My name is Hunadi Busakwe. I’m 27 years old. I am from South Africa. The problem that brought me to The SCOAN is that I’m addicted to eating sandstones, chalk and paper. This problem started with my mother who would eat sandstones. I would cry for her to give me a little bit. She would give me a little to eat to keep me quiet. When my mother went to work, when I came back from school, I woud go to where she hid it and take a little to eat. That was an every day occurence. From there on, I became addicted to it. Then suddenly, my mother stopped eating the sandstones so I was frustrated because there was a voice telling me that I needed to eat them. So, there was a pavement in my yard made of stones. I would find a hard stone to break up the stones and eat them to satisfy my craving. After that, I would graduate from that. When at school, teachers would be using chalk to write. If they left a small piece there, a voice woud tell me to take the chalk and eat it. I started from there – taking chalk from teachers’ offices and eating it. When I’m at home, there is a small mountain where I’ve seen people going to dig up stones to eat. So, I would also join them to dig up stones and eat. Every day, I would go to that mountain to dig up stones. After that, when I didn’t have access – I was in boarding in a high school – so, there was no access for me to go and get the sandstones – I would then eat chalk. After that, I graduated from chalk to eating magazines. I would start by taking the magazine and smelling it. With the smell of the ink, the way it smelt would please me. I would start by tearing it and then I would eat it. ADDICTED To Eating STONES, CHALK AND PAPER!!! This is the chalk that I used to eat, that I used to get from the office. ADDICTED To Eating STONES, CHALK AND PAPER!!! I eat paper, magazines and sandstones but most of all, what I eat is sandstones that I buy from the market. This is how I would eat it. I would just take a bite and then eat it like this. ADDICTED To Eating STONES, CHALK AND PAPER!!! See her chewing it. What of the paper? That is how she eats it. My God! Watch your screen. ADDICTED To Eating STONES, CHALK AND PAPER!!! Anybody who sees how fat she is, you’ll think that it is vitamin B, vitamin C. They don’t know, it is paper. How many years have you now been eating this thing? For 19 years now. As food? As food; I prefer it to normal food. I do eat food but after eating food, there would be a voice telling me, “After eating this, you should go and eat the paper, chalk or sandstone”. I would eat it and drink water; then I would be full. But if I don’t eat those things, I would not be full. She is eating it as normal food. Look at her. I’ve been to many places for deliverance from the spirit. That medical doctor – I saw one Anointing Water with you, you brought it from your country. The same Anointing Water – I will not touch – you just go to this woman and spray it and call the name Jesus. I want to tell you today that this case is more serious than whatever case you are talking about. The degree of this demon is more than whatever you are complaining about. If this problem is solved by mere spraying of the Anointing Water from the medical doctor, the same Anointing Water he has – he should just go and face that woman and call the name Jesus. I am giving everyone of us instruction that whatever you loose from today, whatever you bind as from today, shall be bound, in the name of Jesus! Viewers all over the world, this is his own Anointing Water from South Africa. He should shout the name, Jesus. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! In Jesus’ name! Clap for Jesus! She has been to many places. There is nowhere she has medically… She has fasted – no way. For the past 19 years. Remember the Anointing Water that man had – from South Africa he brought it. The same Anointing Water will now wake the woman up. Spray it on her and say in the name of Jesus, she should stand up. In the name of Jesus Christ, stand up! And say, she’s free. You are free indeed! Set Free In Jesus’ Name This woman is from where? I’m from South Africa, Limpopo Province. What happened to you? You were on the floor. Have you ever seen yourself on the floor before? Not before, not ever. She said, not before, not ever she found herself on the floor. When they sprayed the Anointing Water, what happened that you found yourself on the floor? I don’t know what came over me. I just became loose. Oh my God! Now, bring the instrument of satan. Bring it out and let’s see – everything you used to eat. Delivered From The Addiction To Eating
Sandstones, Chalk & Paper Put it well! Delivered From The Addiction To Eating
Sandstones, Chalk & Paper I don’t feel like eating them anymore; they don’t taste good. It’s actually sour. But before, how did it taste? Very nice, it would melt in my mouth; it would be like chocolate. Delivered From The Addiction To Eating
Sandstones, Chalk & Paper Thank you. Give her food. Delivered From The Addiction To Eating
Sandstones, Chalk & Paper Testimony Time Look! She looks beautiful now! The SCOAN Service Let’s hear from you. My name is Husade Busakwe. I come from South Africa. I’m 27 years of age. The problem that brought me to The SCOAN was the problem of being addicted to eating sandstones, chalk and paper. This problem started when my mother would eat it and she would give me a little bit to eat. Suddenly, she stopped eating them but I remained addicted. I had to satisfy that addiction, so I started eating stones that I would get from the mountains. If I was at school, I would eat chalk because there were no sandstones nearby. If I was somewhere where there weren’t sandstones or chalk, I would eat magazine paper. My mother-in-law introduced me to Emmanuel TV, where I saw people being delivered from these kinds of addictions – eating rice, ice and sandstones. That’s when I decided to come to Lagos to The SCOAN. I believed by coming here, I wouldn’t go back to my country with this problem. I had this problem for nineteen years and within those nineteen years, it was so difficult for me to leave it. I even developed anaemia because of this problem of eating sandstones, chalk and paper. They would disturb my blood flow and my red blood cells. This affected me in a way that I would be dizzy at all times and I would be having chronic headaches. That was when the doctors confirmed that I had anaemia and that was because of this problem. They gave me the option of a blood transfusion or going to see a dietician, so I chose to go to a dietician. The dietician gave me a list of foods that I should eat, that would enhance my blood. I followed the diet but at the same time, I ate the sandstones, chalk or paper. I would finish a magazine in a day. There would be so many papers in the house. This affected me as my two year old child is eating sandstones. When I came home from work, suddenly, she would just disappear. When I looked for her, I would find her in my bag, eating the sandstones. Last Sunday, I came to The SCOAN and the man of God directed the doctor to spray me with the Anointing Water. Suddenly, I felt loosed. I then found myself on the floor. Waking up from there, I was surprised because the last I saw myself, I was standing here being sprayed with the Anointing Water. I thank God that today I’m delivered and I am free from this spirit forever! Thank You, Jesus! The SCOAN Service Whatever situation you are in, a demon is behind it, demon is the cause of it. Since that Sunday, when you see paper, chalk, stone – how do you reflect towards it? Since Sunday, I don’t have the urge or craving to eat sandstones, chalk or paper. I don’t even have the symptoms of anaemia – the dizziness, the headaches, I don’t have them any longer. I am free!
Thank You, Jesus! This is Anointing Water with you. You just get home; you’ve seen, it was a doctor that came from South Africa. The problem we have is ignorance. Ignorance is a disease. You have the weapon. God loves you so much. Now, you go home and deliver your children, in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Man of God. Thank you for giving us the medium to solve our problems. TT: Pavel Tatyana Zheleznyakov 05/11/2019
RV: Mel Flowers 07/11/2019


