Addicted to tattoos! Please save my husband’s calf! [Hello Counselor / 2017.05.29]

What is that? There’s nothing you did right. The thing is, men need a social life. – I’m managing my connections. / – Manage connections? About my mother-in-law paying my phone bills, that was several years ago in the past. I don’t drink alcohol these days, and people tell me that I’ve become a new man. If he has actually become a new man, – I wouldn’t have come here. / – You wouldn’t be here. People pick a fight with him because of his tattoos. My husband and I were taking the subway one day. Just by seeing his tattoos, a man asked, “How many crimes have you committed?” – “What crime did you commit?” / – What a weird man. – Seriously. / – I guess he wasn’t scared of him. One day, my husband went to a pub to grab a drink. Another person picked a fight because of his tattoos. – “Who are you with?” / – They said it’s filthy. – “Gosh, it’s filthy.” / – “It’s filthy.” It started because they said the tattoos were filthy, and they ended up having a fistfight. – A fistfight. / – They went to the police station. They picked a fight again and fought there too. Could you pronounce more softly? Your pronunciation sounds aggressive. They picked a fight. All right. Many people of different occupations get tattoos these days. – Including Roy Kim. / – Exactly. He got a phone bill of 1,800 dollars and goes out every day even though he has kids. In fact, you do those things in your early and mid 20s. – When you’re young. / – People don’t do that later on. – When you dated… / – I got married… I got married a bit young. How old were you? We started dating when I was 16, – and I got married at 18 / – You married young. after having a baby. You got married really young in life. – Are you two the same age, then? / – Yes. – Are you 24 years old now? / – You’re 24? – You’re both 24 years old? / – You’re young. She said it’s been six years since they got married. In terms of age, he’s in the partying phase. – He’s at that age. / – Oh, my. – He’s supposed to party now. / – We can say nothing. Then… How many children do you have? We have a girl and a boy. – A girl and a boy? / – My gosh. – Your daughter is six? / – Her son is four months old. – The age gap is big. / – Your son is four months old. Yes, so when my daughter went to daycare, I stayed distant from the other parents. You were daunted for no reason. Being close with them means I need to reveal my age, and if they see his tattoos, they’ll be prejudiced. I was afraid that my daughter would be judged, too. There are always two sides to every story. Since you had to raise your family at a young age, there must have been difficulties for both of you. In your opinion, what were you upset about? I’m sure childcare is tough for her, but she relieves her stress on me. When she was pregnant with our son, she told me that her life was ruined because of me. That was quite upsetting. My morning sickness involved vomiting. I’d vomit even from swallowing my own saliva. – How tough. / – I couldn’t even drink water. I vomited my gall bladder and crawled every day. The cystic bile. You didn’t vomit your gall bladder. – It’s the cystic bile. / – That’s right. I used to tell him that I might die ten times a day. Even then, he talked about tattoos. How immature of him. That’s when you told him the resentful remark. – That’s right. / – You couldn’t hold in your anger. He forgot about everything he did before. You only remember what you heard? That’s right. My daughter knows what tattoos are now. She knows that you can’t erase them. – Your daughter knows. / – Yes. She wonders why others don’t have tattoos. “Only my dad has tattoos. Why is that?” She’s at that curious age. He’s too complacent with that. What will you do if your child wants to get a tattoo – after seeing yours? / – The other way? “You get tattoos, so I’ll get one here as well.” – What would you do? / – Exactly. – Both of your kids. / – They appeal to you all year. They behave better than usual too. As a parent, I’d be upset. – Is that so? / – Yes. – Why do you think you’ll be upset? / – Exactly. – You think tattoos are fancy. / – That’s right. You want people to think differently about them. You should accept your son’s tattoos. Why be upset? It’s because he’s my son. Come on. It’s about people’s perception, not your child. – You said people must think differently. / – Wait. Please pass the mic over there – to the mother beside