1. Literally half the things he has in his spreadsheet don't help attention or focus. Coming from someone who has severe ADHD and also chronic medical conditions- I know what will and won't help you focus/study. Ex. Gabapentin (seizure/ chronic pain med) and 5HTP (helps reduce anxiety and help depression)

  2. Sadly, he really sounds like he is trying to do something he cannot do. I know he keeps saying how clever he is, but who really talks like that. It sounds like wish-fulfilment. I'm not suggesting he is intellectually lacking, but I really think that he, in himself, is just struggling to do a degree and he cannot face this.

    This is, after all, what does seem to be going on in the UK – the excessive focus on higher education, the dumbing down of A-Levels, and universities now running like businesses which are predominantly interested in the money they are making, has all led to too many people going to university, people who 20-30 years ago would have been seen as not capable of it.

    Also, if he does have Asperger's and ADHD, then this would really quite seriously affect his intellectual capabilities. With ADHD, he might be better trying to do a degree part-time, because the very disorder is not conducive to taking on a full-time degree (perhaps even a degree programme per se). While, with Asperger's they tend to have an unusual intellectual profile – they can have intelligence (such as pedantically focusing on the minutiae of a problem) but can lack other intelligence skills (such as taking in the general gist of something). And sadly, university study requires the latter intellectual skills – you simply cannot study huge courses, and lots of textbooks and other materials, if you don't have the skills to (as rapidly as possible) take in huge amounts of information, sift what information you do and don't need, summarising lots of information, etc). (And even if you do make it, you are probably trying to enter a professional level job that will require the same intellectual skills that you are deficit and struggling in).

    I think the lesson from this mini-documentary is to learn who you are, accept it, and then work with it. And if this means not following the masses into university then so be it. Because, quite frankly, you will can earn as much (if not more) money these days getting into the workplace and working your way up, while you also won't have tens of thousands of pounds in student debt dogging you for, possibly, the rest of your life.

  3. I take lisdexamfetamine to help me concentrate because I have adhd but I get the get legally because it’s prescribed by my doctor

  4. I thought he said one of the medications was citalopram. That’s not an OTC drug. That’s an antidepressant that you definitely need a prescription for in the US. Very illegal and shady stuff going on there

  5. i have a dyslexia. i know what he was talking about. i experienced it. but drugs is addicted. you'll crave for more and more and if you take this dosage on the next day you will look for more high dosage. untill you'll out of control..

  6. This guy actually has adhd so the drugs r genuinely helping him…however, he’s a prime example of what happens when mentally ill/different ppl don’t get what they need. They WILL search it out for themselves and end up potentially getting addicted like him. He thinks bcuz he does research and records everything that he has it under control. All he’s done is written his own obituary.

    Half the stuff that’s apparently illegal that I saw on there was just low grade ‘stimulants’, if u can even call them that, that your body produces anyway like L-theanine. B-12, Ginkgo Biloba root, black pepper and tumeric, these r all natural ways that supposedly boost ur brain if ur having problems. Ik bcuz I have ADD and for some reason my body built up a tolerance to adderal within weeks so I’ve tried just about everything.

    Everyone who’s normal and wants to try drugs to become smart: they don’t make you smart. Maybe they’ll make you feel smart or powerful if ur normal but it’s not actually upping ur IQ. I’d give anything to not have to take all of the meds that I have to take to remain semi-stable. Think about it for a second. I’m taking like 9 different psych meds right now just so I can have a chance at the normal functioning brain you just happened to be born with. Don’t fuck it up on drugs. That’s just so insulting to all of us who struggle every day.

  7. Fair play to him. I'm 41 and feel like an 80 year old. I only wish I knew where to get adderall or vyvanse. Unfortunately I live in a tiny Scottish village 5 hours North of Glasgow, so I'm fooked lol.

  8. Lmfao, study drugs…education in the United Kingdom has turned to shit anyway. EVERYONE (including your pet cat and dog) can get into Uni with B's and C's and become a 'lawyer', 'engineer' etc being a brain dead halfwit. To need study drugs is even more of a massive joke because you must be incredibly thick to start with, is this for real?

  9. What a silly little boy this person is. I take Citalopram at a daily dose of 40mg. That medicine is correctly, and legally, prescribed to me by my doctor, with regular check ups, as I have moderate to severe depression. Citalopram allows me to function on a day to day basis without the dark thoughts of death, despair and general horror which I can go through without medication. And this fool is taking this medication without knowing what it even does? As far as I know I have no enemies, but if I did have enemies I would not wish depression upon even the worst of such enemies. My advice to this young man would be this; cease and desist from what you are doing unless you are under medical supervision.

  10. Today is the day i realised that there r some drugs even to Focus on studies.
    We always want to escape from studies.

  11. was i not paying attention (pardon the irony), or did they not mention any hardcore study drugs like Ritalin or Concerta?

  12. From what i saw on his list its mostly bodybuilding supplements and herbs you can get legally and easily in the Uk quite exaggerated really.

  13. You think you can write better, but it's really a speed induced jumble mess of horse shit. Take it from me first hand. Reread it the next day sober and get a good laugh. It's stream of consciousness absolute trash. No coherency no clear established points no sense.