  1. Some time we give God burdens we know so well this is not spiritual problem,its luck of Iron and calcium…so thus the craving,you need iron supplements

  2. How is eating rice an addiction and bad in any way? ๐Ÿ™ย 
    Here in Asia we eat rice 2 times a day!

  3. she is not possessed. she just has a condition called Pica. Alot of people around the world have this condition because it is caused by lack of iron in the body. just give her iron tablets and she will stop craving chalk and clay.

  4. No demons, she lacks mineral and calcium. Nothing demonic about it! It's called PICA. Stop blaming Satan for everything.

  5. Its very addictive i know i passed through it….it difficult to stop…im literally crying….people are making fun of her but i feel it…i used to eat paper,eraser,soil,chalk, addiction

  6. Hi brothers and sisters l.m too bileve in Jesus give me please this church address and email adress l want take water for my family it is posable? I.m from Kazakhstan. My english not good sorry

  7. its a condition call pica i have it too she is not possessed many people around the world have this condition mine started when i was pregnant with my first child

  8. I think people want to eat clay is because they have anemia in the first place, thatโ€™s why this craving shows up.

  9. 4:44 this part ๐Ÿ˜‚I'm sorry but that's not how it is when a spirit leaves your body because the spirit isn't like "Is it Holy Water? Oh shit it is! My bad,Have a nice day! zoom "

  10. I am addicted to smelling fresh prints, weather its a magazine or newspaper or leaflets… is that weird??? Also feel like biting on chalks and clay

  11. I was like this lady but now is no more. I was slave of this. God of all nations Church delivered and healed me through YouTube amen

  12. I use to rip of my wall paper and eat them ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ

  13. I love that everyone says oh you need these vitamins but some of us take these vitamins every day and still have these craving..crave earth, something is wrong..crave nasty maggot infested, cheese with mold, sour milk, etc and it's normal..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. It's pica many people are addicted to non edible food I have it but I'm trying to stop and it's been 2 weeks and it's charcoal I'm addicted (I'm Muslim btw idk why I'm watching this I just searched up asmr chalk and this came up)

  15. I got my deliverance that time this woman get her deliverance in Jesus name. I haven't went to church of all nation, distance is not a barrier I am here in KZN Durban ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

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