Addiction Help – Allie Severino Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison at Age 17! Beat Her Drug Addiction.

Addiction Help – Allie Severino Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison at Age 17! Beat Her Drug Addiction.

Recovery Shared: your online source for all things recovery. My goal was to be like a big drug dealer! Like, but I wanted to be a good drug dealer! I wanted to get everything they wanted, like, not just like one drug, but like all the drugs. So you could do all your shopping at one visit. One person. Right! I was like: That’s what I want! I wanna be that! I had done Roxie’s a few times, which, you know, oxycontin and it never really stuck with me but I have been doing… I did ecstasy on the weekends, but my big thing was coke and Xanax. During the week, or just to maintain… Yeah! Every day! And I have a boyfriend who’s using, and I’m staying at his mom’s house, where she’s drinking and her boyfriend smoking crack. And I’m just surrounded by this, right? The odds are just against you. I’m on probation now, and I have at least two drug tests a month, like, I’m like, I need to do the right thing! Dude… so stupid… I was so, I was just so ignorant! I got arrested. For what? Drug trafficking. In Boca? Yes. What’d they get you with? They had caught me… they had been watching me for a few months, so they caught me on four separate deals. The first three deals were ecstasy. Hundreds of ecstasy pills, and then the last deal was oxys, proxys and Xanax. So this is a pretty serious situation, though. Yeah! What are they trying to charge you with? 120 years in prison. As an adult. I was only 17, but they were fuckin pissed… so it’s four separate counts, plus conspiracy counts. You know, and they all, I guess, have a maximum of 30 years minimum, but they each have a mandatory minimum of three years for each count. So you’re looking at at least three… three times four. Right. So 12 years minimum you’re looking at. And you are this high school kid. Yeah! House arrest, went to jail. Okay. Got bonded out, got put on house arrest until I was on pretrial release. And I was just getting high the whole time. On the same stuff? Pretty much? Roxys and oxys. You know, I was broke, I was not very employable, I didn’t have anything, I didn’t have a GED yet, I was studying for my GED, and I was really down… and my dad was was like: well… you know… pray. You know, pray. And, like, I really got into praying everyday, and they tell you in DAF, you know, when you’re getting sober: pray every morning for God to keep you sober, and at night thanking. Well, I’m like, that’s not enough for me! Like, I can do so much damage sober, all right? My main thing, even in treatment, was my behavior. It wasn’t even really drugs. I had awful behavior patterns. Just disrespectful? You know, just like a little bit bipolar, A little bit just like, you know, I had mental stuff that really had never been addressed . So, you know, I would pray to God in the morning: please keep me out of trouble today! I wanted to have my own business. I became very entrepreneurial. That’s when I opened a sober-living. Wow! Which I loved! My male sober living Barrington Houses in Lantana. It’s, like, my favorite time of my life, probably. Why? I just, like, had so much fun! I had people working for me, like real employees. I had like six employees there… they were all amazing… You were helping people… I was! Yeah! And you were doing the right thing! And I was doing the right thing! And I got to hang out in a halfway house, like a real one, like, where they have fun and, like, do pranks on each other, and I kind of was like,” in charge”, you know, but… It was, I just had a great time! It was great people to be surrounded by, and the clients were amazing, and the staff was great, and I really, really, really had like, the best! I cared about it so much! You’re doing the right thing here… uh-huh. And you’re seeing your life get better… So you continue to do this, and this grows. Yeah! Okay! Everything’s going good! So how long how long has it been since you picked up? Ten years, almost ten years. So you got almost ten years clean and sober. That’s phenomenal! mm-hmm.


  1. I never struggled myself but have some close people in my life who have. It's nothing to take lightly.. Thank you for this vid!

  2. 3:06 Allie, I like your story incredible and Thank you for sharing it as there is a huge inspiration and give hope to so many going through similar situations that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Excellent content from beginning to end. Sharing useful and effective information in all your detailed and well explained information about addiction help.

  4. It is inspiring how some people can finally get out of the grip of addition at the end. Nothing is more admiring for someone in the mid of addition to seeing someone like her getting out of the curse of addiction. Thanks a lot for the video.

  5. Its very brave of you to share your past, present and the progress of yours. Very encouraging for those out looking for answer.

  6. Incredible story. Its amazing how she turn her life around and was able to beat her drug addiction. I'm glad she is using her life experiences to help others.

  7. That is a truly deep and depressing story. The law can be so corrupted here and we are filling our prisons with people who are serving unusually long sentences. Something is not right about that.

  8. Thanks for the great story. Every person deserve a second chance and more so for those who has determination and perseverance to be successful with it.

  9. It's nice to see someone be so open and own up to the things that they did in the past that really shows growth on their journey.

  10. I’m in Boynton Beach With 4 years sober now! I love your story! Thank you for starting this channel! What an inspiration!

  11. She's a strong person for being able to beat her addiction, a lot of people out there never get that far. Hopefully she can be an inspiration to others dealing with the same issues.

  12. Thanks for sharing allie. From someone who struggles with this issue themselves, it was very helpful to hear.

  13. Thanks for sharing your story Allie. So many people can relate to your story, and you give them hope.

  14. Incredible story Allie. I think your story inspire the other to beat addition to drug. Thanks for sharing your story guys.

  15. Mandatory sentencing is a terrible practice! Thank goodness she's off the hard stuff now eh 🙂

  16. Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully this will be something people who are also struggling with drugs will find useful to help in their own life

  17. Thanks for sharing your story Allie, I can really relate to it and am still struggling a bit but on my way to beating it.

  18. I grew up in a town where drugs was a regular thing. Somehow I didn't catch the bug, fortunately, but people around me, relatives, some friends found these addictions and few got out. Thanks for this video.

  19. You're such a beautiful person reaching out to those who are so darkened by these drugs and out of control habits.

  20. My Stepfather struggled with using for a while, but he beat it just like you. Each story of recovery gives me hope.

  21. Its good to watch such videos, coz we always think that it's only us that have biggest issues in life.

  22. Very interesting ad inspiring. great way to let other addicts know that they can overcome drug addiction also.

  23. Thank yu for sharing your story.. lots of ppl. need to hear this. 10 yrs sober is fkng amazing & my dad tells me to pray still to this day, too. He also believes I was put here & am still alive to help ppl. like yu have & still do. Thanks! ♡ xo

  24. Shelbie Ingram was the youngest woman to even be charged with federal drug trafficking. She is now dead.
    Fuck you Billy Flores!!!

  25. You are very strong, thank you for telling this I feel like so many people should hear this. So inspirational.

  26. sharing these kind of stories takes big courage,there shoud be more people helping to surpass addictions!!!of any kind…

  27. she was never that big of a 'user' so I don't understand why she's always acting like she was some sort of raving junkie addict, but good story nonetheless I guess.

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