

  11. There needs to a massive tax on all such plastic surgery, botox etc type procedures in Australia, as well as genital and breast enhancements. But with a few rare exceptions eg people disfigured badly in accidents or born with severe disfiguring disabilities etc or over age 65 and able to afford the costs. It would raise massive revenue for the government and this could then be used to provide necessary other surgical procedures for those in need and currently missing out eg older people in need of dental treatments, also some young people who may be in need of care they cannot access, due to poverty eg access to costly drugs for cancer treatments etc. Of course, cutti g off the source of money ie jobs etc for people who have such unnecessary plastic surgery is also smart. Make their jobs vanish. Then recreate them elsewhere and give them to the unemployed who need them, instead of those who waste the money on plastic surgery. Another way might be to have a few plastic surgery enthusiasts accidently die during such procedures or be rendered even uglier after than before, but this might arouse a bit of controversy and not be so lucrative for the practitioners of such businesses that provide unnecessary cosmetic surgery.

  12. This is just wrong🙄🙄🙄 Especially what it's doing to her 3 year old daughter🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  13. …lol…and po'thang, she still looks lika (2.5) but before, she was reallllly cute, I hope she stays healthy 🤐😇😀😇

  14. Doesn’t care what people think?! Yeah thats why shes posting pics on the internet for social acceptance and approval. She shouldn’t be allowed to bring up a child if she tells her she needs lip fillers! Im 26 and my mum would never say that to me, and definitely not at the age of 3 or 4 🤦🏼‍♀️

  15. you need to be able to work on your insecurities in a healthy way, not to try and hide them with surgery

  16. Vain, self obsessed, stupid girl.. She must have alot of money to waste. Has she ever thought that an anaesthetic can kill you and her daughter will be left motherless? People don't see how badly things can go wrong. How will she cope when she's in her 40s. Aging is gonna happen. It's funny to her. Her poor child. She needs psychological help……. ASAP .

  17. How can she AFFORD all of this Crap? I'm a Single Mother with a 5 year old in America and I can't even afford to go to the Dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I guess I'm going to have to start sucking somebody's D!CK. 😷

  18. She should be a mother to that girl not a best mate and set an example of confidence and self value instead she's going to create another vacuous person.

  19. I saw a video several weeks ago of a guy who is trying to change himself into a cat cosmetically,a big cat that is like a lion,oh yeah it was a tiger, his next surgery is going to get a tail attached. He already has whiskers. Is there no limitation to this madness?

  20. all the money she is using for these comestic treatments tbh is making her look like a blow-up doll she should be spending on her daughter selfish woman

  21. Kyun kabada karte ho tumlog apne lips ka..what nonsense. 😑😑..her lips were so damn beautiful before..😬

  22. After all those procedures and you still looking like that, please dont take me wrong, and do not take personal but, you should give up…be yourself love yourself first before doing all kind of stupid things to your body and Health.

  23. I absolutely do not think it's funny to tell her three year old she will need fillers in her top lip! That's disgusting

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