  14. Oh NVM it's that bullshit "smart drug" scam not amphetamine salts like Adderall. Shit bruv you have ADHD just get an Adderall scrip and fly to the moon

  15. Well no shit you have to study to get good grades, there’s no such thing as being “naturally smart”. Drugs won’t help

  16. A sizable chunk of the list seen on his spreadsheet are just essential amino acids. Dude doesn't need an underground pharma lab, he needs a can of beans.

  17. When he opens the drawer and most of the bottles of pills are from ‘MyProtein’ and are labelled bulk powders, fuck off the BBC with more actors

  18. thought this was going to be about modafinil, 5htp isn't a study drug ahah he's just bashing random shit into his body that's got nothing to do with studying

  19. To be fair with the amount he’s spending, for the majority of stuff that he buys, he is most likely paying for a lot of shit that doesn’t actually do very much, it’s just marketed as such.

  20. Try a healthy lifestyle . That’s not me trying to take dig or whatever. I genuinely mean that. Eating Regular healthy meals and sticking to a Consistent active Routine will give you the edge you need more than any drug. You’ve gone out in search of “quick fix” found yourself a placebo and now you’re convinced it’s the only way, Or thing that’s working for you. When in reality it’s literally doing more harm than any good you’ve convinced yourself it has. Plus… You’re literally taking your money and putting it in a shredder.

  21. 5 htp isn’t illegal isn’t a lot of bodybuilders use it to help with recovery, they can also be used to treat depression and help people with sleep issues I mean the 5 htp he pulled out was even covered in my protein branding😂they are nothing like steroids not even close

  22. Pressure at universities and especially difficulty is wayyyy to low. Only a small percentage of people are supposed to go to university in the first place. But nowadays one in 5 ppl (stats for Germany) go there, a number that's wayyyy to high. Even elite universities lowered their standard over the years

  23. It's a little sad that they didn't pick up on his Apergers before university, I guess it depends on how different schools treat things like that… University is hard on it's own, never mind getting through it with Autism.

  24. This seems largely exaggerated, Modafinil, Provigil, Alpha GPC, 5-HTP are available online tbh, they aren't exactly illegal, that's more along the lines of Anabolic Steroids. The drugs he has on this 'list' are mostly herb extracts and/or basic drugs available over the counter at a Pharmacy albeit online or in person. They come with their side effects and should never be taken in excess, so 100 pills a day is a bit crazy and exaggerated because I can imagine he'd probably be dead by now, and that would simply be from a trigger of taking so much medication at once. It's conflicting…

  25. From the small bit of his list that I saw and from the pills he spoke about I suddenly realised this video is not what I thought it would be, I was expecting another Adderall abuse video but all this kids medicines are genuinely pointless and won't make him smarter if anything make him ill. From the list I saw most were anti depressants, anti psychotics, off label drugs for Alzheimer's ect, none of which will give him any positive effect because he is using them incorrectly for illnesses he doesn't have , pointless taking antipsychotics or antidepressants ect to 'get smart'? Honestly some of his meds on that list just ridiculous. I though you know what I will give him a break maybe he is just incredibly well knowledgeable on drugs that have possible performance enhancing properties that not many people know about, until he references the film limitless. Think he needs to do more studying how ironic.

  26. Pressure of the university? I studied one year at a university of England that was a joke, compared to a German university. I would even consider myself below average when it comes to intelligence and I was more bored than stressed. I've seen stuff in economics, that is a joke I could even answer stuff without ever studied that subject.
    I also ask myself why the hell everyone hast to study in the UK?

  27. If he can be diagnosed with ADHD, then he should be able to legally obtain meds like Ritalin or Adderall at any reasonable dosage that his situation requires. This isn't the US and the NHS doesn't cost individual patients a trillion, so why doesn't he just go to a doctor and get it sorted out?

    Also, Galantamine is for Alzheimer's disease, GABA taken orally may not penetrate the blood-brain barrier, l-theanin is for relaxation, melatonin is for sleeping, and some other things on the list are amino acids or herbal stuff. The list isn't as sensational as it's made out to be. Dude needs to chill just a bit, that's really lot of money spent. Got to say, it's a bit bizarre not to see Ritalin (methylphenidate) or Adderall (amphetamine) on the list, when he knew he had ADHD.

    Edit: typo

  28. I am 41 year old man from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania have been battling the disease of addiction since age 17 I go to a methadone clinic I also have PTSD and Panic disorder. Very recently I started using amphetamines. Adderal. I also take Klonopin daily for my panic disorder although I do not ause that. I've never been a speed person it seems the Adderall has taken me like nothing else very scared😥😥 right now

  29. The spreadsheet which displays what he takes, how often and for how much is on a Lenovo laptop with what seems to be windows 7.
    But all his coursework is on his Mac. Interesting.

  30. Ephedrine? GHB? Gabapentin? Lithium? CITALOPRAM? At once?! What the literal fuck is this person doing

    Also – SSRIs are dogshit, drop the citalopram before it's too late. Might seem fine at first but see how much you feel after a few years.

  31. As someone who has to takes meds to concentrate it can raise your heart rate so how his heart was ok I will never know

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