Addicted to TACOS | Strange Addiction

Dude, you better back up man. I don’t care if you’re a duck, this is my taco. My name is Anthony, I’m 23 years old, and I’m addicted to tacos. I’ve eaten plenty of things throughout my life. But I’ve yet to find a food that brings me happiness like tacos do. I don’t think my addiction is weird at all.. They have that saying, “If you love someone, never let them go”. And that’s why I’m never going to let tacos go. I actually keep a taco on me at all times because I mean, you know never when you’ll have a random craving so.. It’s a carne asada taco. I would definitely say tacos have changed my life for the better. Before I started eating tacos I had crippling depression. And now I still have crippling depression, but at least I have tacos to look forward too. So there have been a lot of times when I’m craving tacos but I just don’t have enough money to buy tacos. So what I actually do is drive around and look for parties in my neighborhood. And hope that they have tacos there. I have gotten into a couple altercations because people realized that I was only at the party for the tacos. But I mean, it’s worth it.. it’s definitely worth the risk. I understand why some people may think my addiction is, ‘weird’ But I just think I’m misunderstood. Hi, I’m here for the bir- The baptism! Yea, yea! Uhm, I’m friends with And- Joseph! Yea! Uhh, we went to high school together. A lot of people think that I’m ‘obsessed’ with tacos.. and they’re right, I am. But, I love tacos. They complete me.

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