Addicted to TIKTOK

Addicted to TIKTOK

– Renegade. Renegade. Renegade. – Anthony, hurry up we have to go! Your dad’s in the hospital! – Mom let me finish this
TikTok, and then I’ll go! My name is Anthony, I’m
from Long Beach, California. And I’m addicted to TikTok. When I first used TikTok, I just thought it was a wannabe Vine. But then I realized, Vine
was a wannabe TikTok. – Okay. And? In order to increase my TikTok consumption I created what I like to
call the TikTokker 6000. Now I can view TikToks
at six times the rate. I take this bad boy
with me everywhere I go. I tried using this when driving one time but I got pulled over. And apparently the cop wasn’t
really a fan of TikTok. So yeah, I can’t drive
for another five years. Oh well. More time to watch TikToks. ♪ She put my name in Jello hearts. ♪ Wait, no no no no. ♪ She put my name with yellow hearts. ♪ My goal is to be the biggest
TikTokker in the world. And even though I’m already
pretty good at dancing I decided to hire a dance instructor. – Five, six, seven, eight. ♪ Didn’t even notice, no
punches left to roll with. ♪ ♪ You gotta keep the focus,
you want it say so. ♪ Nice job Anthony! You’re killing it! – Really? – Yeah! Hey, by the way I’ll be getting
that check today, right? – Uh, yeah, I’ll pay you. – All right, cool, just
wanted to make sure. You’re killing it, let’s
do it one more time. Five, six, seven, eight. – My TikTok career is on
the verge of blowing up. I could just feel it. I usually post about 20 times a day. Oh look, on this video I got four views. That’s like four times
more than I usually get. Although I haven’t been
on the For You page yet. But at the rate I’m growing, it’s only a matter of time. – Uh, I have one follower. But follower count isn’t
really that important. I think. Ever since I started using TikTok it’s hard to talk normally. I get random urges to just
constantly be dancing. – TikTok has ruined him, all
he does is dances and sings in front of the phone. All I want is my son back. – Excuse me miss, your
dog is really really cute. – [Woman] Thank you. – I was wondering, do you
think I could borrow it to make a TikTok because
hashtag pets is really popular. – [Woman] What? – It’ll be really quick,
I promise, please. Please, come on please, I promise you. – [Woman] No no no no, leave
us alone, leave us alone. – I promise, please, ma’am,
ma’am, you don’t understand. – [Woman] Leave us alone,
leave us alone, no no no no. – Ma’am I want to be TikTok famous. – [Woman] No, no, no, leave us alone. – Hey, I was making
some TikToks over there because I’m a famous
TikTokker, and I was wondering do you want to make some TikToks with me? – Uh yeah, I’m the one that does this? That’s my move, that’s my move. – TikTok has opened my eyes
on what’s really important in life and what I need to
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  1. My TikTok BTW I follow @anthonychorizo and the crazy gorilla on tik tok u guys are really funny meh tiktok is @rocky_ig

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