him. / – The mother. Pass the mic to the mother beside him. (Me?) She’s the perfect one. She’s perfect. What do you think? Does he make any sense or what? I wonder if others felt this way upon hearing my story. (We’re glad that you understand how we felt.) Ma’am. You finally put yourself in other people’s shoes. You were 1,000 times worse than him. It was harder for us to listen to you. It really was. Everyone is watching you now. Why don’t you tell us how you honestly feel? Let’s confess your honest feelings. You can start first. I came all the way here because I wanted to protect your calves. She came to protect her husband’s calves. She wants to protect his skin. I want us to live happily and just worry about ordinary things. I hope you will really listen to her. Right now, when you go swimming with your kids, you’re still fine. – You can wear a rash guard. / – A rash guard. When you wear swimming shorts with it, your tattoos will be covered, and you’ll be fine. – But if you get tattoos on your calves, / – No. you’ll have to wear a full-body swimsuit. – A full-body swimsuit. / – Like a diver. He has to wear a full-body swimsuit like a swimmer. (Is he up for that?) You heard her wish. She wishes that you don’t get tattoos on your calves. – Can you promise her? / – I want to do it, but if she doesn’t want it, then I won’t. – What are you saying? / – Stop persuading her. – You must stop. / – I won’t. Will you not do it ever again? I will not persuade her. But if she gives me permission, I want to do it. – Do you want to give him permission? / – No. I want him to stop talking about tattoo. I’ll go nuts if you do one more. (That’s how serious she is.) – By the way… / – Make her a promise. – Tell her you won’t do it. / – You threaten her indirectly. You said you’d rather get rid of it. Don’t say such a thing. That’s such an irresponsible thing to say as a father and as a husband. The fact that you came here is very serious. I can promise that. Make her a promise that you won’t do it. (She’s excited.) I won’t do it. Is he never going to get another tattoo? (Please keep your promise!) Instead of filling your body with tattoos, – fill your wife’s heart with love. / – Yes. Tattoo won’t do it. Just go to good restaurants. Just fill your stomach with good food. Let’s start voting. – Right. / – Do you sympathize with her? – Hyunmin. / – I thought it was a worry. – But he changed in the end. / – He made a promise. I believe he will keep his promise. So I don’t think it’s a worry anymore. You might be shocked to hear this. But those tattoos don’t look great. – It’s true. / – I mean it. Regardless of gender, people won’t be jealous of you for that. I’m thankful that he made that promise. But he might change his mind again, so – I think it’s a worry for his wife. / – It’s a worry. – How about you, Roy? / – You have a tattoo, too. – Well, I… / – Tattoo Kim. (He became speechless.) His is too small. The dimensions are too different. Roy’s tattoo is tiny. It’s been a tough day for him. But she was right about everything. So it’s a worry. When you are tired of your job – at the auto shop, / – Yes. you can go work at her hair salon. (She’s too fierce.) It’s your turn to vote. If you think it’s a worry, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Stop. / – Stop pressing the button. He might want something, too. You can say your resolution, too. Honey, we got married very early. It must’ve been tough to be such a young mom. – It’s nothing embarrassing. / – Yes. I hope you will be able to mingle well with other mothers. I’d like you to step out into the world with confidence. All right. When your first daughter grows up, don’t order her around too much. Okay. – It went back to her. / – Right. Let’s see how many votes she got. Please reveal the result. (The result) (“A Thorough Man”) The last digit is three. Is it over 100? 93. Congratulations. “Extreme Life” won this week. Winner will receive a 1,000-dollar gift certificate. Congratulations. – Gammy… / – What? – It’s “Gummy”. / – “Gummy”. – “Gammy”? / – What’s wrong with you? I hate myself, too. – All right, Gammy. / – It was a little tough. But everyone seems happy, so I feel rewarded. Please come again. Roy aged a little. I feel like my mustache grew. – You look tired. / – You do. Until the day we are all worry-free, Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. – Thank you! / – Thank you!

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